George Zimmerman Arrested Yet Again For Allegedly Assaulting His Girlfriend With A Wine Bottle


George Zimmerman just can’t seem to stay out of the crime spotlight. NBC News reports the 31-year-old was arrested again late Friday night after he allegedly threw a wine bottle at his girlfriend. Zimmerman is facing charges of aggravated assault and domestic violence with a weapon, the report continued.

Zimmerman was granted and posted $5,000 bond less than 24 hours after his arrest and was released. Don West, Zimmerman’s attorney, spoke out to NBC and said the incident happened at the suspect’s Lake Mary home in Florida. West also added that his client, “has not been lucky with the ladies.”

Police say they found out about the most recent alleged incident when the pulled the victim over during a traffic stop, she opened up to them about what she had been through with Zimmerman.

In the summer of 2013, Zimmerman was acquitted of killing Florida teen, Trayvon Martin. Over the last year-and-a-half he’s been tangled with an array of legal issues, including other arrests.

Because of the most recent incident, reports said Zimmerman has to give up all of his firearms even though police do not believe a gun was used. As for the victim, a judge said Zimmerman is not to have any contact with the woman. Reports said the judge wants Zimmerman to pack up any personal belongings that belong to the girlfriend and to give those items to his attorney.

Zimmerman is expected to be back in court on Feb. 17.

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Photo: AP/Seminole County Public Affairs

  • Doy Bowers

    The Sanford Stalker strikes again!!!

  • Cathy Smith

    Same GF-that dropped prior charges-or a new GF? If a new GF-does she not read the paper or watch the news?

    • likalaruku

      Dunno, I’ve only read that “girlfriend” “ex girlfriend” & “ex wife” has called the cops on him 3 or 4 times since 2012, & that he got into a road rage incident where he followed & threatened a driver who “pointed at him.”

  • BSUG

    Guess some of the jurors feel they might of made a BIG MISTAKE…just saying

  • ChicagoJohn

    So… he threw a bottle?
    Didn’t hit her. Didn’t even hit her with the bottle. But threw a bottle?
    Everyone who has thrown something in a fit of anger (knowing that you shouldn’t) raise your hand. Everyone who doesn’t have their hand raised now, is lying and/or the Pope.

  • Kiesha Pinky Makins


  • Guest

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  • Richgeana White


  • Jim Welsh

    Trayvon deserved to die,period.Good riddance!!!

  • WilhelmtheSad

    ONLY LIBRETARDS would think or accuse this man of murder. The thug that he killed to protect his life, was a SEVERAL TIMES convicted criminal.