Little League Baseball Coach Charged With Giving Players Bare Bottom Spankings

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Jonathan Russell of Henderson County North Carolina has been charged with 4 counts of misdemeanor Assault On a Child Under 12 for allegedly pulling down the pants and the underwear of boys on the Little League baseball team he coaches and spanking them multiple times with his hand. That’s right, he spanked the bare bottoms of other parents’ kids.

Russell, who has a 9-year-old on the team, was subjected to a background check before assuming the position of coach and apparently nothing negative surfaced. Said Tom Albright, President of Henderson County’s Little League, “I was sort of, quite in shock when it was brought up to me… Immediately we heard the allegations and took appropriate actions to remove him from our program.”

The spankings allegedly happened at Russell’s home, which brings up an obscure North Carolina law. In the Tar Heel state, if someone else’s child is in your home you are allowed to spank them provided that the child’s parents did not specifically request that you do not spank them. Um, what? Hey North Carolina, it’s 2015.

Russell, who turned himself in to the Henderson County magistrate’s office is currently free on $4,000 bond.

We’re sure you have plenty of thoughts about North Carolina’s spanking law and we’d love hear them in the comments.

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  • Euphoria

    disgusting – i hope at least he wore gloves lol

  • Marty

    Need to put that one down!.

  • Tammy Abbott

    Jail thats mom n dads job.but actuall pants dont come down after 5 but it famn sure better be a family member
    .I would have that coach strung up by his scrotum sac prompise you.if it were my kid.and get away with it.

    • Jose Godinez

      Another internet “tought” person, it’s scary!

  • He must have researched the hell outta NC law to find that. They’re getting brazen.

  • lucey1

    If I were one of the parents, he’d better count his lucky stars the cops got to him first.

    • Archimedes


  • Ceci

    Sounds like he might get away with it based on some antiquated law.

  • Softballumpire

    wait what kind of parents drops
    kids off at an adult home?

  • Curtis Sluder

    Cases like this may not generate the specific results one might hope for, but they do often get antiquated laws changed.

  • blwpyrtv

    He’s lucky he wasn’t charged with sexual assault. Compare to a similar case from Connecticut:

    December 3, 1996

    LITCHFIELD, Conn. (AP) – A little league coach accused of repeatedly spanking a little girl after pulling down her pants has been charged with sexual assault.

    Ronald Ellis, 30, of New Hartford, was in Bantam Superior Court on Monday. He was released on a written promise to appear in court.

    Ellis has been charged with fourth-degree sexual assault and risk of injury to a minor in the October incidents.

    According to an arrest warrant, Ellis ordered a 9-year-old girl to pull down her pants so he could spank her along a remote area of the Farmington River Turnpike while they were riding bicycles and again at a New Hartford firehouse.

    Ellis is a volunteer firefighter.

    Police said he also choked the girl’s 8-year-old brother after the boy refused to obey him.

    State police arrested Ellis on a warrant Friday. His next court date is Dec. 17.

    State police said Ellis befriended the two children and their sister through an acquaintance with their father.

    (Lots of news about abuse like this is actually at

  • blwpyrtv

    You Know, I can’t find this law in the North Carolina code. I’ve called and emailed the state CPS asking if this is correct but haven’t been able to get any answers.

    In any case, the trial date is November 2nd. You have wonder what kind of defense Russell’s lawyers are preparing. If he has ever punished his own kids the same way, or his victims have gotten such from their own parents, there will generally be a lot more reluctance to impute sexual motive.