7 Outrageous Criminals Caught Red Handed By Surveillance Cameras

With their eyes always watching, surveillance cameras tend to catch some unusual moments and people. From creepy to funny, here are a few outrageous individuals who were caught red-handed on home surveillance cameras.

1. The Naked Cowboy

Last year, Johns Creek, Ga. had a strange series of burglary offenses caught on tape. The home surveillance videos star a man named Ashdon Gibbs breaking into homes wearing nothing but a cowboy hat on his head, helping himself to families’ food and beer, watching TV, listening to Elvis, and wearing their clothing. “I’m trying to be the president but y’all won’t let me be,” says Gibbs while in police custody. We can only wonder if anyone ever told him he was supposed to dress for the job he wants.

2. The Webcam Witness

Can you imagine helplessly watching your home being invaded? That’s what happened to this Florida woman who caught these burglars from her webcam surveillance system while away at work. Luckily, one phone call was all it took to save her possessions, pets, and peace-of-mind.

3. An Attempt To App-rehend

World News Videos | ABC World News

In another instance of live-action burglary footage, a Washington couple watched a criminal break in from the palm of their hands using a new Dropcam camera and phone app they had installed to keep tabs on their dogs while on vacation. Police arrived on the scene and the perpetrator was quick to drop his loot and escape.

4. The Puppy Thief

We’ve all heard the term cat burglar, but perhaps need to coin a new phrase for this San Antonio theft of two pit bull puppies named Deuce and Daisy. “I want my dogs back,” says the victim who also laments neighbors are worried this puppy thief may be responsible for other recent crimes in the area. The entire K9 caper was caught on home surveillance.

5. The Real-Life Grinch

This criminal’s heart seems to have been two sizes too small this holiday season, as surveillance footage shows him ripping off a family’s newly attached holiday lights in Davis, California. Unfortunately, he’s not the only real-life Grinch as surveillance cameras across the country catch desperate criminals with their own War on Christmas stealing blow up decorations and packages on doorsteps during the holiday season. Bah humbug!

6. The Baby Monitor Meddler

Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV

A family in Hebron, Ky. installed a baby monitor to keep an eye on their sweetly-sleeping baby. That is, until one day when mother, Heather Schreck was woken in the night to a stranger’s voice yelling “Wake up, baby! Wake up, baby!” at her daughter. The baby’s father ran into the child’s room and was then verbally assaulted by this same strange voice as the camera now panned onto his face before quickly unplugging the hacked camera system.

7. The Cradle Robber

Having your home invaded is horrifying enough as it is. But when that home invader is inside your sleeping child’s room, the intrusion becomes personal in the scariest way. In another example of baby monitor surveillance, we see this creepy burglar revisiting the child’s room multiple times and staring into the baby’s crib while shining a flashlight down upon the sleeping infant.

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