Paris Hilton’s Younger Brother Faces Up To 20 Years In Prison For Epic In-Flight Temper Tantrum


Just when you thought the world was free from the Hiltons, a new family member pops up to cause trouble.

A criminal complaint has been filed against Conrad Hilton III (left), Paris and Nicky’s younger brother, stemming from an incident that happened aboard a flight from London to Los Angeles in July 2014.

According to reports, the 20-year-old flew into “one tirade after another” throughout the 11-hour flight.

Not only did his misbehavior hold up the airplane’s in-flight beverage service because he wouldn’t get out of the aisle, but Hilton is also accused of attempting to punch a male flight attendant in the face.

Oh, he also threatened the flight’s co-pilot, too, saying, “If you wanna square up to me bro, then bring it on and I will f**king fight you.”


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Fed up with the commotion, the co-pilot tried to give him a “final written warning,” which witnesses saw Hilton tear up, saying, “My father will pay this out, he has done it before. Dad paid $300,000 last time.”

Hilton appeared in court on Tuesday and admitted to intimidating some of the flight’s crew members.

He was released on $100,000 bond—which is less than half of what sister Paris paid for her pink Bentley Continental GT—and is set to appear back in court in March.

If convicted on charges of interfering with flight crew members, Conrad faces up to 20 years in prison.

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Photo, Conrad Hilton circa 2008: AP /Matt Sayles, File

  • ReliableMoth

    What a little bitch. He needs to spend time behind bars, bring him back into reality but of course that will never happen because he’s right, his daddy will pay.

  • Euphoria

    son of c*nts

  • Nina Bates

    Good, toss his bitch ass in there with a bar of soap on the rope…

  • Mari Garza

    Yeah right. 20 years my eye. Lol. If any time it’ll be in a cushy place where he’ll receive treatment then given probation.

  • Veronica Dunn

    There will be no conviction because of the little bitches name

  • Georgia Hillstrom

    about time he gets a reality check it is hard to work as flight attendant on any flight let alone with these rich spoiled kids out of control his parents need to quit bailing him out

  • Jara Matthews

    Omfg!!! we all know 20 years in jail is ludicrous, BUT
    throwing that vain little douchebag in the pokey for a solid year is EXACTLY what he needs to turn his head around.
    Just county.
    But one year.

    • Pam Katcher

      I agree with you, Jara. Conrad does need to serve time. He needs to be punished for his actions. If it were, you or I in his shoes, we’d already held accountable.

      • Jara Matthews

        Clearly he has a mental disorder. He doesnt understand reality. He sees the masses as some kind of pathetic, inhuman joke. He also doesnt understand money. Some people may be for sale, but there are people who arent brainwashed by society that cant be bought because they DO no better, not because theyre brainwashed to believe in a false sense of morality.
        He is a spiteful little pissant that thinks he was born into privilege because hes special.
        He has no concept.
        its gonna take 20 years to turn him into a decent person.
        Being sent to jail for a year and find that hes cut off when he gets out is a start.
        Cut off.
        Rent an apartment and pay 2 months rent. Tell him the rest is up to him. if he winds up homeless, so be it.
        But the truth is,
        Becuz of his name he could make money more easily than u or i.
        But at least hell do it himself.

        • Pam Katcher

          I agree with you again. You hit onto a big word….cut! Cut off from family money. Sure, send him to prison for a couple of years. When he gets out, set him up with an apartment. Two months, cut him off entirely like you said. Work…no more hand outs! You’re a smart cookie!!!

        • Pam Katcher

          Sure he has a mental disorder, he has no concept of what life is or what the laws are. The Hilton name has given this kid no value of money. I put the blame on his parents and ancestors that made him what he is today. It’s sad when you really stop to think about it. I really don’t think the Hilton family is going to allow for any stiff sentence, or any jail time at all. They will probably allow a probation period, and will pay off a stiff fine.

  • CathynGary Migliorati

    they would LOVE him in prison, he’s “purty”

    • Pam Katcher

      You’re right, if Conrad did go to prison, it would be open season on the “new guy”. It’s sad but this does happen. Bend over and smile type of thing.

  • Pam Katcher

    That is the problem being born in the rich and famous. The kids are spoiled and raised to believe that they are better than the little people that have to work and earn a living. It would be nice to have one person that has been raised like this, to be held accountable for their actions. I agree he should be convicted of the crime, and serve time for his actions. I’m not implying that he should get twenty years, but maybe serving two years would wake him up. It may set an example for others that are in the limelight so to speak.

  • LM

    nothing will happen to him just like his jailbird older sister

    • Pam Katcher

      I agree with you on that! I don’t understand why people that have money, or a mommy and daddy that’s rich, get off of whatever crime they committed. The laws should be for everyone. Like OJ….what a crock! We common folk would be imprisoned indefinitely if we had pulled a stunt like that on an airline.

  • I don’t care about muricans. that’s just the way they are.