Couple Engage In Oral Sex Live On Stage At Dead Kennedys Concert

SoCal fans of Dead Kennedys got more than a raucous punk rock show at the Belly Up Tavern in Solana Beach when they witnessed a couple engaging in oral sex live onstage.

A group of stunned witnesses took photos and videos of the unnamed woman who decided to lay back on the raised platform, fully nude, while her male companion took a swim in her lady pool.

While no official complaint has been made against the PDA pair, the sheriff’s department told a local news station that they could face charges due to PC 314, “which states that any person who exposes his or herself in a public place can face a misdemeanor if others are ‘offended or annoyed.'”

In the meantime, the venue released a statement, saying they’ve never had such an incident occur at the club before and they definitely don’t condone the attendees’ lewd behavior.

According to one witness, security did nothing to stop the sex act; however, the couple ended up being escorted out of the concert.

The members of Dead Kennedys have yet to comment on the whole oral ordeal.

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Photo: ABC 10


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