6 Of The Most Disturbing Pieces Of Evidence In The Slender Man Stabbing Case


A court in Waukesha, Wisconsin is hearing evidence on whether two 12-year-old girls who allegedly stabbed a classmate 19 times and left her in the woods to die to impress Slender Man, will stand trial as adults. While they have already been found competent to stand trial, the court is trying to weigh the ages of the girls against the severity of the crime to determine where the trial will take place.

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As part of the evidence presented, David Janisch–a private investigator for the Geyser family–discussed what he found when he looked through Morgan Geyser’s bedroom. The items were disturbing, and left the family stunned.

The court saw images of some of the disturbing evidence. Here are a few of the most upsetting exhibits:


1. A  sketch of the Slender Man laughing and telling the viewer to “run.”


2. A sketch of a girl standing over a dead body with a knife, featuring a thought bubble that says, “I love killing people!”


3. An “I Want To DIE!!!!” doodle.


4. A drawing of a girl hugging Slender Man.


5. A number of mutilated Barbie dolls. Some were missing hands, several were marked for stabbings and all in some manner carried the symbol of the Slender Man character:


6. An alleged list of supplies needed to carry out the stabbing.

Other drawings included a girl with a knife, asking for a way to escape her own mind, as well as numerous sketches of the Slender Man’s eyeless face. As if that weren’t enough, Deborah Collins, a psychologist who examined the girls, told the court all about Geyser’s inability to tell fantasy from reality.

Geyser was diagnosed as schizophrenic, a mental illness that carries hallucinations as one of its symptoms. Geyser reportedly refused to take medication. According to Collins’ testimony, Geyser holds an intense belief that she has relationships with the characters from Harry Potter, and that Voldemort is real. Geyser believed so intently in Slenderman that she was convinced her family would be in danger if she did not carry out the stabbing.

A decision on whether the girls will be tried as adults is expected on March 13. If tried as an adult, there is no word yet on whether a mental illness defense will be used for Geyser.

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