Drunk, Pantsless Man Gets Stuck In Air Shaft In Pursuit Of Irresistible Smelling Soup

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Emergency personnel in Russia were called to free a man who had become stuck in a ventilation shaft after he had clambered inside because he was trying to find a soup that to him was irresistible.

A drunk (of course) Ivan Ozerov, 31, of Western Siberia, smelled a neighbor’s soup from the hallway of their 10-floor apartment building and was compelled to track the source of the smell that overpowered him. He followed the scent to a ventilation shaft, went in head-first, and then got stuck, but not before his pants fell, or rather rose, to his ankles.

Said Vladimir Prisyazhnykh, head of the rescue team “The shaft width is about 40 centimeters (about 16 inches). This size corresponds to a 14-year-old, but is not suitable for an adult.”

As you can see in the video below, workers had to bust through a wall, where the first bit of Ozerov they encountered was his bare bottom, much to the amusement of onlookers.

Whatever soup it was Crime Feed recommends that Ozerov have the traditional Russian Kidney Pickle Soup as apparently it is great for hangovers.

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