Man in Florida Accidentally Kills Friend While Acting Out Rap Lyrics

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Rodney Patrick, 22, of Merritt Island, Florida faces 25 years to life on charges of manslaughter, tampering with evidence, and possession of a controlled substance when he allegedly fired a handgun at his girlfriend’s younger brother while acting out lyrics to the Wacka Flocka song ‘Bustin At ‘Em.’

WKMG of Orlando obtained a 911 call in which Patrick claims to the operator that he had handed his gun to 17-year-old Douglas Winslow and that Winslow shot himself in the head. In the call a remorseful Patrick says “I’m so stupid… He just wanted to see it because he just thought it was so cool.” The Brevard County Sheriff’s Office, however, have a different account of the senseless tragedy. They say “The investigation determined that the two men were at the residence listening to music when Patrick picked up the firearm, which he thought was not loaded and started acting out the lyrics of the song, which included pointing the firearm at the victim when it discharged, killing the victim.”

In case you’re wondering, Wacka Flocka’s first sentence in the song is “Shoot first, ask questions last.

  • ReliableMoth

    How can someone be so stupid? Whether you think a gun is loaded or not you never hold it to someone’s head and you never pull the trigger.
    And then for Patrick to try to cover his own ass?

  • foxworth

    It was just last week when a Florida woman shot and killed her boyfriend with a gun that she thought was unloaded. She had removed the clip, but, there was one in the chamber. How do you save people from the stupidity of others? Neither of these men deserved to die because their friends have the intelligence of sea slugs (I honestly should not insult sea slugs.). It is not a difficult lesson, there is no such thing as an unloaded gun, ever!