8 Infamous Moments When Celebrities Wished The Cameras Weren’t Rolling

Most of these well-known individuals are no strangers to the limelight. They just weren’t quite ready for the camera during these questionable moments. Whether caught by surveillance cameras or sneaky smartphones, these videos serve as a reminder to always be on your best behavior.

1. Ray Rice & Janay Palmer

Certainly no one has forgotten the not-so-loving embrace Raven’s running back, Ray Rice offered his then-fiancé (now-wife), Janay Palmer in the elevator of an Atlantic City Hotel last year. The knock-out punch, caught on camera in February, didn’t reach the public until September, sparking outrage across the country.

2. Solange & Jay-Z

It would appear that angry celebrities gravitate towards elevators to unleash their inner demons. Singer Solange Knowles certainly had a bone to pick with brother-in-law Jay-Z when they got into an elevator together at Met Gala afterparty in Manhattan last May. Surveillance tapes give us a look at the hitting, kicking, purse-slinging attack, eventually requiring security restraint.

3. Jaime Lynn Spears

Not all celebrities elevate conflict. Some, like Jamie Lynn Spears, try to break it down—albeit with extreme measures like knife-wielding threats. In this security camera footage, we see younger sister of notorious Britney Spears, grabbing a knife from behind the sandwich counter to break up quarrel at a Louisiana Pita Pit.

4. Rob Lowe

Hollywood heartthrob, Rob Lowe isn’t without his own camera-fueled scandals. In 1988, the actor found himself in the company of two young women—one particularly young at 16 years of age—in an Atlanta hotel. Things got intimate between the three of them but in the morning, both the women and the recording of the night were gone. When the video went public, Lowe’s reputation was tarnished with rumors and legal trouble from the youngest woman’s mother.

5. Marion Barry

Marion Barry served as the Mayor of the District of Columbia for most of the eighties and was quite popular. What else was popular in the eighties? Crack cocaine. When Mayor Barry was caught smoking the drug on surveillance at the Vista Hotel during a DC police sting operation, he was immediately arrested and forced to spend six months in federal prison for his crimes.

6. Rob Ford

There must be something about the pressures of being mayor that drives people to the sweet relief of hard drugs. In yet another instance of a local politician smoking crack, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was recorded multiple times smoking, drinking, yelling, making threats, and displaying general belligerence in public. His antics were widely reported on and eventually landed him in a drug rehabilitation facility.

7. Rodney King

Our society is no stranger these days to news of racial tension and police brutality. But one of the most iconic recent cases is that of Rodney King whose beating at the hands of LA police was caught on camera from the balcony of a man nearby. The video and subsequent acquittals in court resulted in outrage and riots in LA and major cities across the country.

8. Aaron Hernandez

This former New England Patriot has been up to no good, being arrested in connection with the murder of Odin Lloyd in 2013 as well as for a double homicide in 2012. His own home security cameras kept him anything but secure from the law, portraying Hernandez, gun in hand, just moments before and after Lloyd was shot dead. The footage was recently played in court and used as evidence of his guilt.

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