Car Of Missing Pregnant Woman Who Disappeared One Day Before Due Date Found In Walmart Parking Lot With Dead Body Inside

Update: As of 8:07am on December 18, New York Daily News reports that investigators have confirmed that the body discovered inside the Toyota Prius was that of 20-year-old pregnant woman, Aubrey Andrews.

A vehicle belonging to a missing California pregnant woman has been found, and police say a body was discovered inside. Authorities are not releasing the identity of the person found, but Fox 40 said it is the body of a woman and the car was found at a Walmart parking lot.

The Sacramento Police said 20-year-old Aubrey Andrews vanished on Dec. 6 from her home in Sacramento. In a press release police said she was distraught when she got into her 4-door Toyota Prius and left. Andrews was nine months pregnant and due in a day.

When Andrews disappeared, she left behind her husband and toddler son. Edward Andrews spoke out to Fox 40 and fighting back tears he said his wife suffered from postpartum depression with her last delivery.

Edward Andrews said he’s done everything to find the mother of his children from filing a police report to calling all the local hospitals. He’s even made a difficult call to the corners office to see if Andrew’s body turned up there.

Although his wife disappeared Fox 40 said only 24 hours later a mysterious delivery appeared at Edward Andrew’s door. It was his wife’s purse and inside were several notebooks.

Andrews is described as a Filipino woman who weighs about 150 pounds and stands 5 feet 1 inches tall.

If you know anything, please contact the Sacramento Police: (916) 264-5471

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