Couple Arrested For Using Fake Babies To Sneak Into Maternity Ward

You can file this under one of the oddest things someone can do inside a hospital maternity ward that’s not exactly illegal.

Police were called after a couple was flagged for carrying what appeared to be fake babies into a northern California hospital. It was quickly revealed that the infants they were swaddling were indeed fake, and the couple was arrested for trespassing.

“Mercy Medical Center in Merced alerted police and other area hospitals after the couple made two attempts to get past security and into its family birth center, once on Saturday and again on Monday, hospital spokesman Robert McLaughlin told ABC News today.


Photo: Facebook

The man and woman, identified as Tonya and Dallas Boehs, were not only reportedly loving, hugging and talking baby talk, but they were also changing the dolls’ diapers. According to Tonya’s Facebook page, she made the life-like baby dolls because “my husband and i [sic] cant have babies together cause of my cancer.”  Tonya goes on to say that couple “can’t afford a surrogate.”


Photo: Facebook

It may be weird and questionable, but McLaughlin told ABC News, “It’s not illegal to have a fake baby.” The pretend baby parents apparently said they had an educator meeting inside the hospital, this according to police, but that was not true.

Reportedly the woman was wearing hospital scrubs, but she didn’t pick out the right color that day. Reports said staffers on every floor of the hospital wear a designated color – each floor is different. When the woman carrying the doll showed up in the wrong color hospital scrubs while carrying an “outdated business card of the center’s director” employees knew something was wrong, ABC News said.

Police say the investigation continues. No charges have been filed yet.

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