College Student Learns Unprotected Sex Partner Is HIV Positive After He Leaves Medical Records At Her Place

“Do you have HIV?she wrote.

“No, why?” he answered.

This is a text excerpt from a Washington Post report involving a man who reportedly has the HIV virus and allegedly had unprotected sex with a woman he met in a Maryland bar.

Side note, if you have HIV and if you knowingly sleep with someone (and they don’t know about your illness) it is a crime.

During the text conversation, the suspect who is identified as 28-year-old Daniel Cleaves, only disclosed his status to the victim after she found out about his secret, “I’m not a bad person. I just made a mistake. I just don’t want to stop talking to you because of this,” Cleaves wrote.

It is believed, according to the Post, Cleaves had sex with the female victim, who is not identified, over a three day period in the summer. The report said the victim found out after he left a bag behind, and called to ask her to look for a document. It was during that search when she found medical records.

WJLA said the startling discovery prompted the woman to begin the texting with Cleaves. The Washington Post said she told him, “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me. I had to read it on the paper. I’m going to the hospital right now.”

The Post continued, “Court records state she has been tested but do not indicate if the results are complete or if she would test positive yet if she had been infected.”

Cleaves facing seven criminal counts of “possibly transferring the virus to her.” He’s out on bond and the next court appearance is set for Nov. 14.

To make matters even worse, staff at the Harp and Fiddle, where Cleaves picked up the victim, say he was a “familiar face” and they worry he may have hooked up with other women.

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  • Jessica<3

    Shame on him for not telling her but seriously wake up people! You don’t screw someone you just met in a bar without protection!!! Now a days you can’t screw someone you’ve known for months without protection! People are so promiscuous you don’t who they’ve been with! I hope she doesn’t get it & I pray if she’s in the clear this is a wake up call for her, I’m not saying don’t have a booty call but wrap it up first!!

  • evelyn

    It’s a shame that he did this. The thing is, people have known about HIV for many years. People have known you can get all kinds of diseases from strangers. They also slit your throat. The lesson here is to not pick up strangers. I wish her well, and I hope this jerk gets shut down.

  • Define2

    It stuff like this that makes me surprised that young people are still hooking up…this man seems a little short of a full deck talking about I hope you won’t let this end our relationship…what?!!!

  • justBeth

    So she based having unprotected sex with a guy she JUST met on what? I’m on bc and he looks clean? Aside from this, the absolute WORST scenario, there are SO many OTHER things that bc does NOT protect you from! I cannot believe ANYONE with an average iq would ever even think about having unprotected sex. Just blows my mind! :/

  • lovespell

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