Man Sues Surgery Center After Waking Up From Colonoscopy Wearing Pink Panties

Andrew Walls, 32, of Dover, DE has filed a civil lawsuit against the Delaware Surgery Center after an incident that he claims left him emotionally stressed and out of work.

According to the lawsuit, in October of 2012, Walls up from a routine colonoscopy to find himself wearing a pair of pink women’s panties. He believed this to be a “prank.”

The suit goes on to say:

“When the plaintiff recovered from the effects of the anesthesia administered by defendants, he awoke to realize that while he was unconscious pink women’s underwear had been placed on his body…When the plaintiff initially presented for his colonoscopy he had not been wearing pink women’s underwear and at no time did the plaintiff voluntarily, knowingly or intentionally place the pink women’s underwear upon himself.”

To make matters more complicated, Walls was an employee of the Surgery Center at the time of the colonoscopy “prank.”

While the surgery center declined to comment, Walls’ attorney said his client suffered “severe emotional stress and mental anguish” after going into the procedure without underwear and coming out sporting the undies.

The victim also claims he’s lost wages and earning capacity over the incident.

The suit seeks unspecified damages.

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