This Year In Love Gone Wrong: 5 Couples Caught In A Very Bad Romance


Love is a beautiful thing, until passion turns deadly. Bad romances tend to end badly — with an arrest, or even worse, a murder. This year was full of crimes of passion, but some were stranger and more disturbing than others. Crime Feed would like to highlight just a few of the more unusual cases of love gone wrong in 2014.

Greissi-CarolinaSanchez-featured1. Girlfriend Allegedly Beats Boyfriend With High Heeled Shoe After Finding Text Messages

Greissi Carolina Sanchez was arrested in January for allegedly beating her boyfriend with her high-heeled shoe after she discovered text messages on his phone from another woman.

mug-hamman 2. Wife Stabs Husband For ‘Worshipping NASCAR’

Stephanie Hamman told police that God had told her to drive her car through the front doors of a Tennessee church and then call her husband to the building. When he arrived, she stabbed him in the chest. Her other reasoning? He was “worshipping the NASCAR race at Bristol.” He managed to survive and call 911 to the scene.

samantha_greenlee3. Boyfriend Confesses to Killing Pregnant Girlfriend, Setting Her Home on Fire and Burying Her Body on Church Grounds

In one of the more horrific cases this year, the boyfriend of Samantha Greenlee confessed in October to killing the three-month pregnant Ohio woman. He burned her apartment down in attempt to cover up what he’d done. Eventually, he grew a conscience and confessed to police, even taking officers to where he’d buried her body near the church. Interesting choice of burial site.

Thonas-Beatie-pregnant-man-arrested4. Thomas Beatie, AKA “The Pregnant Man,” Arrested For Stalking Estranged Wife

Thomas Beatie’s claim to fame had been that he had given birth during his gender reassignment. Unfortunately, he was arrested in November after Arizona police found a GPS attached to his estranged wife’s car and he’d been recharging the tracking unit’s battery.

man-sets-womans-vagina-on-fire5. Monstrous Human Being Sets Girlfriend’s Vagina On Fire, Yells At Her For Crying

Donald Dale Hackman Jr.’s horrific case of domestic abuse is forever burned in our minds. He was arrested for setting his girlfriend’s genitals on fire and yelling at her for screaming out in pain. If that’s not love gone wrong, we don’t know what is.



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