Did His Botched Penis Enlargement Procedure Compel Him to Murder?

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A jury in England has just found 36-year-old father of three Michael Wenham guilty of killing a prostitute.

Last February Wenham contacted Karolina Nowikiewicz, a young Polish prostitute who was trying to pay for her studies, for an encounter. Telling his wife that he was going to work, the former IT contractor went to a hardware store and bought a box cutter, disposable gloves, and plastic bags. He then proceeded to his rendezvous at 11:30am with Ms. Nowikiewicz. Once there he, as the Slough and South Bucks Observer reports, attacked her from behind, slicing open her neck while cutting through major arteries and her spinal cord. Soon after he called the police to inform them of the murder, then told them he had to hang up so he could call his wife. Wenham is said to have told his wife “it’s me, I’ve done a stupid thing, I’ve killed someone. I’m really sorry, I’ve killed someone.” He then asked his wife not to tell his children.

It’s reported that Wenham had traveled to Philadelphia in late 2013 for penis enlargement surgery, but that the initial operation had failed. The Daily Mail reports that the botched operation resulted in his 5-inch penis being reduced to 3-inches. After the ordeal he required additional treatment in January and had to take antibiotics.

Among many NSFW-ish details the court heard about Michael Wenham was that he had many insecurities, and liked to be degraded. The court also heard that he had fantasies about becoming a serial killer and that he had not been taking his medication for depression days before the brutal murder.

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