Family Arrested For Planning Fake Kidnapping To Teach 6-Year-Old A Lesson


There are appropriate ways to teach your child a lesson, and there are wildly inappropriate ways.

Such is the case for a Missouri family who claims they staged a horrifying, fake kidnapping. plot to teach their 6-year-old a lesson about stranger danger. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office told Fox 2 says the family thought the young boy was being “too nice” to strangers.

Sometime before February 2, authorities said they learned 38-year-old Denise Kroutil (bottom left) spoke with a co-worker who is identified as 23-year-old Nathan Firoved (top right) and asked if he would consider a fake kidnapping to “scare” her nephew.

Police say the child’s mother, 25-year-old Elizabeth Hupp (top left) and his grandmother, 58-year-old Rose Brewer (bottom left) not only agreed, but they were on board with this frightening lesson says Fox 2.

On Monday, Fox 2 says Firoved watched and waited for the 6-year-old to be dropped off at school, and he sprung into action. Somehow Firoved lured the child into his vehicle and took off down the road.

During the scary ride for the child, Firoved reportedly told him a few things, the first that he would never see his mother again. He is also accused of binding the child’s feet and hands with plastic bags and covering his face. He also said the little boy would be “nailed to the wall of shed,” reports Fox 2.

In addition, during this ordeal, the child was not only scared for his life, but he was crying. Reports say Firoved allegedly pulled out a gun and threatened to harm the boy.

The little boy had no idea where he was going, but he did end up in the basement of his own home and the alleged torture went on for at least four hours. “Kroutil, the boy’s aunt, walked down into the basement, pulled the victim’s pants down, and began shouting that he could be sold into sex slavery. She also allegedly chastised the child for not trying to resist her or Firoved,” reports Fox 2.

The ruse was up when the little boy told his school what happened the next day. He was reportedly moved from the home and placed into protective custody.

Three of the group including Brewer, Kroutil and Firoved are all facing a number of charges including kidnapping, felonious restraint and abuse/neglect of a child.

Fox 2 says Hupp, the boy’s mom, is facing charges of kidnapping and abuse/neglect of a child.

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  • Jessica<3

    I kind of understand what these people were trying to get across to the little boy but seriously went about it the wrong way!! They are very unstable ppl if they can torment a child they are suppose to love this way!

    • calmedcooled

      Right. I get that they love him … but you’re right…they’re unstable because this is extreme and quite sick. smh

  • ReliableMoth

    O.m.g. this is one of the sickest things I’ve heard. There is no love there. The things that guy said to that poor,terrified, crying 6 year old is not discipline it’s straight up abuse. And his aunt to strip him and tell him he’s going to be sold into sex slavery? Are you fucking kidding me? What kind of person even comes up with this as a punishment?! This whole family is insane to even have a fleeting idea to do this to a six-year-old baby. I hope he is moved into a good, loving home. None of these twisted fucks should ever be aloud to see him again.

    • Jar

      I totally agree. Who would treat their child like this! It is utterly insane and deplorable.

  • Lori Davidson

    Some people should be sterlized at birth

    • JugsPutin

      I agree! Let’s start with everyone who leaves their kids in front of a TV with corporate broadcasting on for longer than..oh…say, a half an hour?

  • Hyde Louise Snowden

    I Wish I would thought of that when my son was little . he used to be the same way & it scared me so bad I would let him go anywere without me even when he started school…… My son is very stubborn will not so much now that he’s 16. But each child is different & so r there parents. So if that’s the only way to get through to him and make him understand then it should be ok As long as there’s no other abuse.

    • Kathryne Strawn Martins

      So you are saying what they did to this child is okay? Really? Wow. They need to be locked up and shouldnt have any children in there custody. If they do this once, what makes you think they wouldn’t do this again. Wow, I’m speechless

      • Hyde Louise Snowden

        Im Not say that they should of put more thought into it…… I had this my son was taken when he was yonger I never felt so hepless in my life so I do understand y they did it and if that makes me a bad mother in yalls mind’s it’s cool…… But when he gets older he’ll understand…..

    • Toni White

      Most kidnappings, rapes and murders happen from someone you know. only a small percentage of them happen from actual strangers.

    • John

      Well let’s see here Hyde. They arranged for a stranger to pick him up, bound him, told him he wouldn’t see his family again, told him he’d be nailed to the wall of a shed, scared him with a gun, raped him and chastised him! And you wished you would have thought of this?? Sicko!! I tell u this. If I were his father, they would be very, very sorry!

    • My Flying Monkeys Have Escaped

      Hyde Louise, you are a total freaking idiot. I can can see why your child was taken away from you. I assume that was what you were saying, then again, you have the grammar and spelling skills of a 5 year old.

    • shubellah

      seriously,you should be put on a stick and be roasted like a marsh mallow …and be thrown to hyenas infected with AIDS…

  • Hyde Louise Snowden

    I would of put more thought into it but when u think ur child has been taken u will do anything to help them understand…. About strangers

    • Toni White

      Too bad only a small percentage of these kinds of crimes happen from actual strangers. usually it’s someone you know.

  • Mitchka Kaye Arellano

    I see where they were coming from. They took a little extreme. And that is not alright but at the same time a less extreme version would have been better. I know my son does not understand stranger danger but I would never do that.

  • amie

    I dot believe they did anything out of “love” for there child. I think it was a few sick and demented people who enjoyed tormenting that poor little boy and used the excuse of teaching him a lesson to cover there butts. Being a mom of 3 I can say that there is no way a parent who loved and cherished there child would even consider doing something like this let alone carry it out. They put the boy through what they were supposibly trying to protect him from. It doesn’t make any sense and it’s sick. I feel so sad for this poor child, his mother is suppose to be safety and love not terror and abandoment. I just hope he doesn’t fall through the cracks of the system and gets the life and happiness he deserves.

  • Julie

    Instead of teaching him the dangers of strangers, they taught him the dangers of family instead. Poor kid. I’m glad he told people at school about it.

  • Denise Rae Groce

    Now they will never see him again! These people have messed up this child mentally! They weren’t trying to teach this child nothing except violence and mental terrorism! If that’s suppose to be love, then I hope I never ever have someone love me like that! The only thing they taught this child was that family can be just as brutal than a total stranger! SMDH!

  • Krokodil Dundee

    Talk about real life arrested development.

    …and that’s why you don’t talk to strangers!

  • JugsPutin

    Hey, say what you will about the extremity of the lesson, but like…

    …the parents did say the kid was being way too nice to strangers.

    …and the coworker seemed to have no problems luring that kid into his van.

    So the parents were right to worry about their kid being gullible. And the kid wasn’t physically harmed, just scared out of his stupid little wits. And yes, if you get into a stranger’s van at age six, you are kind of a stupid child. Some kids read Asimov at that age, for crying out loud.

    But then again, in a country where tag is being banned in various school playgrounds for making the ‘it’ kid feel “ostracized” or something, I can see how this might not go over too well.

    • Hyde Louise Snowden

      At least someone understands what I was trying to say….. To the person who called me an idiot you must of been sheltered as a child. This world is full child rapest and killers. They get off on torching having sex and killing helpless children, who can’t defend themselves….. I’m saying Wat they did was ok they should of put a little bit more though into it……. My son wasn’t taken he was like this child gullible thought everyone was his friend … I’m the idiot for trying to keep my son safe. Go screw your self…. Have a famous day

      • reyoflight

        When I was 5yrs old my parents biggest complaint was that I was to friendly they would say say jokingly that I would pretty much go with anyone. we were living in Burlingame California at the time it was 1980 81 I was out playing by myself which was kind of normal back then, and a man drove up in a red pickup and ask me if I wanted to go get some ice cream indiadrove up in a red pickup and ask me if I wanted to go get some ice cream and yes I was going to go with him til by older brother caught me ready to go into the truck and scared him away. the next day a fellow classmate of mine was lured out of her backyard right in front of her sister and was never seen alive again, it was the same man who tried to take me with promises of ice cream. Needless to say that when I became a parent I went out of my way to teach my very over friendly trusting little boy about not going with strangers I would have him watch America’s Most Wanted with me and explain to him what molestation and sodomy was and the horrible things that can happen. People might not agree with my tactics but I did what I had to do to keep my son safe. I still don’t understand how they are being charged with kidnapping when it is their own child.

  • Rita_S

    What is wrong with people?

  • Jeannie4444

    All I can think of is how fun it would be to give this sweetheart little boy a trip to Disneyland!! (Of course, his mother, grandma and aunt will hopefully spending an eternity in hell.)

    • maya_slash

      He doesn’t need a trip to a theme park, but a lifelong access to a therapist.

  • Farhana van der Westhuizen

    Teach them a lesson and lock them up!!!!!

  • Alexander Williams

    I cannot believe some people.

  • lee00

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