Serial “Hair Masturbator” Arrested For Giving Unwanted Haircut At Dollar Tree


A convicted serial masturbator is back behind bars after getting caught cutting a woman’s hair in the Dollar Tree checkout line.

Jared Walter was only out of prison three weeks before getting arrested again this past Tuesday.

According to mall security who saw the incident go down, the 27-year-old followed a female customer around the store and then chopped her coif while standing behind her in line.

Oddly enough, this isn’t the first time Walter has been accused of such a crime. In May 2013, he pleaded guilty to ejaculating onto a woman’s hair while riding on a TriMet bus. (At least this time his penis wasn’t involved.)

When Walter addressed the courtroom in his most recent offense, he said, “I just want to say I’m sorry. I hurt a lot of people: the victims, my family, myself, their family. I want help — I just don’t know how to get it.”

The rebel hair stylist was sentenced to two years in prison, plus five years probation, which he broke with his newest crime.

Walter will reappear in court on February 26.

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Photo: KOIN

  • Nate

    Gee. If I were in charge, guys like this would have had their clippers permanently removed, if you get my drift. And if you dont, GOD help you.

    • Jara Matthews

      Thank god you arent in charge.

      • Nate

        So you are into this type of behavior?. Does your parents know this?.

        • ellie

          no, they’re probably just into humane punishment. not forcibly giving people vasectomies doesn’t mean she encourages this behavior, you are ridiculous lol

          • DortyGrl

            Humane punishment? Really? This man was just released 3 weeks prior with humane treatment and yet he’s already back at his sick ass $hit!

          • ellie

            i dont think you really understood the comment sorry

          • ellie

            i dont see how a vasectomy will solve all his problems…

  • Jara Matthews

    Prison is the WORST place they could send him. That idiot judge is creating a criminal.
    He should have been sentenced to a psyche facility. He obviously has a problem.
    How much of her hair did he cut off?
    Thats pretty tragic

    • Zarah Braun

      well that is assault the last woman he ejaculated in her hair. which is sexual assault. this guy needs both mental help and jail time! being mentally ill should never be a get out of jail free card!

      • Jara Matthews

        If its legit it should be.
        Jail is not for punishing. Punishment is not man’s domain. It is Gods.
        Jail exists solely to protect the public from threat and hopefully to rehabilitate. That’s it.
        If someone truly has a legitimate mental problem they havent done anything wrong anyway.
        You should explore the Norwegian prison system.
        In norway, they love their prisoners. The result…. everyone is rehabilitated. They have the lowest return rate in the worldm substantially. Their return rate is 6%. The average is 50something% So theyre obviously doing something right if literally 1/10 as many offenders repeat arrest compared to us.
        For them, jails are luxury apartments. Internet, bigscreen tv, full kitchen.
        Intensive therapy, massages twice a week.
        The massages are a huge part of it. Theyre being touched. Loved. Given physical affection. In the documentary, you see this new prisoner freaking out. Doesnt want them touching him. He’s angry, pissed off… then a few months later hes a totally different person. Relaxed, balanced, healthy. His mind has returned to normal, he knows what hes done and hes ready to live again.
        Norway isnt a capitalist country that is dependent upon people being criminals to keep the money system flowing like us. They also have the worlds lowest crime rate.
        The solution to prison has been discovered.
        Interesting they wont implement the same system.
        If crimimals rehabilitated, theyd become educated and America is dependent upon 1/3 the people being uneducated. Thats why its expensive. So those on those on the inside stay on the inside. A handful of poor people get lucky and have it paid for so they can say its possible if you try and theyre absolved of responsibility.
        Come to think of it…
        If anyone belongs in prison, its the people who created and uphold the system, not the individuals who are victim of it….Especially if they are legitimately ill, likely the result of the imbalanced system.

        • ellie

          god i agree entirely! prisons hardly ever rehabilitate people, sending someone who already has a mental illness to a place like that will just make it worse. he needs psychiatric help, he needs to rehabilitate his sex addiction first. going to prison makes a criminal worse, in reality, especially with harsh probation requirements. really, the point of jail is supposed to decriminalize people, to rehabilitate them. not shove them into tiny cells, take away their freedom, force unsanitary and unsafe conditions upon them, and then expect them to operate as a normal citizen when they hit the outside. people don’t understand prison unless they’ve had experience. trust me – it creates monsters out of criminals.

        • Julie Anne Olsen

          Well said! I live in Norway. I grew up in the United States. The people over here have compassion and empathize with humans. No matter the crime. Rehabilitation is the answer and if not then mental health help. Locking people away from society in solitary confinement only breeds animal behavior. Who would want to live next door to someone who just got out from a life in prison as in the United States? Not me! But I ride the bus every day with prisoners heading to work or back. No fear.

  • Michelle Noble

    i agree with nate men who do sexual crimes no matter what they are need there dicks cut off. jara i must say jail probably isnt the nicest place to be but i bet its a whole lot nicer than a psychiatric facility.besides a guy who breaks the law who isnt mentaly ill deserves jail.

    • Yoloh

      It’s the mentally ill that pass for normal people (like you) that really scare me. Cutting people’s dicks off is not a solution to sexual crimes, also what about those wrongly accused and wrongly get their dicks cut off scenarios? What if that was your son? You are hilariously ignorant.

      • ellie

        right? wanting to cut peoples’ dicks off is just a convenient outlet for you to vent your sadistic desires. that goes for most people who are gung-ho about the death penalty

  • @DarkGuru:-)

    That is the wierdest shit i ever heard

  • Richgeana White


  • jezoebel

    Creepier Thin Man.

  • Bernadette Marquand Simpleman

    Wow lock him up ppl like this don’t change they may act good 4 awhile but eventually they do it again thankfully he was caught

  • Swen.Ardere

    Why isn’t he detained in a mental institution? Jail will do nothing to help him. He needs medication, therapy, and supervision.

  • steve

    Reminds me of a Charlies angels thing

  • Braden Rickey

    Jack of all trades?