Fugitive Calls In Hoax Bomb Threat Against Elementary School, Forgets To Turn Off Caller ID

Ex-fugitive of the law Jacob Moore of North Idaho called in a hoax bomb threat against Atlas Elementary School in Hayden, Idaho so that the police who were staking out his house at the time of the call would be diverted and offer Moore a chance at a getaway.

Events did not unfold as planned for Moore however as he was identified by caller ID.

When the call was made Friday afternoon authorities went to the school and evacuated staff and students as the interior and exterior were swept. At the same time authorities came to the realization that Moore had made the call as the caller ID was traced back to his landline at his home – the very home that they were surveilling.

On top of the unspecified felony charge that Moore was facing he now can now add Making a False Report of a Bomb at a School, Obstructing an Officer and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Flagrant Idiocy.

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