Family Arrested For Planning Fake Kidnapping To Teach 6-Year-Old A Lesson


There are appropriate ways to teach your child a lesson, and there are wildly inappropriate ways.

Such is the case for a Missouri family who claims they staged a horrifying, fake kidnapping. plot to teach their 6-year-old a lesson about stranger danger. The Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office told Fox 2 says the family thought the young boy was being “too nice” to strangers.

Sometime before February 2, authorities said they learned 38-year-old Denise Kroutil (bottom left) spoke with a co-worker who is identified as 23-year-old Nathan Firoved (top right) and asked if he would consider a fake kidnapping to “scare” her nephew.

Police say the child’s mother, 25-year-old Elizabeth Hupp (top left) and his grandmother, 58-year-old Rose Brewer (bottom left) not only agreed, but they were on board with this frightening lesson says Fox 2.

On Monday, Fox 2 says Firoved watched and waited for the 6-year-old to be dropped off at school, and he sprung into action. Somehow Firoved lured the child into his vehicle and took off down the road.

During the scary ride for the child, Firoved reportedly told him a few things, the first that he would never see his mother again. He is also accused of binding the child’s feet and hands with plastic bags and covering his face. He also said the little boy would be “nailed to the wall of shed,” reports Fox 2.

In addition, during this ordeal, the child was not only scared for his life, but he was crying. Reports say Firoved allegedly pulled out a gun and threatened to harm the boy.

The little boy had no idea where he was going, but he did end up in the basement of his own home and the alleged torture went on for at least four hours. “Kroutil, the boy’s aunt, walked down into the basement, pulled the victim’s pants down, and began shouting that he could be sold into sex slavery. She also allegedly chastised the child for not trying to resist her or Firoved,” reports Fox 2.

The ruse was up when the little boy told his school what happened the next day. He was reportedly moved from the home and placed into protective custody.

Three of the group including Brewer, Kroutil and Firoved are all facing a number of charges including kidnapping, felonious restraint and abuse/neglect of a child.

Fox 2 says Hupp, the boy’s mom, is facing charges of kidnapping and abuse/neglect of a child.

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