Florida Nurse Allegedly Put Hot Sauce In The Mouths Of Sleeping Patients

tracie nellis, florida, hot sauce, nurse, monday morning mugshot

This week a former nurse avoided disciplinary proceedings after she agreed to relinquish her nursing license after having been charged with placing hot sauce in the mouths of two sleeping dementia patients.

After an investigation by the state Medicaid Fraud Control Unit Tracie Nellis, 44, of “central Florida”  was charged last year with battery on a person age 65 or older and misdemeanor battery, and pleaded no contest, for which she was sentenced to one year probation.

Unfortunately we do not have any further details as to how the investigation uncovered her sickening actions. With regards to Nellis and her motivations, Crime Feed is still asking itself, WTF?!


  • ReliableMoth

    That is some evil twisted shit

  • and to think, all I asked her for was some pepper for my eggs.

  • Ester Yates

    Anyone who mistreat a elderly person,child,baby,or animal,need be put away for good.They to much of risk,for in most all case they do it again.

  • Genevieve Colter

    … Why?

    No seriously. Why? That literally doesn’t even make sense… Not only would this just not wake a person with Dementia up, why the fuck would you do that?

  • Mickey

    I mean she shouldn’t have done it but not like it hurt them. In New Orleans kids eat spicy food. I am sure other places hot sauce can’t be that hot.

    • Denise Rae Groce

      It did hurt them! That’s why she is in trouble! They could have been scared awake leading to heart failure. Especially since this idiot was standing over them putting an object in their mouths! There are known cases of people having serious complications from eating foods containing hot sauce. Never believe food can’t hurt anyone, because people die from eating foods everyday!

  • Patti Breon

    She could a put a lot worse things in their mouth than hot sauce. C’mon. But it was definitely abuse of their rights & personally demeaning. Not to mention stupid. She might need her mental status examined.

    • Denise Rae Groce

      Yeah, but try laying on your back and have someone pour something down your thoart while your a sleep! It doesn’t matter what used because it’s still harmful and would cause choking!

    • Aaron Sewell

      What do you mean by “she might need her mental status examined”? WTF? She is clearly mentally ill! Sane people do not commit criminal acts against vulnerable people for whom they are being generously paid to take care of, crazy people do that.

  • Denise Rae Groce

    Crazy woman!

  • Sherry Leamon Lewis

    She looks insane…I pray her patients can get over the fear of any future nurse.

  • khkta37

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  • Lynn Grant

    Apparently she thought it was funny. Fortunately someone didn’t agree and reported her