ID Addict Holiday Gift Guide: 13 Gifts To Keep Loved Ones Safe This Year

With the holidays rapidly approaching it’s time to start thinking about, if you haven’t already, what to gifts to get your loved ones this season. If you happen to be, or have an ID Addict in your life, look no further!

We’ve compiled a list of various gifts that will make any armchair detective squeal with delight. And since safety never goes out of style, feel free to check out last year’s gift guide as well.


1. Netgear’s Arlo Security Camera

The Arlo camera is the first 100% wire free HD camera. This weatherproof wifi camera can be used inside or outside so that means that not only can you monitor the inside of your house, you can keep an eye on the outside as well. Smaller than a bar of soap, these cameras are activated by any kind of motion and are also equipped with night vision. Once you download their free app you are able to receive live stream recordings, customize activity alerts, and arm/disarm sensors.  If you do get an alert, you’ll be able to tap into as many as four camera streams and it comes with 200MB cloud storage for your video. Now you’ll know exactly which neighbor has been stealing the newspapers off your lawn.


2. Notion

According to their website, Notion is a small, extremely smart, multi-function sensor that can be placed anywhere and can help you know more about what’s happening in your home. Notion can detect things like water leaks, sound, temperature, light, and proximity. With the iOS or Android app you can get alerts (it learns more about you over time) for only the things you think are relevant like, if your front door is opened by an unwelcome visitor, if your smoke alarm goes off, or even if your refrigerator breaks down. Another alert that can be installed is if someone gets into your liquor cabinet when you’re not home. STAY AWAY FROM MY MERLOT, MOM!


3. Cocoon

When you think of the word cocoon, home security is probably the last thing that comes to mind. The Cocoon smart home security system uses SUBSOUND™ technology, which profiles sound waves and audible sounds, working with machine learning to separate normal household noises from those you’d like to know about. With SUBSOUND Cocoon is able to “hear” through walls…and even floors. If something happens to be detected, Cocoon will send you encrypted audio and video (night vision also available) of unusual events to the app on your smartphone which only you can view. Within the app you’ll be able to do things like activate it’s siren and archive video. The Cocoon is currently running a campaign on Indegogo which has already been funded. But they are still taking contributions until December 7th if you’d like to invest.


4. Blackout Buddy H20

If you’re ever left in the dark, literally, the Blackout Buddy H20 is here to help. This emergency light doesn’t require batteries of any kind, it actually runs on water. According to the site all you have to do is dip the it in a small cup of water to activate the battery module and light the way. Then add water once per day to keep the light shining for up to 72 continuous hours. According to Eton it has a ecofriendly design that can last about 10 years without degradation. Not only will the Blackout Buddy make you feel good about being in a dark situation, it will also make you feel good about being kind to Mother Earth.


5. The UZI Tactical Pen

Why would there be a pen on this list?” you’re probably asking yourself. Well, this isn’t just any type of pen. This pen, made by the same company that you’d associate with semi-automatic weapons, not only can write but it can also break glass. It also comes with a handcuff key that is comparable with most professional handcuffs so you can be your own Houdini. It’s made out of lightweight aircraft aluminum and comes in gun metal (of course) gray. It’s definitely something you want to throw in your bag just in case you end up having one of those nights.



6. PowerAll Powerbank & Car Jump-starter

This handy device from PowerAll not only will jump start your car 20 times on a full charge but it will also comes with a portable battery charger with charging adapters for all major electronic devices. It also features an ultra-bright LED flash light, strobe light, and SOS signal light that lasts 120 hours. Another thing it can help you with? Boredom. So if your car definitely won’t start, at least your phone will, and you can watch all the cat videos you want while you wait for the cavalry to arrive.


7. Mace Brand Pepper Spray Gun

The people who brought you the original pepper spray have packaged their handy product in a more interesting way. The Mace Brand pepper spray gun utilizes bag-in-can technology that can give you a steady stream that can reach up to 20 feet at any angle and can contain 7 short blasts. It also comes in pink for the ladies (or men, because we’re gender neutral here). It comes with a trigger-activated LED light so that you can not only disorientate your attacker but also help your aim. Lastly, a water practice cartridge is included so that you can feel confident when you pull out your gun. Alternatively, you can use this to prank annoying siblings.

*Remember not every type of self-defense weapon is legal in the state/country where you reside. Check your local laws before purchasing any mace guns, pepper sprays or taser guns.


8. The Storm/Windstorm Whistle

According to their site, The Storm® All-Weather Safety Whistle is boasted at 130db as the loudest whistle on the market. This whistle is not only loud, but it can also be heard underwater for about 50 feet. This is made possible by the fact that when blown underwater the chamber gets emptied because you can blow the whistle upside-down if need be. The Storm is their original model but there’s also the Windstorm, which is their more compact version and is only a few decibels lower than the original. It’s presently being used by such organizations as the U.S. Dept. of the Interior, the New York Police Department, Special Forces out of Fort Bragg in North Carolina, and NFL Referees. Because we all know how loud it can get on the field when there’s a flag on the play.


9. The Killer Ring

They say that diamonds are a girl’s best friend but in this case diamonds can also be  girl’s best savior. The Killer Ring, designed by Tobias Wong and Philipp Mohr is not only stylish but packs a painful punch to anyone who might be on the receiving end by reportedly cutting their skin down to the bone (with a minimum 1ct stone). This is made possible by the fact that the razor sharp diamond point is set outward and in such a way that it can’t get knocked out while you’re trying to knock someone out. If you don’t want to send your message psychically, the ring can also etch things like glass and car doors. The stone comes with a Tiffany setting that you can get in sterling sliver with an artificial diamond. Or, if your paramour has more expensive tastes, it comes in a 14kt or 18kt gold or platinum setting with a real diamond.


10. Wild Kat Self-Defense Keychain

What better way to say that this kitten has claws, and is not afraid to use them? Instead of using your keys between your knuckles as a way to fend off attackers, now you can use the Wild Kat. This keychain made of “tough molded plastic” and has eyes where you can slip your fingers through to deliver a strike that your attacker won’t forget and gives you time to run. The Wild Kat comes in an array of colors so you can carry one to match your every mood…or outfit.


11. Quietly Plotting Revenge Mug

Here’s a way to let people know “I know what you did and I’ll get you, don’t worry.” This upcycled 8oz painted thrift mug made by Farizula Designs is perfect for anyone who loves coffee, tea, and revenge. Some other styles to consider? Deadly Nightshade, Evil Genius At Work, and for those you’re not sure about: Creeper.


12. The Snuggie Evening Gown/Tuxedo

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that if there’s free time ID Addicts will be on the couch. So why not look like you’ve at least tried to look your best? And for that, there’s the Snuggie Up ™ evening gown and/or tuxedo. Both made out of fleece, they’re perfect for the upcoming winter hibernation. They also come with a waist tie and cuffed sleeves so you can hide the fact that you haven’t changed your clothes in days. Lastly the Snuggie comes with oversized pockets so you can hide the remote from EVERYONE because no one needs to change the channel from ID…EVER.


13. Joe Kenda Standee

Always wanted to hang out with Kenda? My, my, my! Now you can! This 73 inch tall cardboard standee from the Investigation Discovery store would be a great addition to any home or office. Take him out when you’re watching episodes of Homicide Hunter, take him out at parties, or take him out when you know someone is lying and you know Kenda’s glare and no-nonsense stance will make them talk. And we have proof below from the man himself that he approves.


Happy Holiday Hunting!



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