L.A. School District To Pay $139 Million To Students Who Ate Teacher’s Semen Cookies

Back in 2012, a teacher in the Los Angeles Unified School District was caught serving semen cookies to his students, which sparked a huge legal saga that finally ended on Friday.

The LAUSD will pay $139 million to end all litigation surrounding the case. Even though that sounds like a lot of money, when you hear what Mark Berndt did over his three-decade teaching career.

Rumors of sexual misconduct circulated nearly 30 years ago, but it wasn’t until a pharmacy employee was developing a roll of film dropped off by the 62-year-old educator that there was evidence of the claims.

The photos included images of blindfolded children being hand-fed some kind of mystery food. Grab the Pepto because the suspect sustenance turned out to be cookies covered in Berndt’s own semen.

The dirty old teacher was sentenced to 25 years in prison after he pleaded no contest to 23 counts of lewd conduct.

During jury selection, LAUDC agreed to pay $30 million to settle 65 other cases involving the former elementary school teacher. Friday’s $139 million pay out will be on top of the initial amount they were ordered to disburse.

According to lawyers in the case, it might be the “largest settlement involving a school district.”

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Photo: Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department

  • Brenda Feliciano

    this is a disgusting old bastard

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    • James Hamilton

      that is just sick i agree

  • nay88

    what a gross disgusting pig!

  • Alexia Brandes

    This is a disgusting!!

  • Jara Matthews

    i dont understand why people get money. its prostitution. they were paid to eat semen. women get raped by orderlies and bam $64,000,000!
    how does money enter the equation.
    Why does money fix it?

    • Scarlet Angel

      You can’t be serious!!!

    • Caitlin Werling

      Its better than the getting nothing dont you think? compensation for pain and suffering…any sort of medical bills or bills for therapy…money to move on with their life after a tramatic experience…

    • Pamela E.

      1. The money will cover therapy. 2. Any diseases or any medical bills from ingesting that nastiness on those cookies. I can’t imagine the scars these kids are walking around with from this kind of behavior.

    • CrypticCharmander

      Um, excuse you? I was violated many times sexually and all the guy that did it got was about 40 days in jail, and a restraining order. I would have LOVED some money! I was in 2nd grade through 6th dealing with that pig almost every day of my life and it got worse as it went on longer. He almost raped me, a child!- when I was around 12.I could have treated my family nice with that money! We’re dirt poor and still are, we’re lucky that friends and family help us pay for electronics like this laptop I’m using, which I got for school work, and my phone which I need for emergencies. Not to mention how much money therapy costs…. I should still be in therapy yet my family could only afford me going once a month for only about 4 months after everything was settled.

      • Guest

        Excuse who? Who are you talking to?

        • Nicole Alexander

          Since the arrow indicates she was clearly talking in response to Jara Matthews, I’m going to assume that is who she was talking to… (ever wonder what that arrow beside the poster’s name leads to? What the other name beside their own meant??) Mine will have an arrow beside my name when I post this that says “guest”. You must not interwebz often.

      • kimmieC

        I wish u had gotten compensated as well. Thank god it didn’t go to the next level.

    • TR Young

      The students were blindfolded and fed the cookies. They had no idea what they were eating. How can you compare that to prostitution, where the person providing services does so knowingly? Are you really that fucking stupid?

    • leslie bee

      Your an idiot.. How can you compare prostitution with kids being violated.. Money does help,they can get the help they need by a professional..

    • andrew

      They were paid as restitution for being forced to do something against their will. They were not being paid for the actual act of what happened. Please dont be so stupid next time.

  • Myriam Uribe

    I literally just threw-up in my mouth, that man is fucking horrible

  • Kassandra

    I’m sorry but money doesn’t solve everything!!

    • TR Young

      You are absolutely right, it does not. However, it’s much better that money is being rewarded, instead of the justice system just saying, “Okay, we put him in prison. That’s all you get.”

    • leslie bee

      These kids are going to need therapy. The money they get will help them get professional help. So money won’t help you emotionally, but will help you pay for someone who can help you get threw this..

      • Elaine Jeffery


      • Valerie Perez

        Lol. You’re talking like he made the kids suck the semen out before he put it on the cookies.

        • leslie bee

          You’re an idiot… Regardless of the situation these kids were given semen and they ate it.. He vid taped them and blindfolded the kids.. If u think this is ok behavior then ur fucken twisted

          • Laura Salamone

            I agree with you Leslie – @ Valerie Perez – You dozy muppet. What an idiotic thing to say. Lets just say if you have kids and this happened to one of yours you would defend him and say “hey hes not that bad, he didnt make them suck him off, it was just his own take on cookie toppings”.

        • Lexus Link


      • tyronda

        Doesn’t solve issue but I’m sure this 139million will help some lawyer decide when to retire after he collects his fees lol

  • Bitchasstrick

    Looks like frosted cookies yum

  • Dottie Ahmed

    Disgusting POS !!

  • JanMutcher

    This guy should be castrated, either chemically or physically.

  • Fluffy Brick

    It’s just protein guys, c’mon…

  • tornadotess

    And people wonder why I home school…

    • Pam Opel

      And you assume this person is a product of public school; how arrogant on your part!

      • tornadotess

        The TEACHER was teaching in a public school. THAT is why I home school. I’d rather be arrogant and have common sense.

        • Guest

          I imagine time, money, and ability are factors in your ability to homeschool your children as well. I have concerns about the quality of education your children will receive, however, given you think this is somehow representative of the public school system.

          • tornadotess

            I can post article after article of child abuse in public school systems here in the US. My children receive individualized attention in every subject. Something they would never get in any school setting. They are also involved in many extracurricular activities. I know they are safe from predators.

          • Lisa Smith

            The only people who dispute homeschooling either do not have children or are in denial about the shortcomings of pubic schooling. I would love to homeschool my children.

          • tornadotess

            May I ask why you don’t? Maybe other home schooling parents could help to allay your fears?

          • jules

            Maybe some of us work for a living. I hope they use internet based curriculum because you don’t seem to be so bright.

          • tornadotess

            Before you pompously declare something impossible, to might want to make sure there are not, in fact, hundreds of people doing it.

          • jules

            There are thousands of families that do it. Im just saying those that work for a living, dont have the luxury to stay home to monitor our children sitting on computers or reading books. Home schooled children have pros and cons as well. Please dont sit up and act like your kids will be better people for not being taught in a public school! So they wont be subject to anyone the system may hire however, they will grow up and leave your shelter one day where you arent making the decisions for them and they will encounter the same evil the rest of our children do! Stop trying to be right or holy and accept the fact you made an ignorant comment and move on. Or continue defending it and prove me right!

          • Amber Abbigail Barbara

            What was ignorant about her comment? “And people wonder why I home school” just suggests that her concerns about how professional educators sometimes interact with children are enough to make her have decided to homeschool her children. She didn’t shame people for not homeschooling, but you’re shaming her for doing so to punish her into admitting she was “wrong”, when what she said was a personal anecdote.

          • dan

            everybody is wrong we all go home now

          • dan

            ooooohhhhh!!!! BOOM! ROASTED!!!

          • Mary Freeman

            Pay no attention to the ignoramuses behind the computer screens….

          • Herbert Napp

            Thanks shill.

          • jules

            I used k-12 a few years ago, its pathetic. They dont go by whats on the schedule, you have to print a seperate calendar. I wouldnt recommend it and neither should you! It is also not college accepted without sat scores from an actual school, not the college they use for a testing room!

          • KingThatBitch

            That’s the down right most ignorant shit I’ve ever heard!… I was home schooled, and when I finished I received I diploma, went to vcu, and graduated with a PhD in software engineering. If I were to have went to public school I probably would not be where I am today. Being home schooled gave me all the discipline I needed for the REAL WORLD, with very little distraction from outsiders… and guess when, nobody tried to fondle my buttons hole either. #Justsayin

          • hahaboy23

            “If I were to have went to public school I probably would not be where I am today.” …………………….ummmm

          • nope nope

            K12 is getting A LOT better, btw. And students can still take the SAT at a local/close public high school. Not college accepted? K. Most 4 year colleges don’t even accept public scool diplomas without SAT or ACT scores. Check your facts, do some research. K12 is still a public school, so it is a normal high school diploma. It’s just online.

          • Don Smith

            I know I’m late to the post, but I’d still like to understand the initial comment. You home school because you don’t want your children to ingest semen cookies? I am the product of public school and I am almost 90% sure I’ve never tasted a semen cookie. I had to factor in school lunch, so the last 10% I’m not to sure about.

          • Lisa Smith

            I’m a single mother of 3 who works full-time. I did have my children in private school for a while, but once we moved that option was no longer available. I have considered the online schools, but their prices for tuition are ridiculous.

          • tornadotess

            There are many parents who work and home school. From my personal experience, the most difficult part is finding economical child care while you work. There are also many free on line curricula such as K12 (public school online) or Easy Peasy. There is a great community of home school parents from all walks of life on the Practical Homeschooling Facebook page.

          • Lexus Link

            I am using Easy Peasy and supplementing with my own little add ins! … I decided to leave the technology field and become a home daycare provider just so I could home school. Way too many negatives in the public system for me.My personal choice was to change my life and give them a better chance. I wish everyone had the option.

          • tornadotess

            I use Easy Peasy too! My littles love it and so do I. I use Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons for beginning to read and supplement with Life of Fred for math.

          • opinionated_too

            We home school with CCA and we work different shifts. Problems solved!

          • nope nope

            Look at k12.com. It’s an online, public school, and it’s free. They have different schools for each state across the U.S. I definitely recommend it.

          • dan

            people have to work, otherwise id be happy to do it

          • Donny Cooper

            Exactly, and that is why school districts need to be held accountable and the statute of limitations and punishments need to be harsher.

          • keith davis

            They are socialist pedophiles themselves. Public schools are overwhelmed with pedophelia, and lots of times sanctioned.

          • JohnZabbaMcLean

            Shout out Xbox

          • Herbert Napp

            Ok, government shill.

          • Responsible adults realize that it is their due to educate their children themselves, and not rely upon government to force me to pay for it.

          • Guest

            Wow. I was home schooled till 9th grade and took years to adjust to the real world. MOST of the home school mothers I’ve met are extremely ignorant. No use arguing with them cause they don’t use logic…. Not like home schooled kids aren’t taken advantage of all the time as well 🙁

          • Free Speech

            You should have stayed in school and worried about the quality of your own education, rather than berate someone else who you don’t even know. Get a life out from behind your screen. The light in your eyes is clouding your lacking intellect.

        • Desirsar

          I will put my money on it that this teacher was home schooled.

          Thanks for the good idea – I will start badgering my representatives to sponsor a bill preventing anyone home schooled from serving in the public sector.

        • Brooke

          Not ALL public schools are bad. Like any other schools, you must look at reviews and ratings. Many public schools in wealthy, safe, suburban towns are really great. And what about college? Are you allowing your children to choose only from colleges that are online based so they can stay home? And what about working? Would you only allow them to work at home

          • tornadotess

            Do you let your child drive a car? How about going to the shopping mall by themselves? When they are old enough to protect themselves, and not be a target for predators, they can go out on their own. Until such a time as that, it is our duty as parents to protect them in every way possible.

      • Darryl FukThat Boyd

        how ignorant on you bitch i hope your family eats those cookies and catches aids and you die hoe

        • Dougiefreshh

          And I hope that one day you’ll be able to formulate an insult that doesn’t sound like it was written by a toddler.

      • zzmmmike

        thats not what she posted you asshole.

      • nope nope

        And you assume students in home school see their teachers a lot.
        In home school, most students never even meet the teachers. Just so you know.
        How arrogant on your part!

      • dan

        ummm tess never assumed that at all. you assumed she assumed it

      • Ed D Maxwell

        Were you born this stupid or is is on on going class you take?

    • ErikaIs AgelessHoney

      I agree with you, you are responsible for protecting your children how you see fit. There are a lot parents who home school and work from home while doing it. Once they grow up and out on their own, they can protect themselves from pedophiles like this. On the other hand, I am against public schools. I prefer charter, or home schools. There are sick people out here. And some of these teachers don’t know how to talk to your kids. I’m appalled at some of these comments against you home schooling. I don’t blame you!!!

    • azur Rienne

      If I had kids there’s no way on earth they would step foot in a public school

    • Antoine Shaquille Coleman

      What a lot of these people don’t understand, is there is no one way to educated children, every child learns differently. It’s ultimately a parents decision to decide what type of education is right for their children, bottom line. Don’t ridicule her because she has an opinion about how her kids should be raised, worry about your own kids. Not only that, for those against homeschooling or are “too busy working” to home school, what if it was your child who was fed semen cookies, what would you feel about public schools then? Just a little food for thought.

      • Donny Cooper

        well said

  • Geizi Espiritu Llanes

    i can’t believe what I just read… so no more safe place now for our kids… man!

  • Sorchiaz

    1. who the hell develops film in the 21st century?
    2. are those cookies stock photos? just wondering.

    • ashley

      Funny I was thinking the same thing! Maybe they should check his cell phone and find even more footage/pics.

  • Angelina Sifuentez

    Disgusting mother fucker! It’s making my stomach turn. I wonder how they figured that out?

    • Amber Abbigail Barbara

      The article explains this in the 3rd paragraph. The pictures.

  • Riker’s Beard

    Hello of a stock photo choice.

  • Kathy Shaw


  • uihd

    bitches love semen? is it really tht bad?

    • Amber Abbigail Barbara

      You don’t think its “that bad” to have young children you are supposed to be educating unknowingly ingest your semen?

      • uihd

        good thing it wasn’t poison

  • Diana T.

    I’m going to puke omg

  • Jay N Turner

    You could so easily misread the headline and interpret it as a scenario like this.

    LA School District: “Yo, student, I dare you to eat those semen cookies!”
    Student: “Nah, man, you crazy.”
    LASD: “I’ll give you $139 Million!”
    Student: “Okay then!”

  • Josh Foley

    I’d eat 50 spunk-filled cookies for 139mil

    • Brandon Nodnarb

      for free too, probably. 🙂

  • Mari Garza

    Sick bastard

  • Tracey Storch

    Never mind the gross factor; what about health concerns??? Who knows what kinds of diseases that are transmissible via bodily fluids that sick f**k might be carrying?

  • Flexile Sentry

    It’s kinda funny.

  • Cheryl Bliss

    make him eat his own cookies then hang him bay his balls, then hit him with a baseball bat like a pinata till he dies!! damn chomo’s

  • Anne Ostrich

    Does he give a discount on cookies if you buy them in bulk?

    • Stephanie Godwin-Brown

      Not while incarcerated but if you wanna bake some sugar cookies he still has access to the special sauce. He can send you that in bulk.

  • Pliskin

    Sounds delicious.
    I would like the recipe.

  • disqus_zUibfyfU5r

    Delta Papa (Death Penalty) for this pervert. Now the equally disgusting part of this story, the attorney’s fee is 40% of the total amount = $55M…

  • Laura Salamone

    the dirty disgusting old bas tard. He should be in prison let alone money being paid out. Not only is that sick beyond all measure it is also assault. His bodily fluids could have any number of diseases so on top of being a paedophile he should be done for assault. And he should be castrated immediately. JUST GROSS.

    • Amber Abbigail Barbara

      The article says he got 25 years. It’s the school district that has to pay the money.

  • He won’t last long in prison.

  • Gabi Ryan


  • Phasung Baccam

    This day people are doing sicknesses

  • King Bob

    I lold.

    • Mary Freeman

      Of course you did….


    sickening this is one of the reasons I refuse to eat anywhere except if I have cooked or trust the person/restaurant doing the cooking

  • Tl Cox

    um, the story is disgusting and disturbing enough, the photo cookies with “icing” was really not needed. Note: When you have a shocking salacious story of this nature you really do not need to further illustrate. But thank you for helping me to decide to skip lunch.

  • lilly

    Oh dear, when are dirt pricks lik him learn. Instead of fining him, cut of his willy?
    Would teach him a lesson

  • anonanonanon

    Let’s not forget the real issue at hand…semen cookies. Yum.

  • TOWKer69

    Trying to make a joke…but nothing cums to mind.

  • Guest


  • Danni

    he needs to be put into prison and tortured daily until he dies. A very slow painful humiliating and agonizing death.

  • MR. BOBO

    BathhouseBarry will eat them for free.

    • UnCL3

      Reggie will “contribute” the ingredients.

  • MR. BOBO

    Typical Libturdd scumbag, bet it happens all the time. He just got caught.

    • Mary Freeman

      Yeah…. Cuz politics has something to do with it….

      • MR. BOBO

        Sure does, Libturdd union degenerate pervs inundate the government school system. Fact

        • Mary Freeman


        • Lexus Link


          • MR. BOBO


      • MR. BOBO

        Berndt pleaded no contest last November to charges of lewd conduct, and is currently serving a 25-year prison sentence. According to the AP, he wasn’t fired immediately after his arrest, so he technically retired from teaching with pension!!! —-Typical LIBTURDDS

  • Your Moms MVP


    • Mary Freeman

      I can understand a 5 year old better than that….

      • Your Moms MVP


  • Jordan Turner

    I hope somebody Fucks up and hes released in to general pop so Hes killed. Even Murders and Rapists have no respect for Child molesters.

  • Justin Glover

    This is outright disgusting & disturbing!!! Why he didn’t get life without the possibility of parole is appauding!

    • Mary Freeman

      I’m going to assume you meant appalling….

      And I certainly agree….

  • jlfonz1

    The union should be forced to pay this, not the taxpayer

    • Amber Abbigail Barbara

      The school district employed him. Why should the other teachers who had nothing to do with this have to pay for it? And there wouldn’t even be enough money.

      • jlfonz1

        I didn’t say teachers, I said Unions, the reason this guy was able to get away with this for so long without getting fired. Union rules.

        • MR. BOBO

          No doubt.

  • Brett Wyatt

    He’s going to get his in Prison

  • Bryant

    Is that picture of the cookies really neccessary?

    • douglass davis

      Right @ bryant made me not want to eat cookies anymore unless I make them myself. I’m already vegan

      • Bryant

        Watch those ‘glazed’ cookies this holiday season! lol

  • douglass davis

    Nasty A$$ bytch

  • Hayze

    Hell naw

  • keith davis

    Find out where he attends lodge.

    • Mary Freeman


  • Mary Freeman

    Now this is one incident where castration wouldn’t be amiss….

  • Podd Socks

    bit of spunk never hurt anyone. it’s not like they were acid

    • Mary Freeman

      Nah…. Just AIDS perhaps….

  • qqerf

    I wish my teacher would do that to me… Mmmm.

  • Bailey Holland

    This guy gives teachers a bad name. So glad I know some good ones but this is below disgusting. It’s unconscionable. Somehow I don’t think he will make it 25 years in prison, even if they put him in a special needs yard.

  • Jeff Kaye

    Seriously? He was on the LOOSE for decades preying on children? Something is wrong in CA.

  • blackpat66

    are those the actual cookies in question?

  • andm369

    school district paying the price. that is ALOT of money. should they have known what was going on? who knows…

  • Offgrid Cabin

    I hate to say this knowing I will be attacked…. But, the school had nothing to do with this. And it is the taxpayers that will have to pay, and they are NOT responsible for what this man did. It is not fair that millions of dollars that would otherwise go to helping other school children get an education. Is now being paid out to a bunch of Lawyers who will get the majority of the settlement. The taxpayers will again get screwed.

  • Timothy Cunningham

    I would have shot him end of story. :3

  • Dre Mosley

    Oh HELL no! My God!

  • zora

    Eww that’s descusting

  • Free Speech

    What is wrong with you people? A perv has been assaulting children for decades, and all you can do is pick on a mother who home-schools her children. Get a life and, ALL OF YOU, go to school and learn the language before you criticize others’ use of it.

  • Taggart Romkey

    This just killed my appetite. This man needs to be castrated

  • Marcus Faulkner

    This is just sick

  • me

    How did this become a discussion about the pros and cons of homeschool? This story is about a pervert in the public school setting, could have just as easily been a pervert at the church or the grocery store or the daycare center or the library or the public pool. Let’s all just be grateful that he got caught and he didn’t do more intrusive things that would have permanently damaged little minds forever.

  • 123123321

    request recipe on how to cook old bastard

  • Skunky

    what a sick F***K

  • Michael Hart

    sounds good to me…eat cumkies for million$

    lol im in! (y)

  • Samuel Righter


  • Alfredo Martinez

    UPS driver George offering driver helpers something to eats turns out to be something similar to this page……in Pasadena California “The Original Tops” Merry Christmas and a happy new year!”

  • Cloroxxxxxxx


  • Wow, where can I accidentally eat one of those cookies?