Macy’s Shoplifter Tries To Escape By Grabbing Poop From Her Pants, Smearing It On Security Guard’s Face

It’s not uncommon for shoplifters to create a diversion while they try to slip out with their loot, but a Florida thief came up with the crappiest escape plan we’ve ever heard of.

Thirty-two-year-old Marisol Toribio, who tried to steal from a Ft. Lauderdale Macy’s, decided to go for broke when she was cornered by security: She reached in her pants, grabbed a handful of poop, and smeared it on the officer’s face.

[Insert collective squeals of disgust here.]

Needless to say, Toribio’s tactic didn’t work and Coral Springs police charged her with theft, in addition to tampering with or fabricating physical evidence and criminal grossness.

No word on what Marisol was trying to steal from Macy’s, but whatever it was, it wasn’t worth all that.

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Photo: Local 10

  • lilyred

    The glories of illegal immigration. Look forward to more of this type behavior. It’s not like we already didn’t have enough morons, they have to be charitable and bring in more.

    • lily21

      Better shit then going around movie theaters and schools shooting inocents.

    • Nena Gamboa

      That’s just a stupid assumption. You’re assuming that’s she’s illegal and that she’s an immigrant. I’ve seen plenty of American citizens do plenty of stupid stuff.

      • syndeytish

        Li k e shooting children

      • lilyred

        Well, Nena Gamboa, and you’re assuming that she isn’t. Guess we’re at a standstill.

    • Peter_FairMarket

      And you know that she is an illegal immigrant how exactly? You don’t have to be an illegal immigrant to be a disgusting asshole piece of shit. Look at Ted Nugent.

      • lilyred

        I’m just guessing, like you’re just guessing. I’ll send you a hundred dollar bill if you can find evidence that she’s a US Citizen. Don’t send a voter registration log, cause we both know non-citizens vote all the time. “You don’t have to be an illegal….” That’s what I said.

        • Ian Magus

          Yes, it is clearly rational to make an assumption that anyone with a Hispanic name is probably an illegal immigrant, especially in a nation that has had a state titled “New Mexico” as part of our country for over a century.

          • charminxtra

            This isn’t just someone with a Hispanic name, it’s a criminal with a Hispanic name. A criminal with a Hispanic name is much more likely to be an illegal immigrant than not, and therefore I wouldn’t call that presumption much of a stretch.


    “… here …..have a Dirty Sanchez ~~ …on me … “

    • Carmen

      pronounced and spelled Scheisse

      • Age

        A dirty scheisse?

        • WTFOMGLOL

          schmutzig scheisse 🙂 it even sounds dirty.

          • Age

            Be that as it may, it’s not the same as a Dirty Sanchez.

          • WTFOMGLOL

            thank you. I would never have known that was not a literal translation. /:@

          • Age

            Ok, so your original reply was just you spouting German for no particular reason. Thanks!

          • WTFOMGLOL

            and what was your “dirty scheisse” comment supposed to be ?
            or are you just so over-sensitive that you try to pick and fights on the internet over the stupidest little remarks?

          • Age

            Actually, I see it was Carmen who had made the reply that made no sense. But thanks for participating!

      • Taskmaster

        No, not Scheisse. Sanchez. Find it in the Urban Dictionary. It’s similarly gross.

  • Brian

    really? @lilyred:disqus . WTF does this story have to do with illegal immigrants. Toribio is a spanish name ORIGINATING from SPAIN, which is a European country, NOT MEXICO which is a LATIN country. There is a difference. Also you are completely racist ASSUMING that this woman WASN’T BORN here in America.

    • Bobby Jay

      I don’t agree with her assessment, but the term “illegal immigrant” isn’t exclusive to Mexico. It’s ANY person from a foreign country who is in the country illegally. She can be from Spain and still be an illegal immigrant. However, like I said, not agreeing with her comment.

      • Nella

        We are all immigrants, with the exception of the Native people.

        • Define2

          Yes, some immigrated by force…

        • syndeytish

          Thank you. These foolish people need to read history

        • Stephen SMall

          There are no native people. The immigrated from Asia.

          • Heimrik

            True. There is no racial ethnic group native to North America….

          • Jacob Garcia

            Wrong the native american people have thier own origin point apart from africa

          • Alex

            Lol really? so humans evolved on north America independently of all other humans on the planet but still share all of our chromosomes? Do you even know what you are suggesting?

          • Lyric Thompson

            Okay then we’re all African.. Better ?

          • Jacob Garcia

            Thats unproven infact there is strong evidence supporting origination in the americas

          • Alex

            There is stronger evidence that you have no legitimate sources.

          • Rose

            Different ethnicities have been formed because when humans left Africa and went their separate ways they evolved differently. Race is not just about color and they do have different traits. The Africans who stayed in Africa evolved differently also. No ethnicity is superior and we all have more in common than different. These differences are blurring as the world is becoming mixed race and that is good because it helps the gene pool become more variant.

        • hurtsx2

          There are no native people. They came from somewhere else as well.

          • WTFOMGLOL

            The Indians fought back the invasion, and lost. Same as tons of other countries before them in history. That’s the way of the world. However .. We don’t need to stand by and let the current invaders just move in without a battle; hand them drivers licenses, free health care and social services, and say, “here you go .. all our ancestors’ hard work .. it’s all yours now”. Their own countries are more of a mess, and they won’t stay there, and fix their own homes. They’d rather migrate here en masse, and ruin this, too. You think they’re going to IMPROVE what’s here, in the next 100 years? I seriously doubt it. We’re just standing by and watching the demise of America, as we knew it.

          • Lyric Thompson

            First of all NO the natives didn’t lose but rather actually believed in the treaties that were made with them and the US government. Entering into a treaty then violating said treaty is NOT wining buttercup.. With that being said, why do you think people come here in en masse as you say? Could it be possibly that corporations are using them as cheap labor? Could it possibly be? Your notion that some outside force is ruining this country is in a word ridiculous. What is ruining this nation is GREED. The fact that as Americans we will screw anyone including their mother and little dog for $1 is what is ruining this nation. As for their accomplishments.. what the hell have you contributed to our nation?

          • The Amerindians broke every treaty they ever made.

          • Peter_FairMarket

            Get over yourself.

          • lilyred

            Bleeding hearts won’t be happy until we’re a third world country. Then, I don’t know where the “immigrants” will go. The “American dream” that they are looking for is going to blow up in their (and our) faces.

          • Chris Buentello

            We’ are turning into a third world country because Republican conservatives and their followers, are shipping jobs overseas destroying the middle class. and denying healthcare to the poor,sick and elderly. fighting wars so they can spend lots of money on their pals. The GOP is bleeding us dry.

          • lilyred

            OMG, if those wore out talking points are all you have, you really should remove the rose colored glasses and take a look around. LOL . You’re funny.

          • Chris Buentello

            LOL then provide some of your own! At least my glasses are tinted rose color so that I can see, while yours are just painted black so you can only hear, that’s why you probably parrot the latest Oreilly Hannity BS.

          • lilyred

            Don’t do pissing contests.

          • Dan Iam

            Ignorance is the companion of the resistant, closed or overly conservative minds, despite all the efforts to STAY the SAME and traditional or go back to the white man’s heyday in the 1950’s, the world itself is historically progressive with new ideas and culture shifts which creates progress. Progress begets change, and as such it is happening ever exponentially faster faster esp in America.

            White culture will be soon (10-15 yrs) once again the minority, and as a white progressive man I do not fear but very much look forward to a more EQUAL time, as I believe that a culture with true equality breeds freedom and creativity the kind that generates invention and prosperity. Fear it if you want to but the Era of the ruling class of rich old white men is finally and thankfully coming to a close. Hail Progress!

          • Cyndi Bullock

            I was born here, legally, my relatives came here, legally a hundred years ago…..I am an American citizen, not a native but neither an immigrant!

          • Dan Iam

            Thought you left the conversation way back when you were getting your ass kicked,,, well nice to see small dogs bark at moving cars still

          • Really? You cannot be that ignorant. Jobs are going overseas because the costs of production are better. Now that fracking has been expanded (from licenses initiated during the Bush administration) have you noted the drop in the cost of gasoline? With the US in control of oil and, consequently, energy prices, jobs will come pouring back into the US. And it’s not just the cost of energy: plastic is made from oil. The only thing to stop us is Demokrats and bureaucrats.

          • Robert D Piechocki

            Uh, gas prices have NOTHING to do with fracking – the gas prices were artificially inflated because there is only so much refining capacity and it was coming out of the ground and being put into tankers where it sits for YEARS. There’s literally tankers that have had their payload for over three years without dropping it at a refinery because of the backlog and investors manipulating the prices.

            Many of my best friends are pretty high up in the refining world – and they’ve been saying this was coming for years – because of the overstock. They gave me the (proper) suggestion to dump my oil futures because it was due to crash.

            [Also keep in mind fracked oil can’t be used efficiently for gasoline – fracking supplies kerosene, natural gas, plastics and many other secondary oil products but you can’t refine gasoline from it reliably – getting the impurities out that get brought with cracking the water tables out to create usable gasoline when gas was around $4.20/gal here they were quoting would cost $6/gal or so from the extra refining required for fracked gasoline]

            And on jobs, we’re a culture of consumers not producers because of things like how our financial sectors work – our workforce isn’t being trained in fields to do the various manual labor to do factory work/etc – you do understand that “underemployment” is still considered “unemployed” for UE3 (what the “official numbers” are reported as), right?

            (PS – As a small business owner [a gaming shop], I am a job creator – only 4 jobs beyond my own and the wife so far [but I started the store in October 2014 so we might grow/expand – I do want a restaurant and maybe a LAN center as well] – but I do create jobs)

            Or more in short – you might want to fact check Hannity before you go assuming he’s speaking the complete truth. I have no doubt fracking helped a small amount, but the largest factor was the excessive supply of unused unrefined oil. [You know, supply vs. demand? Supply was only artificially low]

          • Chris Buentello

            Hahahahahaha, you can’t be serious about what you just said? Oh, and how clever of you to replace the C in Democrat with a K. Especially when you are talking about something you have no clue in.

          • Sorry to piss on your parade but the drop in the price of gas is due to the world price of oil dropping from c.$100 a barrel to about $55 today, largely because the Saudi’s won’t restrict production. if you think US labour will become comparatively cheaper as a result, dream on! We are all benefiting from the drop in oil prices.

          • It’s the most basic economic fact of all: supply and demand. Supply goes up, price goes down. Supply is up not because of any foreign activity. It is up because of our ability to frack oil from shale in the new fields opened up in Nebraska, Ohio, etc. Obviously, even though Lenin and Stalin are gone, their useful idiots continue to procreate in America.

          • Robert D Piechocki

            Literally speaking it’s impossible for us to become a “third world nation” the term represents those uninvolved in NATO. NATO = First World. Those that NATO opposed = Second World. Unaffiliated Nations = Third World.

            So unless you think immigrants are going to make us retract NATO, in which case EVERY NATION IN THE WORLD WILL BE “third world”, this statement you’ve made is complete nonsense.

            Additionally, if you mean we’ll lose our financial place in the world as many misuse the term when they’re inept – history shows that places that enter into a population decline end up being the first signs of a nation about to fail. Our birth rate is 1.88 per woman and that’s WITH immigrants coming here with their higher birth rate. [2.0 is the population being stagnant]

            Or more in short – educate yourself – you are woefully lacking in understanding for the things you attempt to profess.

          • lilyred

            Por favor, perdóname. Soy tan tonto, eres tan inteligente. (Reverencia) But, hey! I can Google, too. “Despite EVEREVOLVING DEFINITIONS, the concept of the third world serves to identify countries that suffer from high infant mortality ((CHECK), low economic development (CHECK), high levels of poverty (CHECK), low utilization of natural resources (CHECK), and heavy dependence on industrialized nations(CHINA) (CHECK)…having high rates of population growth, illiteracy, and disease (MASSIVE IMMIGRATION)_ (CHECK). A key factor is the lack of a middle class (WE’RE GETTING THERE) — with impoverished millions in a vast lower economic class and a very small elite upper class controlling the country’s wealth and resources. Most third world nations also have a VERY LARGE FOREIGN DEBT.” (CHECK). (CHECK AND MATE)

          • Robert D Piechocki

            On those subjects:
            Infant Mortality – Issue with that is that the reporting rules are different all over, MOST nations don’t report any child death under 3 months POST BIRTH as an infant death. Whereas the US even counts preemie birth deaths as infant mortality. The figure until there’s a standardized method used in the world is worthless – and is likely much lower for us compared to what it appears.
            Economic Development: We’ve historically been a country with boom/bust cycles. And in case you’ve not been paying attention, in the past two years we’ve been in a boom cycle again. (I’m retired at 43 thanks to my investments, economic development is something I pay plenty of attention to)
            High levels of poverty: Again another useless statistic since standards are based upon the average wealth in the nation – “poverty” is always set as a percentage of wealth compared to the middle class of the given nation, generally between 11-20% depending on the nation’s metrics. And even then there’s so many local factors that influence quality of life that make the statistic completely useless. [i.e. Japan has a drastically low poverty level, but all but the absolute wealthiest tend to live in homes with THREE GENERATIONS under the same roof, often in a home under 2000 square feet with no land – I personally appreciate having more space for just the wife and I to share kidless myself]
            Natural Resources: This one just seems like code for “allow more fracking” because otherwise there’s very little unutilized natural resources in our nation – especially our primary natural resource, farmland. (As well as “intellectual” natural resources – medical and science education)
            Dependence on Industrialized Nations: Technically not necessarily a “bad thing”
            Population Growth: 1.88 live births per woman – we’d actually be shrinking without immigration, even with illegal immigration we’re growing at about 2.04. “Healthy growing economies” usually require at least 2.15.
            Illiteracy: Haven’t seen any evidence of the numbers being substantial here. Anecdotally the illegals I’ve known (many post illegality due to the Reagan amnesty) have all been quite literate and held MD’s or pHD’s.
            Disease: The criteria here should be “deadly disease” – any illness is considered a disease, hell even stupid things like a minor genetic issue like webbed toes can be considered a disease. Most of the diseases they’ve complained about in the media are equivalent to bedbugs and the like – dermatitis from a local factor.
            Middle Class Shrinking: Again, the middle class, much like poverty – is set based upon the median income that people hold within the nation on a percentile basis. More poor people in the nation (i.e. immigrants) the lower the threshold for the middle class becomes. This is a reasoning for the “class warfare” arguments that are complaining about the high concentration of wealth on the top end.
            “Debt”: This is complete fiction, if you look at the nations that have high debts you’re going to see most of the cream of the crop of nations, with the low quality of life places holding relatively little debt. Even then pure dollar wise we’re holding alot, but the more agreed upon worrisome factor is how it compares to the money the nation generates, generally 200% is considered dangerous and 300% is catastrophic. We’re around 110-115%, enough to start paying attention to it, but nothing dire.

            (PS – On the absolute last, I can school you for days if you’d like – on that subject I literally have family involved with such within the Presidential Cabinet over two administrations)

          • lilyred

            LOL. If you weren’t so full of yourself, I might believe you. Anyhoo, as I said earlier, I don’t do pissing contests. Go try to impress someone else.

          • Robert D Piechocki

            Apparently having a minor in history and a personal interest in economics (Major is a MSHRM – basically a HR focused MBA) making me knowledgeable on the subject = full of myself.

            Have fun talking to people without a clue and attempting to ostracize the bright. I’m sure you’ll be retiring with under $20k in the bank at 67, while I’m retired with 7 digits in the bank and two businesses to my name at 42.

          • lilyred

            Ha, hate to disappoint you, but you’re wrong. I only have 6, but I’m working on 7. I really hope you are right about everything, I’d hate for something like another Depression to come along and ruin everything. You are SO reassuring. Thanks!

          • Robert D Piechocki

            Finances don’t only go one direction – with your poor evaluation of the future from everything you just spewed earlier even if it’s $200k or so now, I bet it shrinks drastically by then.

            You know the primary cause of the Depression? Worrywarts – like yourself. If people had stayed calm and stayed the course it would’ve been just a recession – but panic exacerbated it.

            Hell, I made nearly $100k just in wise trading because I knew how oil was going to flux. (Not from family either – but I did get a tip about two years ago, pay off took about 22 months, but it’s all longview when you’re at this income level)

          • lilyred

            By when, Mr.Bright? I’m retired.

          • Robert D Piechocki

            Going up digits in wealth during retirement with such a pessimistic view? Blue chips and mutual funds (of which conservative ones are just blue chips in another clothing) don’t move at that rate.

          • lilyred

            OK, nite.

          • lilyred

            What are you writing, an epistle? I need to go to bed.

          • Dan Iam

            Nice job with the resource accumulation at such a young age dude, how did you manage that in today’s America without the conservative mentality of f#@k over your mom for a buck?
            I’m a year older and was such a “human” most of the time that I don’t think I will ever get to stop working, till my body finally quits (plus the V.A. cut me off for missing a physical – typical bastards)… Nice to see that some Humans made it after all ~ Cheers!

          • Dan Iam

            Aww come on don’t quit it’s good to have two sides to every argument, even if your losing, I like to know what a conservative mind thinks and since your not spilling just talking points I know you are doing a lot of your own reasoning right?

          • Clayton ELust

            I love when people who get hit with facts say “I’m not here to debate this…blah blah blah, even though I’ve personally insulted you and provided no facts. Since I’m faced with having to debunk stuff I can’t, I won’t” Don’t let the door hit you – even those bleeding hearts at the Cato Institute say illegals cost nothing and contribute to a net surplus.

          • Dan Iam

            I just don’t get this conservative train of thought its derailed… wouldn’t it make sense to turn all the millions of resource sapping illegal immigrants into TAX paying citizens – sure it wont go so great for the corporations that are paying slave wages (the same that don’t pay any taxes as well) . You can’t stop it so fix it already, enough with the stupid bs and bigotry already

          • WTFOMGLOL

            Because it sets a bad precedent. OK, make the however many MILLIONS of illegal aliens in this country legal, tax-paying citizens. What happens a few years from now, when we haven’t fixed the problem, when there are a few million MORE coming up, seeing that the doors to America are wide open? Make them legal too? And what about all the other foreigners who are waiting patiently for their green cards? screw them, sorry, we’re full ? there’s so much wrong with that easy answer. It’s a band aid, to a HUGE ongoing problem, that our government, who is supposed to be on the side of its citizens, is looking the other way at, for their own greedy purposes. I am not “full of myself”. I am just pointing out things, that other people are glossing over, for their own interests. I love baseball and apple pie America, and hate to see it dying before my eyes. and not for an improvement at that. Now it’s press #1 for Spanish and #2 for English. is this what our soldiers have fought for in the past 100 years wars ? So we could just throw open the floodgates of our borders, to the world? Because that’s what we’re doing right now.

          • Robert D Piechocki

            So – I guess Reagan – who offered blanket amnesty was completely wrong and should have his legacy ignored because of that?

            And it’s been “Press 1 for Spanish” for a long time (since automation started back when I was a kid forty years ago) – because the flow is better when you record a script to use secondary languages FIRST.

            In fact if you crack open history books – Democrats have been the ones that are less fond of immigration policy as a rule of thumb over the years. Republicans besides during McCartyism have always been pro-immigration until recently (and even then they were still pro-immigration just anti-Communist so were strict on some nations immigration)

          • Eisenhower who employed Operation Wetback in the early 50s, sent more than a million back to Mexico. And we cannot handle 12 million today? Horsefeathers! It is time for Operation Wetback II.

          • Robert D Piechocki

            You do realize that OW was done at the request of the Mexican government and had the Mexican military patrolling their side of the border to prevent immigration working with us, right?

            It’s a completely different world when resources on both sides are available and being used versus a single side.

            Also the action was written and requested by a DEMOCRAT, Joseph May Swing – Eisenhower just gave the OK to do it. (Which likely was only required because of the international cooperation)

          • Edward G Falcetta

            How in the unholiest of fucks did this go from an article about some crazy bitch smearing her shit on the Po-lice into a Racist rant on immigration ??

          • Robert D Piechocki

            Guessing because she looks Mexican and its a gross incident the racism/classism involved just gets set off.

          • OkBobOk

            Not exactly true – General Jumping Joe was installed by Eisenhower to run the OW program in 1954. Jumping Joe was the Immigration and Naturalization Director. The Mexican authorities allow the US to deposit the illegal aliens deep inside Mexico either by bus or by ship. The Mexican government did not request this action. Eisenhower did it to protect American jobs and stop a rampant crime wave.

          • Robert D Piechocki

            I assume “Jumping Joe” was Joe Swing’s nickname – and you do realize that Eisenhower had a history of appointing people of opposing views, right? He was quoted many times about being opposed to “Yes Men” and wanted people that gave him opposing views to his own ideas.

          • ” throw open the floodgates of our borders, to the world
            Umm sorry to be pedantic but …Isn’t that how America was built?
            “Give me your tired, your poor,Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
            The wretched refuse of your teeming shore”

          • Lily Lobo

            True, but that doesn’t mean it should be done illegally without any consideration of those waiting and doing the policies and procedures legitimately.

          • It would make sense to turn the 92 million unemployed legal Americans into tax paying citizens, but government policies prevent that.

          • Pinolera

            Many pay taxes under false social security numbers. Many also have work visas. This country only spends less thsn 2% of its resources on these so call migrants. While we spend the rest on warfare and other unnecessary stuff. So WHAT Is Breaking your bank?. Give me a break.!!!!

          • Chris Buentello

            Wow, hate much. Anyone who talks about the demise of America is just using xenophobia as a fear into peoples minds. People come here for a better life to feed their families and try to live the American dream. Just like your ancestors did,whether they did it legally or not. Your argument is really lame.

          • S. Frank Keenan

            The “Indians” were killed off by the diseases carried by the Europeans that ravaged the natives. You ignorant tool, it wasn’t the white mans might but horrific disease that killed off over 90% of the Natives.

          • Cassandra Kindsvatter

            We’re all fricken immigrants! From Africa!

        • Steven H

          You need to look up the word

          • Nella

            The word?

          • Steven H

            Sorry; my iPhone was being difficult.

          • John Williams

            noun: immigrant; plural noun: immigrants
            a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.
            synonyms:newcomer, settler, migrant, emigrant;******
            Since I was BORN in this country, I’m a NATIVE.

          • Peter_FairMarket

            Then you should have no problem with so-called “anchor babies”. They were BORN in this country also.

          • lilyred

            Yeah, we do have a problem with jumping the border to have an “anchor baby”. Movin’ on up!!

        • Cortney April Lurrie

          Correction our ansesters were the imagrents idk about you but i was born in america in cali. So i am not an imagrent thank you.

          • Derrick Trottier

            wtf is an imagrent? or an ansester for that matter…. better to keep ones mouth shut and have everyone guessing than to open it and remove all doubt.

          • Bob Chapman

            Doubt Removed.

          • Brent Durkee

            Nope can confirm you are not an immigrant. Even most immigrants can spell the word “Immigrants”, along with the word ancestors. They also know to capitalize “America.”

          • mariamuse

            Not to mention missing commas -but that’s the least of her problems. She writes worse than my immigrant mother.

          • kelvin urena

            ancestors* immigrant* you need to go back to school!

          • Lyric Thompson

            Ever hear of spell check? Fucking hell no wonder our nation is going to hell in a hand basket. Our citizens cannot even compose a sentence that is comprehendible ..

          • Terry E. Christian


          • Peter_FairMarket

            Your illiteracy gives the United States a bad name.

          • Dan Iam

            Timing is Perspective, perspective is Timing – NOBODY should claim that they have rights to inherit the place they live without respecting the fact that who they are was and is a happy coincidence of timing, you are still dependent on the same things that someone else needs right now. It is only by the grace of timing that you have been granted access and possessions that others would gladly fight and die to give to have and share with their loved ones, as many have done already – Please understand that being an American is not just a right given to you at birth but a privilege and a responsibility, to at least try to allow if not help others have a chance to attain what we so luckily achieved with our birth – do you understand that just being born in America with all the freedoms we have and all the things like hot showers, clean drinking water, cable TV is like wining the lottery 6x over already? Every baby born should live as well, do you agree?

        • Gforce4ever

          I am not an immigrant. You seem ignorant, if not plain stupid. I was born an American. MOST of the people in the United States were born here.

        • Kathy Shaw

          Even the native Americans immigrated.

        • Lily Lobo

          No, we aren’t.
          Immigrants are people who move to another country.
          My predecessors date back 6-7 generations.
          I’m not an immigrant, and neither are people whose families who have been here for more than a generation.

      • Brian

        Agreed! But her assumption that this lady is an “illegal immigrant” is still just asinine!

    • yaz reggae

      WTF dude! A nasty bee-atch is a nasty bee-atch! She is mestiza. In Mexico, they speak Spanish but the people’s indigenous roots are self evident. carajo, puta madre

      • Ana


    • barrystjohn

      She needs to be put in prison then sent packin’ to where ever she came from !

    • hurtsx2

      Spain is “a Latin country”, genius. Mexico was settled by Spain.

      • Brian

        So Mexicans are Latin or are they Hispanic? Latin America is also known as……..SOUTH AMERICA, where as Hispanic refers to SPAIN, because SPAIN is a HISPANIC country, whose primary language is SPANISH. Do your research! Dominicans are tri-racial people, because they usually consist of white, african, and some taino ancestry, which would explain their combination of both dark skinned and light skinned people. Cubans have a main ancestry of white Spaniards, which accounts for there much lighter skin complexion, for most.

    • Indiana Tavarez

      Brian, my father last name is toribio and we are from Dominican Republic, i have a mexican friend that told me her mom last name was toribio too,,

      • Brian

        Are those not SPANISH speaking countries? But I bet both of those countries DIALECTS of Spanish are different!

    • Fiona Gregory

      Not to be pedantic but are you talking about race or nationality? There is a difference. Anyway, I thought America was a nation of immigrants? Britain certainly is at the moment. They are called enrichers.

      • lilyred

        Yeah, they are “enriching” Europe right into hell. We’re next.

    • liliisaffron

      You need to have some History lessons. P.S. Most Mexicans have “SPANISH” last names, because of the Conquistadores. So what are you trying to say? I would say 90% are of Spanish mixed with Aztec or Mayan indian ancestry. LATIN, the word itself is from the Romans, modern day Italy and is also in Europe. Do you know why it’s called Latin America? Because SPANISH derives from the now dead LATIN language, as does French and Italian. P.S. This is coming from a “Latina” with Spanish and Italian roots. Also I was born in Mexico City, so I know a thing or two. Calling all people south of the border Latin is so dumb in my opinion and means nothing.

    • Carmen

      good for you thank you for your comment!!

  • maintmech2

    I hope she doesn’t breed.

  • Kevin

    This is why all thieves, gang bangers and other waste-of-life criminals should just be shot. The world has no need for any of this nonsense. Crack down on this shit and maybe, just maybe people will think twice about breaking the law.

    • Define2

      Why do you say “crack down” knowing what she did…ewww.


    “..hmmmmm… I didn’t have any corn …”

  • Brenda Feliciano

    this bitch is nasty disgusting an outrageous pig

  • How is this not assault?

  • Doy Bowers

    Now that Bee-Oetch is straight up NASSSSSYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

  • connie

    Criminal grossness lmfao nasty bitch

  • Florida is shitty.

  • Indiana Tavarez


  • Indiana Tavarez

    Brian, that’s my father last name, and we are from Dominican Republic, i also have a mexican friend that told me toribio was her mom’s last name,,

  • deedee2die4

    She really causes a scene when she goes to all you can eat buffets.

  • dirty jerzy

    Nasty ass wetbacks

  • I don’t care where she’s from that’s got nothing to do with her pulling shit out of her pants my god what’s wrong with people this is completely horrific to do a police officer this way I’m starting to feel bad for them truthfully

    • Susanne Adams-Chandler

      I completely agree Melissa! Exactly…who cares where she’s from! These idiots are not concerned about the nasty, horrific thing she did, but conversing about where shes from. Fucking Idiots!


    He got a bargain-Do you know how expensive brown showers are?

  • Todd Ringling

    gotta think, this being FL, depending on what judge you get from the pool, this is either a) just another Tuesday; or b) attempted murder using a biological weapon/terrorism.

  • Jennifer Dunlop Gierok

    Lmao @ criminal grossness.. How appropriate.

  • Freddie theDog

    Why is it ALWAYS Florida??


      Pennsylvania was taking a break from it this week.

      • shots

        dont ya just love trolls that dont allow anyone to see the bullshit they sprew all over the net

        • WTFOMGLOL

          I’m sorry … what .. ?

  • Cindy Araya

    Gross!! Dumbass!!!

  • Nate

    And she just happen to have a fresh load with her?.

  • LadyTA74

    and she just had the crap sitting in her pants for this occasion?? wth?

  • Bob Chapman

    She’s nowhere bruised as much as I thought she’d be.. Don’t know how the security guard didn’t beat her to within an inch of her life.

  • #Wishingeveryonewouldshutup!

    And why does every story have to lead to abunch of know-it-alls arguing over something that has absolutely nothing to do with the story above in the comments below?? Uggggh!!! Shit stained faces aglore…

  • Heimrik

    Looks like Macy’s is going to be paying for that man’s therapy the rest of his life….

  • boatandoar

    I would beat that bitch to death

  • upsmanpa

    She should be charged with ASSault!

  • Andy Shambaugh

    I had someone try to spit on me one time, when I was kicking them out of a store for stealing. He missed, but if he wouldn’t have ran his ass away, I would have beat him to a bloody mess. I don’t know why this woman didn’t go to the hospital instead of a jail.

  • DAH

    Guessing it was toilet paper.

  • kleptic

    Is “criminal grossness” a thing? Lol

  • Ashley

    Always a racists comment…. this world is sad.

  • Peter_FairMarket

    I agree that what she did was disgusting, and she should be prosecuted, but… criminal grossness is a thing?

  • Jerry Salisbury

    Really? A story about feces spread in someones face devolves (meaning completely minimizing the point of the story) into immigration and such. Wow, is there a lack of content (or bridges) for all of you trolls (the ones discussing anything but the story and/or to voice political beliefs) Jump to lljreview or HuffPost or even BuzzFeed

  • Morrisovich

    I can see this happening @ Wal-Mart but not Macy’s.

  • icedgreentea

    Okay, I haven’t hit anybody in a loooooong time, but if someone smeared feces on me I would totally beat the crap out of that person. Just sayin’.

  • Juliana Andrea Notarino

    Lmao criminal grossness. Thats a thing?!

  • deepTHOTS

    I hope she gets charged for that. If any THOT especially some fat cholita tried to do that to me I’d have SHANKED the hembra.

  • Helen Payne

    he should have kicked her ass

  • Mary Strobridge


  • ladytia

    Should have let George Zimmerman handle this.

  • Dereck Todd

    Poop. I keep it in my pants.

  • DOCS

    She must’ve thought it was a Walmart…

  • bamaslamma

    I don’t understand… was this a coincidental poop or did she have some stored in her pants for just such an emergency?

  • Shitty

  • Meghan

    I cannot believe the major immigration discussion on this thread that began under an article about a woman smearing poop on someone in Florida.

  • Inky CST

    My question is…..did she already have poop in her pants? Or did she make the officer wait until she dropped a deuce?

  • Carmen

    disgusting and nasty bitch

  • Rylan Deed

  • lilyred

    You all should be ashamed, making fun of this poor, poor loca. She shoplifts to have a better life for her family.

  • D. Casanova

    I didn’t even know criminal grossness is a real charge.

  • Jeanette406

    Criminal grossness was the best they could do for that?

    • Lily Lobo

      Seriously–that’s like straight up bio-warfare.
      If someone smeared poo on me I’d be seeking the highest punishment.

  • joel montes

    Some of you guys need to study Economics..geeze.

  • John Chris Cloud

    lock that fucking animal in a cage. for good.

  • Roxiefox

    Whuuut ???????? How does one have shit readily available in their pants ???

  • steve

    What is the point of this comment section? It’s just a bunch of low IQ people that think they are funny throwing out a bunch of one liners.

  • kdee

    Shiite on demand. Ugh. gross lady.

  • She looked at the security guard and said “Corn? When did I eat corn?”

  • Chris Ross


  • Candice Honey

    She can’t be from Spain. She has definitely native American features. Indigenous of Latin Anerica. Not from Europe at all. Besides what she did is very nasty