Woman Could Spend 5 Years Behind Bars For Drowning A Puppy In An Airport Toilet

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UPDATE: 56-year-old Cynthia Anderson plead no contest to drowning a puppy in an airport bathroom. The Floridian now faces up to five years in prison on felony chargers. The sentencing for her conviction of cruel neglect of an animal, resulting in its death, is scheduled for July 30. Do you think she should serve the maximum five years?

A 56-year-old woman was arrested and charged with a felony count of animal cruelty after a Doberman puppy was found drowned in the toilet of a Nebraska airport bathroom.

According to police, Cynthia Anderson of Edgewater, Florida tried to board a plane last Thursday with three uncaged puppies, as well as two older dogs, but was turned away because the puppies were deemed too young to fly and were not properly kennelled. She then reappeared the following day and tried to board a plane with the two mature dogs while concealing one of the puppies in her carry-on. Denied once again, Anderson allegedly went to the bathroom and drowned the puppy.

A police officer responding to the incident reported “On my arrival I learned a 3 week old puppy had been drowned in the toilet after a woman tried 3 times to get it on the plane.”

Anderson, who has a significant rap sheet, remains in jail.

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  • Kathryn Sliwinski Brandys

    Is it too much to hope that her cellie likes to drown people in the toilet in prison? If you can do that to a 3 week old puppy what would you do to a child that was inconvenient to you?

    What happened to the other two puppies????

    • Ceci

      Another article said that her parents took two of the puppies after she was stopped from boarding the plane the first time.

  • KatienJoel Rushing

    This makes me sick. Hope she gets the shit beat out of her and then drowned her. How could anyone hurt a puppy their like newborn babies so precious and sweet and loveable. I’d kill someone over Dino. It don’t matter how old he gets he’s my baby!

    • Patrice Ward

      And u will go to jail for murdering someone over a dog

      • lisa


      • northdakotalover

        Only if she gets caught Patrice 😉

        • Valerie Fernandez

          Exactly!! No body, no crime..!! Lol

      • northdakotalover

        Only if she gets caught Patrice 😉

      • Teri Elmer


  • David Sieradzki

    She should join Michael Vick in a jail cell

  • Ilica Cook Carlton

    And Florida is once again in this horrendous story. I hope she is never able to touch another animal again. In truth she’s the animal.

    • Susan Gorg

      Florida seems to breed evil people

      • lisa

        Yes indeed Lol

      • Ilica Cook Carlton

        I live in FL and I am shocked by this reoccurring theme. Not everyone in FL is crazy but I am grateful to not have encountered any of these animals.

      • Kelly Ann Wood Phillips

        I live in Florida and I’m not evil matter of fact I rescue animals
        long hours and no pay not all people in Florida are evil

    • Sharky75

      All humans beings are animals.

  • Sandy Alford Gainey


  • Mark L Parkey

    Keep her stupid ass there.

  • Karl N Karissa Crofts

    Sick fuck, hope you drown some day

  • avon

    WHY? Nevermind she’s from Florida….That state is cursed with crazy people

  • Dudley Perez Jr

    Drown the bitch. That is she needs

  • Peach69

    Hope sumone thrown her in the bathroom jail.not enough room for her.u Witch

  • Margaret Wagstaff

    I truly hate people like her!! She could have just let them go… And said they weren’t hers. Jerk! Hope she stays in jail!

    • Valerie Fernandez

      Just give it to someone else, someone outside..!! And nobody heard anything? Airport bathrooms are always filled with people.. :/

  • Maggi Martin

    Why was she not locked up she’d been committing crimes and getting slaps on the wrist. She shoulda done been locked up maybe then that puppy wouldn’t be dead.

  • Ceci

    She’s a career criminal who keeps getting probation for her sh*t instead of doing real time. Maybe actual time in jail and counseling might help her.

  • SmP

    Negligence that resulted in death? I’m no expert, but seems to me that drowning a dog in a toilet isn’t just negligence, it’s murder.

  • Bill Goodwin

    1) Florida.. (Nuff said)
    2) Burn her at the stake

  • Swishmeister

    Karma will take of this despicable person, and the sooner the better.

  • W8post

    for starters, you don’t carry around 3 week old puppies; puppies can travel after 10weeks.THEN you should accommodate them properly so they’re able to fly. She should not be jailed; fine her and make her work in an animal care center for an amount of time.

  • martibrew

    She looks like a meth head

  • Dawn Smith Stackalis

    She needs to serve more than 5 years. She should should an average of what the dogs lifespan would have been!!

  • Shelley Matzelt Samples

    No, she shouldn’t go to jail. Fine her and give her community service.

    • Chris Hogan

      Serial killers start out on animals. It was a living domestic creature she should do some hail time dummy

  • Candance

    Drown her! Hope she likes swirlies in prison! People like this reconfirm my stance on the death penalty.

  • cyndi

    OMG! How horribly sad is this! This lady could have contacted the local spca to help place the puppy. She could have asked if anyone wanted a puppy. She could have done a hundred other things………..but instead planned and executed drowning a helpless puppy. Drowning is not a quick death so all this time while she held its helpless head under water she still had time to stop and re think what she was doing, and she didn’t. I think she deserves several years in jail and several years of serving dogs at the spca. Despicable!