Single Mother Sends Series Of Text Messages Convincing Thief To Return Her Stolen Van

A single mother of five in Missouri was stunned when she walked out of a local Kmart to discover that her van, the one thing she needed most to provide for her children, had been stolen.

Thinking quickly, Megan Bratten remembered that there was a cell phone in the van. She sent a text to that phone, She admitted that her first message wasn’t exactly publishable, but as it was an honest message to someone she believed stole her method of providing for her children, she can likely be forgiven a few expletives.

Three hours of texting later, she managed to convince the thief to return the vehicle.  He sent detailed instructions on how to find her van, stating that he was giving it back. With the help of her mother, Megan followed those directions, and recovered her van.

The thief did send one last text message, which read, “I do feel bad. My kids needed a meal on the table so that’s what their dad did — got them food.”

Bratten told reporters that she didn’t have the heart to call the police on a man who was desperately trying to provide for his children. She believed that she could understand that desperation drove him to make poor choices, He did the right thing in the end, she thought, and that was what mattered.

Fox 21 Carolina brings us this report:

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  • Krysti Dinh

    Awh that’s nice of him for giving it back. I’m just surprise he actually check the phone and read the messages.

    • Bryce Coleman

      Nice of him for giving it back lol the asshole should have never stole it in the first place

    • deb

      Probably initially thought that when he heard the text tone that it would be something he could make a few bucks on, until he read the texts. Who knows.