Woman Named Jackie McBurnie Arrested For –Yup! — Arson

jackie mcburnie, naibe, arson, nominative determinism

In yet another case of nominative determinism 33-year-old Jackie McBurnie of Lewiston, Maine was arrested and charged with arson for having set not one but two fires in her apartment which resulted in the building being condemned and forcing 12 occupants to look for a new home.

The first fire she set, on New Year’s Day, was minor, burning her kitchen wall, while the second, 10 hours later, was more severe, destroying the apartment building.

According to police McBurnie had been a tenant at another apartment building in Lewiston just down the road that burned down last September. Investigators determined that that fire started on a porch outside McBurnie’s unit, which seems like a helluva coincidence.

The sad thing is McBurnie apparently has children, so not only has their home been taken away but now their mother will be absent, which actually might be for the best.

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    You can only get this amazingly funny headlines from the U.S. On behalf of the rest of the world: Thank you!

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