Watch Cop Pull Over Random Drivers And Surprise Them With Christmas Gifts Instead Of Tickets

Tis’ the season! Nothing like getting pulled over by the police, especially around the holidays. But if you are a driver in Lowell, MI, you may have received a major surprise instead of a big fat ticket.

In a video going viral, a Lowell Police officer pulled over random people in the freezing cold and snow. The officer walked up to the window and engaged in conversations with each driver.

Officer Scot VanSolkema asked them not only for their license and registration, but if they’d done shopping for Christmas and what was on their list.

While this was happening, there was a secret shopping team on standby getting word for the specific gifts, and in a matter of minutes – the surprises were delivered.

The driver’s faces were priceless. There were lots of hugs (and probably a few tears).

According to M Live, a West Michigan native Rob Bliss, who’s an expert at creating viral videos, wanted to produce a positive project with the police department.

Watch the video below. It’s guaranteed to melt all the Bah Humbug out of your heart.

Read more:  M Live



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