Man Who Ripped Another Man’s Heart Out And Ate It To “Prove He Wasn’t Gay” Admits He Went Too Far

Last year, Andrew Chimboza allegedly murdered a man, ripped out his heart and ate it just to prove he wasn’t gay.

Yes, really.

As to be expected, the 35-year-old South African man was arrested and charged with the murder of 62-year-old Mbuyiselo Manona.

Chimboza, who ran a window tinting business, claimed he acted in self-defense after Manona allegedly attacked him and accused him of sleeping with his girlfriend.

That’s when the suspect snapped, took out a knife and slit his throat. Chimboza then stabbed the man repeatedly before chopping out the victim’s heart and watching him bleed to death.

The Daily Mail reports that Chimboza confessed to police that he gouged out Mr. Manona’s heart and ate it “to show him that I am not gay.”  

We can’t say that we understand that logic, considering that the victim thought Chimboza was having an affair with this girlfriend. But that’s OK, we don’t want to understand.

During a recent court appearance, Chimboza apologized to the victim’s family for his actions, saying, “I am sorry for what I have done and I have genuine remorse.” He explained that he chopped out the victim’s heart because it was “full of hatred and jealousy.” Chimboza finished by telling the court, “I do not know why I ate [his heart] and I accept my actions were wrong and exceeded the boundaries of self-defense.”

Chimboza claims that he doesn’t remember the heart-eating incident because he was in a “shocked state.”

Unfortunately for the defendant there were plenty of witnesses there who saw the grizzly act of cannibalism.

Prosecutor Jacqueline Sibiya said, “Because the removal of the heart was not the cause of death per se, it does not therefore have too much bearing on the plea of murder. It is nonetheless very disturbing.”

We certainly agree.

Chimboza faces life in prison for murder without premeditation.

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  • ReliableMoth

    “We can’t say that we understand that logic, considering that the victim thought Chimboza was having an affair with this girlfriend. But that’s OK, we don’t want to understand.”
    Crimefeed, we do want to understand… what a bizarre story.

    • Frank Young

      you want to know why, you want to understand why? What for so you or someone else can make sure it never happens again…………. Right

      • pneumonoultramicroscopicsilico

        Whoa there sparky… i would like to understand as well. It’s just bizarre And unheard of. Even if we were told, there’s no way a normal person can fathom the answer.

        • Frank Young

          Evil now do you understand? it it all around, it is definitely not unheard of. I could go on but it might get personal. The name is Frank not sparky OK…………

          • Cris Schedin

            Seriously Evil is what you jump to? I would think mental instability. Why are you so defensive any way Frank? It’s not like you did it.

          • Frank Young

            Well I am definitely not defensive about it I just don’t see any need to understand why someone would do that, you can’t stop it from happening again.And saying it is mental illness just give the person an excuse and shifts the blame. Just a thought would you say ISIS is mentally unstable or pure evil.

          • Cris Schedin

            You seem pretty defensive about it. By simply stating you are not defensive in itself is a bit defensive. Oh and actually yes you can stop it from happening again if you understand why it happened in the first place, criminal profilers do that all the time. Also if it is a mental illness then it may have been prevented with medicine. Define evil first. ISIS sure it is a really messed up religious sect, but hey there is still always Scientology and neo-nazis too. Seriously how are you comparing the acts of one random person against the acts of an organized state of a shit ton of people? Besides this is what a lot of these people were raised believing and you only know what your taught or what you choose to learn.

          • Frank Young

            Tell me what fairy tale land you live in. How many like cases have taken place before this one that has been investigated and investigated, it hasn’t stopped it from happening again and it won’t. Criminal profilers can only do there job after something like this happens to help catch the person responsible not before. Besides every time something happens that shocks the human skykey it is always the same line ” We need to fine out what and why this happen so we can make sure it never happens again. And I stand by my statement Evil is all around us as is good. ISIS was only one example.Now close your eyes an click your heals three times and say theres no place like home theres no place like home, goodnight Dorothy

          • Cris Schedin

            I don’t know what the human “skykey” is but I’m familiar with the human psyche though, and I think that’s what you meant to say at least I hope so as skykey does not fit at all into the conversation or any where. You are right I’m starting to see the evil all around oh wait no that’s just you and your incredibly thick skull. It is very apparent that you are not even slightly open minded or willing to acknowledge other opinions that conflict your own. Honestly I think you should check your ego and have a doctor check your psyche.

          • Frank Young

            Is that the best you can do, attack my spelling. I’m 67 years old I don’t have to be open minded anymore. If you can not stay on subject then I guess it’s time to say goodbye Dorothy

      • ReliableMoth

        Because you moron, I enjoy learning about psychology

        • Frank Young

          Well Reliable Moth if your a wannabe psychologist you need to work on your bedside manners dickhead

          • Cris Schedin

            Wow why are you all over this article? Seriously before trying to tell someone else that they need to work on anything, try working on your grammar first. It makes you seem a bit emotional and uneducated otherwise. FYI.

          • ReliableMoth


  • ScarlettFeverr

    You meant grisly, not grizzly. Bears were not involved.

    • TheTundraTerror

      As far as we know!

  • Marc Ellett

    Well, he WAS told to eat his heart out