Jodi Arias’ Retrial Begins With X-Rated Texts, Sexually Explicit Photos And Laundry List Of Her Mental Illnesses

It is literally a fight for Jodi Arias’ life. The sentencing phase for the Arias retrial has finally begun, after many delays, and it’s just as grisly as her actual murder trial.

ABC News said the prosecutor in the case, Juan Martinez, showed a photo of victim and ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander with his throat slit. Martinez reportedly said, “This is how much she loved him.” This was just a small portion of his 45 minute opening statement to a jury of 12 women, six men, ABC News said six of those are alternates.

Martinez wants the death penalty for the now 34-year-old killer. Although a jury could decide on her guilt, they could not come to a decision on what her final sentence should be.

Earlier this year, it was believed Arias would represent herself during this final phase, but at some point she must have had a change of heart and hired an attorney.

Kirk Nurmi, Arias defense, argued his client should not be put to death because she suffers and was diagnosed with “post-traumatic stress disorder” and “Borderline Personality Disorder” reports ABC News. Nurmi continued his 45 minutes in front of the jury with reportedly saying Arias is mentally ill and troubled and that this portion will be filled with X-rated text messages, sexually explicit photos and autopsy evidence.

Travis Alexander, an aspiring motivational speaker, was found murdered in his home in June 2008. Reports said he had been not only shot in the head, and his throat slit from ear to ear but he was also stabbed 29 times. On the sixth anniversary of Travis’ murder, a small group gathered to remember him reports AZ Central.

The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office told CNN a death penalty requires a unanimous vote by the 12 jurors. If for some reason the group cannot come to the unanimous decision of death, then CNN said Arias could get life without the possibility of release or life with the possibility of release after 25 calendar years.

This phase should last reportedly six weeks.

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Photo: AP/The Arizona Republic, Tom Tingle, Pool, File

  • gizelle Smith


    • Terri L Fleming

      It sounds like you are having a lot of problems yourself, Gizellle

      um for one thing if you believe she is a “psychotic obsessive jealous bitch” then obviously you recognize the fact that she needs mental health help also. being bipolar and borderline is actually an excuse, legally, the attorneys can ask for a psychological test to be done on her and if she is shown to be what you called her then she would be put into a hospital to get help. If she goes to prison she is going to end up either killing someone else or she will kill herself. I hope and pray that you are getting help with your problems.

    • survivor030406

      No need to shout. You need to step away from your deadly cult of psychiatry. There is no such thing as mental illness. Just look at what you wrote and think about what kind of words those are. Is “bitch” an illness? No, it is an adjective unless you are referring to a female dog then it is a noun. Is “jealous” an illness? No it is also an adjective.. and so is “obsessive”. You used psychotic also as an adjective, not a disease.
      All those adjectives were written to point out the negative qualities that you perceive in another person. This can be done with most diagnostic terms from psychiatry. And that is because we know that psychiatry is a scam and their diagnostic terms are fake diseases. It would never be done with diagnostic terms from real pathology. For example if you were mad at someone you would not try to portray them as a negative person by writing they are a diabetic, high cholesterol, melanoma person..
      The psychiatry establishment’s definition, one of many, for mental illness, it says it is a behavioral disease or disorder. If that were true, then it would not matter if the behaviors which are labeled as disease were desirable or not desirable behavior. No psychiatrist ever diagnosed somebody because they feed the homeless or teach children to read and do math. Only the behaviors that are judged as not preferable to psychiatrists themselves are labeled as illness.
      Insider sources have exposed the process in the APA diagnostic steering committee as very much like a tobacco auction with members shouting out their opinions of what symptoms are for defining the next diagnostic term. The checklists are altered by the minute taking things on and off if the director does not want to argue with people shouting at him. This is not science. It never was and it never will be. Real diseases are not conjured into existence by wealthy control freaks in secret meeting shouting at each other from completely subjective personal views of society. Many if not most practitioners are highly illiterate and cannot understand simple words like “trade” so they write up elaborate storys from their own imaginations as their own coping mechanism from the fear, guilt, and shame, of being in a position to judge others lives yet have no comprehension of everyday type things that normal people understand. Their positions are also a protection mechanism for their own purpose as well. They implicitly know that there is something very wrong with themselves so they become psychiatrists because they would be least suspect or so they think. Meanwhile psychiatry has a very high rate of misconduct, especially sexual misconduct with many of their victims being children. In 2010 the APA signed up with a new malpractice insurance because they think the members need financial incentives to stop molesting the clients. I’m sure it made no difference. A predator is not going to change their stripes for a few extra dollars.
      The study of psychiatry is nothing more than reading and discussing various theories that came from the imaginations of psychiatrists. Again.. that is not science either. You probably heard the propaganda about brain scans with a person in a suit pointing at colorful pictures while telling you this and that part of the brain is different for one disorder or another. That is also a scam and a lie. The NIH has been caught committing this fraud. In that cause the claim was that a smaller brain caused schizophrenia. It was a lie by omission. The omission being that the person with the smaller brain was taking brain shrinking antipsychotic chemicals for at least a decade prior to the scan being done. Therefore the abnormal brain state was caused by psychiatry “treatment” not by schizophrenia. This same or similar scam is being regularly broadcast on the TV and internet today with popular medical shows. Many people in the general public cannot recognize the difference between a real doctor and an actor that plays one on television. It is easy to fool most people most of the time, but you cannot fool everyone all the time.

  • Terri L Fleming

    Just a little hint all caps means you are yelling, therefore there is no reason to yell at whoever reads your post. Now for my opinion on Jodi Arias trial with the hung jury, it happens. If God had wanted her to be put on death row then she would have been put to death. They would have come to a decision. Also, it is more expensive to put someone to death than it is to put someone in prison for life. Obviously, after watching her on tv during the last of the trial when they read the verdict, something is wrong with her. She is detached from feeling anything. She needs mental health help badly. I am detached in the same way. I could easily be a medical examiner because it just doesn’t bother me. I have a lot of mental health problems but unlike Jodi I am getting help with mine. I do feel sorry for the family in a way, but I also feel sorry for Jodi Arias because the judge nor the attorneys are seeing what I am seeing in her. There is something wrong with her and she needs help badly.
    Thank you

    • Tiffany Wilson

      I’m sorry I have to disagree with you. How do you see that it is cheaper to feed, house and cloth Jodi Arais cheaper for life VS putting her in death row? It’s actually considerably more expensive the way you suggest. Another point I’d like to make is that any killer a can claim insanity. Every murder is sick and twisted. Who in their right mind murders someone anyway? Watching her during the trial, her actions speak volumes and I just don’t buy into her so called claims. If she suffered the abuse she’s claiming why hadn’t she seeked help? Nothing she says even sounds remotely genuine. It just sounds like she’s sorry she got caught. Just my opinion.

    • An Angry CANADIAN

      Do you have any idea of how many taxpayer dollars it takes to hold someone in prison for a life sentence? Hundreds of thousands of dollars that tax payers like myself or yourself have to pay to give that sorry piece of trash a chance to live. I don’t necessarily believe in an eye for an eye, however, in this case I do. Allowing her to live, whether in jail or not is much too easy a punishment for Jodi. She never truly cared about Travis, therefore, having to live with what she’s done doesn’t even phase her. It’s in cases like that where there is no remorse, no regret, that prison isn’t enough of a punishment. If I thought she actually regretted what she’s done or felt badly about it, I’d be on board for locking that piece of scum in a cell and throwing away the key. The only punishment here that suits what Jodi has done is to take her life through the death penalty as she took Travis’s life. Mental illness is not an excuse for murder. There are millions of people across the world that have mental illness and live normal lives and don’t murder innocent people. By using mental illness to excuse her behaviour, you are A. Creating a stereotype for all mentally ill people that their illness has the ability to make them as terrible as Jodi Arias. and B. Saying that if you suffer from PTSD or other mental illness and suddenly “snap” one day, it’s ok to hurt or kill people because hey, you’re “ill”.
      People like you disgust me as much as the Jodi Arias of the world because people like you make people like her feel like it’s ok to do what she did because she can blame it on her mental illness. Don’t you worry though. She WILL get the death penalty. The prosecutors will make darn sure of that because they will make sure the next jury that comes in is the jury that give Travis justice and Jodi Arias will get the punishment she truly deserves!!!

  • Tiffany Wilson

    I highly doubt she is in anyway, shape or form mentally ill….. she was sane enough to carry on a functional sexual relationship with Travis for… what was it a year? She was sane enough to send explict texts and drive 5 hours to see him, eventually move to his hometown and hold down a job so that they can have a relationship (or so she thought). She was capable to comprehend their on again off again relationship and so on. She just doesn’t come off as honest, upstanding or decent. Then again what murder does? She comes off as jealous, possessive and fake. She can remember everything he and others supposedly have done to her but she can’t recall how she felt or whay her actions where while she killed an innocent man who saw right through her? Idk about this woman. I strongly feel she’s a fake.

  • survivor030406

    If so called “mental illness” caused murder, then the human race would not exist. Psychiatry basically believes that everyone is mentally ill.