Charles Manson Will Soon Be A Married Man

Notorious murderer, Charles Manson, will soon be wed to Afton Elaine Burton (who goes by the name of “Star”), the 26-year-old woman who’s spent the last nine years trying to help exonerate him and blogging about his innocence, reports AP. “Star” announced the couples’ intention to wed last year in an interview with Rolling Stone:

“I’ll tell you straight up, Charlie and I are going to get married…When that will be, we don’t know. But I take it very seriously. Charlie is my husband. Charlie told me to tell you this. We haven’t told anybody about that.”

To which Charles Manson replied:

“That’s a bunch of garbage. You know that, man. That’s trash. We’re just playing that for public consumption.”

As much as we would have liked to believe that a Manson wedding was “garbage,” it looks as if the happy couple will be walking down the prison aisle.

Although no date has been set yet, a marriage license has been issued to the 80-year-old inmate and his lady love, who have until February to go through with the nuptials.

The bride-to-be told AP that she and Manson will be married the first Saturday of next month in an inmate visiting room at the prison. The prison has even appointed them a wedding coordinator and granted Manson the right to invite an officiant from outside the prison to perform the ceremony, as well as 10 guests who are not inmates.

“Y’all can know that it’s true,” said “Star.” “It’s going to happen.I love him. I’m with him. There’s all kinds of things.”

Well, there you have it. You’d better start shopping for a wedding gift for Mr. and Mrs. Manson. Or…not.

What do you think of the impending Manson wedding? Should he be allowed to wed? Tell us what you think in the comments.


  • Willie Calhoun

    She is a wacko bird she can deffinitly do better than that. Marry him Really that is some good crack.

  • Laura Salamone

    Erm trying to get him exonerated? Ok she clearly is either mental or so narcissistic and desperate for attention she’s doing this! That man is a mentalist and took a bunch of very depressed and lonely young people who were in so much dire need to feel wanted that they looked up to him and he plied them with so many drugs he convinced them to do his bidding and went on a murder spree. All the while being the sick monster that he is sat back in the delusion that he would never be held accountable because he wasn’t the one who did the dirty deeds. This woman seems like she needs to be committed under the mental health act for her own good. She clearly must be out of her mind as no sane person would want to marry someone who is 1. in prison, 2. 54 years older than they are and finally and most important of all 3. a vicarious murderer. And shame on the prison system for allowing this to take place!

  • Lori Scott Baker

    The girl clearly is marrying him because she wants the attention…she knows the press will eat it up. I don’t think they should allow him any privileges…and if they do, then the press should not cover it in any way!

    • kat

      NO I don’t think Charles should get married cause me might hurt her or worse kill her and he is dangrous
      He can’t be trusted… for what did to Sharron Tate and his other victims…
      why would she want marry a serial killer like him.. he knows what he did he is a lie.

      • Janelle Rae Bartlett

        Yeah real pretty…wants to marry a sociopath. Look in her eyes and you can see “duh” written there. Men are so superficial. Blah

  • Liviu Herta

    You should ask for his right to have the God given right to marry and maybe,God forbiden, heve offsprings with her who would possibly keep the “tradition” of his father,if a gene triggeered or contributed to his killings the families of the people he murdered and how they feel knowing that the person who killed their loved ones ad destroyed them for life is given the right to be happy and possible, to have children

  • Connie

    Clearly he is still up to his old tricks. As someone who is old enough to remember the two nights of horror this news disgusted me to my very core. This brainwashed kid has no idea what she is talking about! Trying to get him exonerated. …really? Talk to those of us who remember what happened not his convoluted ramblings

  • Juvia Loxar

    is that a swastika i see on his forehead?

    • Robin Perkins

      Yes right between his crossed eyes.

  • Guest


  • RNC

    MF’er is going to get control over her mind thus ending with her killing someone before it’s said and done and end up right where he is, just a different bldg. And the system is going to allow it. Filthy Trash. Such an old decrepit!!!

  • Pat Collins

    Who cares what they do!

  • Richard Hicks

    The prison cant stop him from marrying her just because he is Charles Manson. All the other prisoners marry in jail. He hasnt been in trouble really since he been in prison. Actually the only reason he is still in prison is because he is Charles Manson. I think he is no longer a threat to society. But they Will never let him free. Because he’s Charles Manson.

    • Sandi

      Actually he has had over 100 major infractions since going to prison in 1971. So I would have to disagree about him not being in trouble.

      • Jess

        And the whole he escaped from prison thing….Yeah, he’s a beacon of moral standards. Lol!

  • Robin Perkins

    He is the devil. Why in the name of all that is holy would a pretty girl be with that freak? She is sick. And please do not give this barbarian any more publicity.

  • first of all, he is old and senile – his deeds of the past are horrific, yes – but just like any other inmate he has the option of getting married – I am not the judge and jury of Charles Manson – he has to face the Lord someday. While alive he gets to order commissary, go to the library, send and receive mail – I think the public forgets as a prisoner his basic needs are being met, he has basic human rights that he didn’t give to those who died at his hand and he gets all the same privileges as any other inmate. I am certain he isn’t doing the evil deeds that got him there unless he gots a bunch of he/shes doing his dirt – the fact he gets media attention to this day says a lot about how our society thrives on his evil and in a way he still got u hypnotized simply cause his pending marriage gets u rallied up spewing evil – and lots of women marry men in prison – some women who work with men in the prison land up marrying men in prison – lots of women marry men 30 years older then them – and lots of women are married to a vicarious murderer – and the prison system ain’t allowing anything to take place – like I said – Prisoners have basic human rights – regardless of their crime – you want to get on the band wagon of something get on the bitch about prisoners who abuse children – men and women who HORRIFIC things to children from newborn on up – they get less time than Manson – and they too get to have basic human needs met –

  • Ashley

    For those of you defending his rights and saying how he’s only in jail still because of his name, and the “who cares what they do” have you all forgot about his victims and how they will never be able to wed again or fall in love or feel love because they are gone. Have you forgotten that he took away all of their rights when he made the choice to end their lives. And what about the family of the victims, he also took away their rights so see their child, mother, brother, uncle, etc happy. Is it fair that he gets to keep his rights after taking theirs. Now I know what’s law is law and if they want to they will, but that doesn’t mean that it’s fair.

    • Pat Collins

      He’s locked up for good. She’s a freak. Worry about now and what’s out here. He had to pay the ABs for protection. Obviously he’s not that cool.

  • Mark Smith

    Where are they registered? I’d like send Chuckles and Shelly Duval’s daughter a little something.What I wonder? His and her monogrammed shivs? Maybe shoot Chuck a couple cartons of smokes so he can buy himself a punk on his honeymoon since they’ll be no conjugal visits.
    I think she might be angling for a book deal. “I Married Charlie” (ghostwritten of course.)
    They’ve already been interviewed by Rolling Stone thereby fufilling Charlie’s rock star fantasy..

  • Michelle Levy Ariguznaga

    Oh yes they can do with their trashy lives as they please… But please under no circumstances let her publish a book about his killings and her marriage to him then get rich off it. It will be disrespectful to the memory and families of the people Manson killed.

  • Wild Debs

    Charles Manson should be DEAD!!!! I hope some how he dies before then.

  • Tenntitanfan

    I know this is upsetting the Tate Family. I really think one thing that gets everyone so upset about Manson and his followers is the way Sharon Tate’s baby was murdered. Debra Tate attends Manson’s parole hearings, but as of his last one in 2012 he refused to go and even admitted that he was to dangerous to be released. Just in the past few years, he has been caught with two cell phones and a weapon. This my friends, is a case of a true leopard never changing his spots. Oh, and by the way… the dumb ass wanting to marry Manson, kind of looks like a young Leslie Van Houten or Krenwinkle – maybe it is just the dead look in the eyes ?!

  • Esther Barnett

    I think I want to vomit.

  • Donotknow Whyask

    The lady wants to be famous. If she has a child with Mr Manson the child will never get treated properly by society. Everyone will know the punchline except the kid who will eventually get it and realize his or her life will forever suck. Marriage is a way to start a family setting, meaning you plan on having children someday. This lady clearly thought this out and intends on following through with it. She needs help. Her mind is not right and neither is her husbands.