Eyes On You: How Many Times Are You Caught On Surveillance Cameras Per Day?

Smile! You’re On Camera.

An average American citizen can be caught on camera more than 75 times a day. You probably don’t even notice it happening. From your neighbor’s home surveillance, to traffic cameras, to hidden lenses in the office elevator—tracking your whereabouts isn’t hard with the recent advancements in surveillance technology.

The next time you leave your house, keep an eye out for the eyes that are watching you. You might be surprised what you find.



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  • Photo’s By James

    You don’t have to worry about Cameras if you’re NOT doing anything wrong but at the same time it is disconcerting that we are being monitored Globally 365 day’s a year, every minute of every day, I noticed a lot of people also find it disturbing but yet post their life and all they do on Social media, You can drop off the so called Grid if you’d like to but for all of you Media Social creatures it would take all long time and still will not be able to erase everything you’ve posted due to shares and reposting by those you know and don’t know, Everyone leaves a Digital footprint and it is nothing like the old days when all you left on the beach is your footprint.