Jodi Arias Is Allegedly Selling This Courtroom Self-Portrait For $500

Jodi Arias sketch for sale. Any buyers?

Source: Facebook

  • Blefusc-Yule

    Seeing as it’s blatantly just @tomtingle2’s court room photo ran through a photoshop filter is she really allowed to do that?

  • Michelle Levy Ariguznaga

    She needs the money 2 buy little Debbies cup cakes and cigarettes

    • Angela Finley


  • Lady J

    If this factual, any proceeds should go to help the family of Mr. Alexander with the expenses they’ve incurred. However, I am sure they want nothing to do with proceeds from anything Arias is trying to sell. She is still trying to gain on their tragic loss and there is nothing that can bring Travis Alexander (the real victim) back to them. If only R.I.P. meant Return If Possible.

  • whoknewdoU .

    Looks like she knows how to trace her favorite subject. Yeech!! Her narcissism is upon full display! Frankly, the fact she is trying to profit on the death of Mr Alexander is as repugnant as her lies about the very same man she so viciously murdered while she was on the stand, and whenever she’s on TV.

  • Her face is droopier than that.

    • Becker Vonstrangle

      Haha it is! Kinda remind me of a horse face

  • Amy Cowan

    I thought criminals weren’t supposed to profit from their crimes.

  • Mary Strobridge

    So, she thinks she’s worth that much?I wouldn’t pay a nickel for it.

  • Dee Becker Yauch

    Yeah, where’s the noose that should had been drawn in??? You’re going down Arias!!!

  • MSsusie

    HELL NO!!! I wouldn’t give this bitch 5 cents for anything she traced.

  • Patricia Mraz

    She has to give up her money for restitution to the victims family and all sorts of stuff.. jodi jodi jodi…lol smh

  • Guest

    letaste NEws it’s detail HERE’S MORE DETAIL


  • Fern Isaacson

    FUCK HER……..

  • Timmjann

    Sell it and give the money to the victims family!!!!!!!!!!!!!