Police Looking For This Gunman Who Forced Woman Into His Trunk At Bank

Police in Arlington are currently looking for the man who approached a woman at a Wells Fargo ATM drive-thru and then forced her into the trunk of his car.

The suspect’s mug can be seen clearly on the bank’s security footage because he stares, creepily, at the camera before driving off.

The attack happened around 3 AM on January 14, when the victim was withdrawing cash from the machine.

Thankfully the woman escaped from her attacker about 40 minutes later when the suspect stopped the car and walked off, leaving her free to run to a nearby convenience store and call the police.

The victim identified her captor as “a black man in his early 20s. He is about 5-foot-6 and has short hair. He was wearing a grey hooded jacket and jeans.”

The suspect still remains at large, so anyone with information should call Arlington police Detective Jeff Holloway at (817) 459-5739 or Crime Stoppers at (817) 469-8477.

Tipsters can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000.

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Photo: Arlington Police Media’s YouTube

  • Rae

    Shouldn’t This Say Forced Into HER trunk???

    • Zarah Braun

      it don’t seem like she is forced into nothing it appear she steps out of car and walks to the trunk. she could have escaped well he was on the other side of the door This seems fishy to me!

      • Rebeca Rojo

        When someone is pointing a gun at you, you do what they say. Period. Struggle and you get shot.

        • Zarah Braun

          look no matter what I hope the guy is caught but they say you are more likely to be killed if you are removed from the original scene. I am sorry to tell you getting a minor gun shot wound is better then being tortured and still ending up dead! she could have hit this guy quicker then he could have probably fired if the gun was even loaded what was the motive for the crime. If he only wanted money why take the women it looks more like sh*t we picked a place with a camera.

          • Tammy

            You watch too much TV. In TV land ppl already know what is going to happen. In the real world, not everyone has a plan, they should but are not Jackie Chan like you are.

          • Rebeca Rojo

            I agree. If this guy was harmless and she would’ve struggled, he would’ve just shot her in the foot and taken her wallet. But some crazies out there would KILL you if you do not comply. That’s the thought that goes by my mind. I always think the worst. And look, she did what he said and was able to escape! Who knows what would’ve happened if she had struggled! I’ve always heard that you comply and that will keep you ALIVE. Then whenever possible, make your move. That’s exactly what she did. Struggling does not necessarily mean you’ll survive.

          • Rebeca Rojo

            You’re right….but most people do not think those thoughts at the exact moment when a gun is pointed in their direction. Easier said than done.

        • Nicole Kitter

          There was a gun involved? Where does it say that?

          • Rebeca Rojo

            they refer to the man who abducted her as the “gunman” sooo…

      • Tammy

        Your an idiot

        • Zarah Braun

          I am such an idiot you believe 40 minutes later he just stopped the car and walked off if all he wanted was the money why take her in the first place!??? By the way it is YOU ARE AN IDIOT! but you wouldn’t know that

      • Tammy

        Didn’t you see his reaction when he saw the camera, got in the car and then started to try and hide his face?? Let’s see what you would do being confronted with a gun…Again, you idiot

  • Alice

    Did anyone actually see a gun? I thought I saw him holding a cell phone…. I didn’t see a gun. Personally, as soon as I’m done at an ATM I’m out of there. I don’t sit in my car in front of an ATM.
    I’m a little confused as to why she didn’t stomp the gas pedal as soon as she saw a stranger show up by her car at 3am in front of an ATM, but maybe I’m just being unreasonable??

    • Stephanie Brice

      I was getting ready to say the same thing. I seen a cell phone in his hand but no gun. It’s like he asked her to get in the trunk and she did. Why didn’t she just drive off? It also seems like they had a short conversation before she got out.

      • Alice

        Wait I did see it. I had to watch it 4 times…. He had his cell phone in his left hand, then pulls a small gun with his right and points it at her in thru the window.
        It’s really easy to miss!

      • Daniela

        Yeahhhh I agree. Everything seems so weird. They were like talking so calmly and she could have drive off or run when he told her to get inside the trunk.

    • Laura Walk

      He definitely had a gun it was in his right hand, he faked like he was going to ask her something while holding his cell in his left then came up with a small gun in his right hand at e which point he must’ve said something like “get out and pop the trunk” she complied and most police will say she did right but I don’t think I could get in a trunk I probably would’ve fought.

    • Daniela

      I agree with you Alice. I don’t know why she didn’t stomp the pedal right away.

  • AnthonyCumia

    Dude looks like Chris Brown lulz

  • ahooper

    What’s wrong with people these days, I would of ran over his ass! Get a freak in job asshole .he would have gotten way hurt if she would of stomped on the gas! Never put ur car on park and always look around!don’t go at 3am.

  • kab10

    Never go to the second location if your going to shoot m great do it here so family can at least find my body

  • progun49

    Too fucking bad she didnt have a gun and blow the scumbags brains out!!!!

  • simone blue

    If only she could have punched it and smashed him then backed up and ran back over him

  • Memem

    I am so willing to share post in order to give him a standing ovation for not commuting murder. So the victim paid for their own ransom where is the real gratitude. Yeah I know I know what others may think. But in reality this should be a minimum sentence for life conservation, for not inflicting body harm or sexual assault.

  • Why did she sit there so long? If I have to use an ATM at night, I get as close to the atm as possible and get done as quickly as possible.

  • lesly

    OMG are you guys serious? A crime is a crime an each person reacts different…

  • mirella gomez

    Wow ,I could say I will do this and that…But seriously when that happens to me I freeze….

  • Superfan ( of Atlanta )

    I’ve never been at a ATM for as long as she was, it’s like she was waiting to get robbed. Looks like she was there for almost 1.5 minutes.

  • The Judge

    says the suspect is black…looks like a Dominican to me…a Julio

  • Matt Kernes

    You people realize this was a hoax right?

  • Fermin Santa Cruz

    I would of rolled over that mofoka wit a quikness and been GHOST

  • Kit Ten

    What the hell is a woman stopping at 3am, by herself at an ATM?? I would
    have stomped the gas, he would have had his damn arm ripped off!

  • Deana Copas

    You know… trying to run from someone that has you at gun point is a fast way to get yourself killed. So her “walking into the trunk” saved her life.

  • Staycee

    I kept thinking the same things most of you guys were.. But you’ve got to remember we are watching a video that doesn’t stream straight through.. It freezes, it shows still photos every second or so.. This event happened a lot faster than how it looks watching this video. Her car was in park. He would’ve noticed her make the sudden move to throw it in drive. Good possibility he may have panicked and shot her. He would’ve had a good, close shot on her and could have killed her. I think she did what was right for her in that moment. She did walk away from this incident.