Soldier Allegedly Beat His 2-Year-Old Daughter To Death For Pooping In Her Diaper

Police in El Paso say a 2-year-old girl was found unresponsive in her Texas home on Saturday afternoon. Reuters reports the child’s father and a cousin inside the home called 911 after she became limp.

When first responders arrived, according to an El Paso Police press release, the child was transported to the local children’s hospital where she died a short time later.

Authorities were called out to the hospital to investigate Peyton Graham’s death and that’s when they learned she did not die of natural causes, but it appeared to investigators she was a victim of a vicious beating.

Upon further investigation, authorities learned Peyton’s father, 20-year-old Dartarious Graham, became enraged when he found his daughter had soiled her diaper. That’s when Graham allegedly beat her with a belt. During the beating, which took place in the child’s room according to authorities, 19-year-old Robert Franklin, who is a cousin, walked away. Police say Franklin did nothing to protect the child.

The press release said:

Franklin reported hearing the beating continue and that Dartarious Graham eventually came out of the room with the child. Franklin and Dartarious Graham then observed the child go limp and called for medical assistance.”

Not only is Graham accused of beating his daughter to death, but it was surprising to learn at the time of his arrest Graham was serving in the U.S. Army as a specialist stationed at Fort Bliss.

As for Peyton’s mother, although she was not home at the time, authorities arrested her as well. Police say they learned 23-year-old Elizabeth Graham did nothing to protect her child. Police said the child had been a victim of abuse in the past and her mother did not offer protection or report the abuse to authorities. A press release said that information was corroborated by older wounds observed on the child’s body.


Photo: El Paso Police Department

Elizabeth Graham and Robert Franklin (pictured above) are facing a charge of injury to a child by omission. Both have smaller bond’s set. As for Dartarious Graham, according to the press release, he is facing a charge of capital murder and has a bond set at $250,000.

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  • Jessica Monaghan

    Stories like this make me sick to my stomach, she’s a 2 year old baby she’s going to poop in her diaper! They make me more angry at the mother for not protecting her baby girl, there is no way in hell I would ever let a man touch one of my kids! There is a special place in hell for people like this!

    • Krista

      Even “Hell” is too good for him.

    • Soeum Soeun Johnson

      There is a pit for him in hell. I will never let somebody touch my children. Their face will be dismembered! This guy’s reproduction need to be chopped off so he won’t have children.

  • Jacquelyn Braxton


  • Mila Mabini

    Even in hell, those 3 monsters won’t be admitted there… Poor lil angel… Even before, that good for nothing mom of her never did anything to prevent that horriffic situation to happen… If only she reported it the very first time, that poor baby still lives and will enjoy her life here on earth… But the 3 monsters just took her dear life just like that!!!…Poor poor child… I want to cry right now and at the same time, so angry for what’s happening in our world nowadays… Bad news everywhere…Am so sick to my stomach… Argggg

    • Jacob Lloyd

      The mother had been a victim of abuse, probably the reason she didn’t report it was either the father threatened to kill her, or she had that if I don’t say anything I won’t get beaten

      • Angela King

        No excuse at all, she could have went to the police after the first sign of abuse. Uncalled for and there is absolutely no excuse for her to not stop the abuse.

        • William P Beck Jr.

          I get being upset and stuff but I’ve been a Victim of different types of abuse and if the one abusing you don’t want you to report it Alot of the time u won’t make it but What’s make me angry is that This is and was a US Army Soldier wtf is wrong are they now accepting just anyone I mean he is this messed up to kill his little one for pooping her diaper he needs to be put down like the dog he truly is. Good people like me ain’t allowed to serve but he a Killer of a 2 year-old female obviously had mental issues including Bipolar is permitted to serve shows u how fd up this country truly is

  • Tiffany Allison

    Glad the charged the mother and cousin. Failure to render aid or report abuse is not acceptable! It’s time we take a stand against all forms of violence.

  • Dominican Lou

    Burn in hell scumbag.

  • PeterPat

    I wish I could beat them to death.

  • Stephen Bellinger

    Well this is were the death penalty is truly needed.

  • Tammy F

    How do ppl hurt children? What is wrong with these animals?

  • Annie Ann Zamarripa

    she is a baby that why she wearing a diaper to poop u poor excuse of a man a mother is there to protect her baby u should never be allow to be a mother poor baby no one care what happen to her May u rest in piece now

    • William P Beck Jr.

      To be precise I don’t agree that the mother should be charged because I’ve been a Victim of abuse and if they don’t want you to get away you won’t let alone get away to report abuse

  • Maria Piña-Hawk

    Worthless POS, may they both get the death penalty, and rot in hell. Poor baby, rest in peace, sweet little angel, no one can hurt you now!

  • Guest

    So, let me understand this- this monster killed his 2 year
    old for using the restroom in her diaper? Interesting! I wonder if as a child
    did he come out ready and able to clean up after himself? What is the purpose of a diaper, if you are
    going to get beaten to death for using it? Will if there is justice then this child killer will be raped on a daily
    bases without Vaseline – I pray she gets it good too.

    • William P Beck Jr.

      I say No that is too good for him He needs to be beaten to death but also put in a Adult Disposable diaper and close to his Death tell him this is what u get for doing it to your 2 year-old daughter

  • Tika Singh

    Hope he gets raped in jail everyday without Vaseline. Who knows this POS might even enjoy it.

  • usamomof2

    HE IS NO SOLDIER! He is a piece of garbage!

    • William P Beck Jr.

      I agree A True Soldier would never beat to death a 2 year-old daughter for pooping her diaper which is the point for diapering these adorable babies. I am a lucky Adult Baby Diaper Lover who still fits Baby diapers like Huggies Lil movers slip on size 6 and trainimg pants etc. I used to get beat by a Exe for other reasons which I now am not being abused and Haters will hate but Diapers are the best and convenient when u travel Alot no restrooms required just maybe diaper changes etc but yes I’m pissed and hope he gets death penalty he deserves the death penalty but beat him like he did to his poor little girl

  • Marti Bowker

    if there is a god, maybe he will cleanse the earth of pos scum like these….if no god , then thankful it happened in Texas, where they aren’t afraid to use the death penalty. RIP poor little girl.

  • Jen Lee

    The NFL need to pay close attention to this story. How many other players are beating their girlfriends, wives, and kids? Oh, it’s ok because it’s a cultural thing and “we were hit with a belt and are better for it?” This little child is dead. Seems NFL needs video footage to take notice of what is happening with the belt whoopings.

    • SamTastik

      What does the NFL have to do with this story/article???? Did you even read it, or you just randomly chose one to comment on? Just curious…

      • Jen Lee

        The NFL had turned a blind eye to, shall we say, “corporal punishment or ass whoopings??” which seem to be in the news lately, or haven’t you noticed? The ongoing prevalence of beating children (and wives and girlfriends) has been brought to the forefront not by this specific story, but by the NFL and their initial tolerance of such abuse. A culture which says, “if I was beat, then my child can get beat”. After photographs and videos, they are reluctantly taking a harder stand. This is an underground culture of child abuse which thankfully is coming to light, courtesy of your modern day OJ Simpsons and Adrian Petersons. Murdered children is the result of such ideologies toward child abusers. Billions of dollars go into the NFL. They need to take a HUGE stand against this and show communities that this torture of children will not be tolerated and abusers will be charged with a crime and incarcerated. They are influential and can possibly affect a change toward a person like this in this article who kills a child for having a normal bodily function.

  • Heather

    My son’s father recently done this to his daughter. She didn’t die but he severely beat her for pooping in her underwear. He also rubbed her face in it. He admitted this to me when I asked where the bruises came from. Did not surprise me because he abused me the whole time we had been together up until I left him for almost killing me. She is also only two. I took her to the doctor the next day and notified dcs. But while I was out with her I received texts and calls that he had walked inside my grandmother’s house and started putting clothes on my son. I came back to the house and ordered him to leave. When I wouldn’t walk him to his truck he decided to jerk the little girl from my grandma arms. Pushing a pregnant lady out of the way to do it. I preceded to grab my 357 and shot the tires on his truck in attempt to stop him from leaving with her. Now I’m facing aggravated assault charges although I only shot and only intended to shoot his tires on his truck. He held her as a shield when he heard the gun. No one, including dcs in this county or authorities in this county have done anything in attempt to protect the children involved. He beat her while my son watched. Anyone that would like more information on this horrible tragedy or would like to try to help protect the children is welcome to contact me at

    • Maria Piña-Hawk

      I am so sorry this happened to you, your son, grandmother, and the pregnant lady, I hope you are all okay. Especially sorry for his little girl, bless her heart, will pray for her to get justice and away from the POS father of hers. I have to ask where is her mother? I applaud you for doing what you did for her, and sorry your in this situation just bc you were trying to help.

      • Heather

        All prayers are deeply appreciated. Her biological mother has been out of the picture since she was very young. She done meth and pills while she was pregnant and lost her but they put her with her mother’s mother. Not too long after that dcs did a home visit and her bio mother was alone with her when she was not supposed to be. At the visit she was nursing her and failed a drug test again for meth and 3 different types of pills. She went into foster care then to her father after dna test and paternity was established..

    • Abby Rowland

      You said he severely beat the girl and rubbed her face in her own feces. My question is, why did you wait and take her to the Doctor and notify Social Services the day after it happened?? Should have been done immediately! What the bloody hell is wrong with you people today?? If your man is abusing you, chances are he’s going to abuse your children; quit being selfish by wanting to stay with someone “because you love them & don’t know what you’d do without them” There are plenty of fish in the sea! True love doesn’t hurt.

      • Heather

        Because I was alone in his house with both kids and him. He threatened to kill us all three if I left with them that night. And he would have. Where he lives cops take a while to respond, and if you haven’t noticed the cops or child protective services do nothing in the town for justice. Not even for a two year old little girl. And biologically she’s not mine. She’s his. I’ve just raised her. And we were not together. We’ve been split up.

      • Heather

        I had to wait for him to go to sleep to get the kids out safely. And when I did she was so heartbroken. It was like three in the morning. I wanted to take her to her pcp instead of the hospital. I was trying to figure out what to do and how. He has money cop friends and I don’t. They’re all crooked in this place. She wanted me to lay on her bed and her lay on top of me. So I sat there and held her and cried. She held me like that so tight for over three hours until she fell asleep. I was trying to comfort her, having no idea how so I did what she wanted. After what she had been through that night and I got her safely to my grandmother’s I thought it could wait a few hours for the doctors to open instead of immediately pushing her through x-rays and getting undressed in front of strangers, ect. He has a lot of family working the hospital and no guarantee anything would have been done. Still hasn’t. So you can blame me all you want but I didn’t do it to her and I’m not perfect. I’ve not made the perfect choices all my life every time but I’ve always loved both of the kids more than myself and have always tried to be a good mother and provide and take care of them and do what I thought was best for them to the best of my ability. Judge me all you want to but you haven’t been in my shoes or been through half the things I have in half my life. God is the only one that can judge me and it mean anything to me. But thanks for all your concern

    • Ash

      I hope to hear from you soon. You should never ever have to put up with such abuse. I also hope that your children are safe and that shitfuck asshole is in prison soon..

      • Heather

        I have my son now. But dcs or law enforcement has done nothing to help the little girl. To me, she is my daughter. I’m trying to get her, I’ve raised her since she was six months old, even after her father and I split up. He never really helped with them. I’m the only mother she knows. But since I didn’t squeeze her out I guess she isn’t mine. All I ever had over her was power of attorney. The father has full custody. And dcs has not taken her away from the home.

  • Soeum Soeun Johnson

    Stupid breeder like this need their reproduction systems cut out. Beat a child because she pooped. Put him with the big boys, they will show him where shit not supposed to come out.

  • Sandy Davis

    All three are a waste of oxygen >.< And I'm not buying that this p.o.s. is a "specialist in the military" ~ not with that rats nest he has for hair. I live between an Army Post and an AIr Force Base, none of them sport hair even close this mess.
    Sicko's like these three make public execution by firing squad something to be considered!

  • pattieb

    He will eventually get his in prison. If they can get to Jeffery Dahmer, They can get to this psycho – If determined enough, they will..And I’m sure the guards can look away; as has been the case, many a’ time

  • Carol Miller

    Both Mother & Father (if one can refer to them as that) should be put to death. Clear & simple. Remove these sub-human beings from the earth so they may never harm an innocent child again.

  • Richard Hicks

    Why they lock the cousin up he walked away yes but it was just spanking he didn’t estch how servere he eas beating her. We don’t know If he was there for other abuse

  • Mrs Lee

    I work as a caregiver to the elderly and always tell my clients never to apologize for pooping in their diaper! There are two stages in life where you have no control over your body discharge, when you are a kid and when you are old. Keep in mind that this also include sick people. If his parents had beat him to death for pooping in his diaper.. he wouldn’t have lived to be 20! Such a senseless killing.. its so unfair to the little girl

  • Tammy Sargeant

    This is ridiculous. Parents now a days need to understand the difference between abuse and chastising their kids. Now I’m not going to front, I grew up getting lashes with a belt, but my Mom knew the difference. I would only get lashes in the palm of my hand and that would make me behave. But it’s a TWO YEAR OLD! You don’t do that sh*t to a little innocent over something that can’t be helped.

  • omg i just read this and i feel sick, crying, its awful, i have a niece her age i hope that bastard rots in hell.

  • Guest

    I used to be against the death Penalty but stories like this make me wanna say, “Bring it back, the assholes are undeserving of their lives”

  • Alisa Mezey

    Pos scum all of them!!!!!! All of them should be stoned to death!!!! Another innocent child died at the hands of their parents…it makes me sick to my stomach!!!! Justice needs to be served for this little girl!!