Ahem, Jodi Arias Is Auctioning Off Her Trial Glasses For Charity

jodi arias, trial, glasses, auctionHave you committed a no-no and need to appear more innocent and demure? Are you looking to add to your budding collection of murderabelia? Or do you simply want to peer through the lenses of a convicted killer?

Then look no further than jodiarias.com where an auction for her glasses that she wore during her 2013 trial is taking place. You have until midnight tomorrow night to place your bid. To do so you must pay $250 for the chance to bid, but that’s a paltry amount when you consider this is your chance to “OWN A ONE-OF-A-KIND PIECE OF HISTORY.”

If specs are not your thing pop on over to the Main Gallery section of the site where you can drop some Jodi Arias art into your online shopping cart, such as this City of Light $8,700 original oil painting, or a limited edition Teacher print for fifty bucks. Hey, a woman’s gotta eat (non-jail food).

Intriguingly the money made from the sale of the glasses will go to a as-yet-unspecified Phoenix-based non-profit, which means that it won’t go to the St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Tennessee, to whom Arias recently donated $900 in tribute to Travis Alexander, the man she stabbed 29 times and shot in the face.

Photos: jodiarias.com

  • Karl N Karissa Crofts

    Ridiculous. Whoever even considers buying these is as twisted as she is, because obviously they’re supporting her!! Just like buying Mansons artwork or other convicted sickos “items.” Get a life, pretty sure you can buy the same things, or similar things somewhere that doesn’t have a twisted story to it! 🙂

    • sinfulsweet16

      judgemental much? what it is any of your business who buys them and what it says about them? get a life!

      • Mary Strobridge

        Come on.Who in their right state of mind would want to buy those blood stained glasses?She has blood and murder written all over her.It has nothing to do with someone getting a life!She IS the one that needed to get a life or she wouldn’t be in the predicament she put herself in to this day.Give me a break.She is a unfinished piece of work.

      • Karl N Karissa Crofts

        Judgemental against killers and people supporting them? Yep, sure am 😉

      • Tika Singh

        Judgmental much? LMAO.. No, we are just judging you for making this statement .

        • William Walter

          It was nice the money received went to buy 7,000 meals for hungry people at St Mary’s food bank, i think it’s called.

  • Mily Bautista Villarreal

    I rather buy some glases at the walmart. U crazy bitch. 😉

  • Basse Krokke

    FREE JODI. Travis was an abusive d-bag.

    • Gina Graham

      IF he was, she could have dumped him, or been happy to be rid of him when he dumped her… Instead she butchered him to death. No one deserves that.

  • ALEX cecc

    She committed a terrible murder, I feel sorry for the victim and his family, but even the most terrible people do terrible actions because somehow in their lives they were hurt and they have psycological big problems. She was very unbalanced, but she is still a human being. People with worse crimes in other countries like in some of Europe, pay their price with society but have even a chance to be reinserted into society and be again productive people who can actually help others no to make the same mistakes.I have the feeling she isn’t an evil person, but she snapped and she was completely out of control that afternoon, she is not a beast or an animal, she is also a human being

  • Timmjann

    Please.Take away the computer and do not allow visitors for business.
    She is serving time
    Respect the victims family.

  • Gina Graham

    May Jodi Arias continue to rot in prison – Wonder how much fun shes having, now that the media and everyone else have stopped being interested in her? Her paintings are amateur at best, and the T-Shirt and her wrist bands are a joke.