Mom Throws Knives At Teenage Son Because He Ate Her Leftover Pork Chops


On Friday, Yolanda Veasley had cooked and packaged four pork chops for later meals; unfortunately, her teenage son ate three of them—and then lied about it—which infuriated the Dayton woman.

In fact, she became SO enraged, she started throwing knives at the 15-year-old boy.

The teen said his mom had been drinking, but her aim didn’t suffer because she managed to clip his thumb and cut it open.

The teen’s aunt drove him to Good Samaritan Hospital, which is where his injury was stitched up and told authorities about the attack.

When police arrived at Veasley’s home, they saw a 12-inch-long knife covered with dried blood stains in the sink. Next to it on the counter was a white towel drenched with additional blood stains.

Veasley told officers she started throwing the sharp utensils after her son knocked her down; though, when police said his behavior didn’t justify the attack, she said, “Yeah, you’re right.”

The knife-throwing mom was booked into the Montgomery County Jail on suspicious of felonious assault. She’s scheduled to appear back in court on Monday.

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Photo: Dayton Police

  • PeterPat

    I hate this. When my kids used to eat up stuff i saved for later, i used to say another one bites the dust! My rule was to eat it, just don’t waste it. He is a growing boy!

  • Cheyenne

    A 15 year old boy eats like a vacuum cleaner. If you don’t want him to eat it, eat it yourself.

  • Jessica<3

    The horrible people some children have to grow up with! No wonder our youth is turning out the way they are!!!

  • Tamara Walker

    Tuh…I feel like that when my grown daughters keep going in my room borrowing stuff without asking…

    • Deborah Jones


  • Guest

    lacknof any sense

  • Keith

    Why is that women going bald, is she a meth head? that would explain a lot.

  • Michelle Upton

    To be fair, the little piglet ate 3 of the 4 she’d saved. I’d have handled it differently maybe , but that’s none of my business

    • Ceci

      Who knows what else might have been going on in their household? Maybe she only let him eat sparingly. Maybe in their house it’s eat while you get the chance or starve (that’s how it was in my ex-brother-in-law’s house).

  • Richie Himes

    I’ll toss this in the crack of your ass!


    Bad parenting, thank god I have a good mom

  • Guest

    The Nutty Professor- Grandma Klump: I’ll toss this between the crack of your ass.

  • Ceci

    The problem I have with this is that once this POS gets out on bail, she will probably retain custody of her 15 yo and he will still live with her. She’s obviously unstable.