Male Nurse Arrested For Keeping Collection Of Dead Men’s Penises In His Apartment

A 52-year-old man—known in Croatia as the “Penis Collector”—has been arrested by police in Slovanski Brod after they entered the man’s apartment and discovered jars and jars filled with human penises soaking in formaldehyde.

The unnamed organ collector worked as a registered nurse at a city hospital and apparently removed members from various dead bodies. He is being charged with disturbing the deceased.

A hospital rep made a statement to Queerty, saying, “On behalf of all employees of the hospital, I have to say that we are very unpleasantly surprised by an event that threw a shadow over this hospital.”

The suspect has no previous criminal record and has since been released from custody. If proven guilty, he faces a maximum sentence of two years in jail.

Talk about a boner killer.

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  • Krysti Dinh

    Man he really love penises.. Lol but so gross and disrespectful!

  • Guest

    I see they we’re aiming to keep it classy by using the pickle pic. Good Job. lls

  • Mareesha Inapropriately Apropr

    I see they were aiming to keep it classy by using the pickle pic. Good Job ID.

  • “We are all surprised” YEAH>>>>WHATEVER!!!! HOSPITALS ARE EVIL! I worked at the largest non-metropolitan health care system in the united states of American and accidentally discovered a refrigerator full of dismembered body parts in 1999, was fired & banned for life. Than arrested FALSELY 2 dozen times, THEN FRAMED IN PRESIDENTIAL ASSASSINATION PLOT last year! I am KC and I approve this message

    PS I am the whistle blower that set off thousands of class action lawsuits!

    Ur welcome

  • evelyn

    After the first one, didn’t the funeral homes wonder why “parts” were missing?

    • FPrefect

      I don’t imagine that they had to check for a penis on every male body that passed through

      • evelyn

        No but if they are embalming them or even take their clothes off, wouldn’t they notice? Unless they keep them their clothes on, and toss them in fire, they would see.

  • IsraelChronicles

    As Squidward said: “I’ve come for your pickle.”

  • Mary Strobridge

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  • Lisa Hamilton

    Wow…..yuck. Sick individual.

  • 17jim17

    Sort of ironic that there is an advertisement at the top of the page for Ball Park Franks…

    • toni levit

      I caught that also

  • I_know_best

    I wonder what the heck he was doing with them. Ijs. Lol