Stellar Mother Leaves 2-Week-Old In Freezing Car While She Shops For Sex Toys


If we know anything here at Crime Feed, it’s that no matter what the weather is outside, it’s always a terrible idea (not to mention illegal) to leave your baby in a car unattended.

Lindsay Hoffmann didn’t appear to get that memo because she left her two-week-old baby in a 1997 Nissan Sentra—unattended!—so she could shop with a male companion in an adult novelty store.

Hoffmann and 54-year-old Marquette Riggsbee first attempted to enter the store with the newborn, but they were turned away.

Seemingly unfazed, the 26-year-old woman and her “friend” returned to Very Intimate Pleasures without the baby, which made the employees suspicious.

When a worker went into the parking lot to look for the tot, that’s when they found the child alone inside the car and immediately called the cops.

According to the police report, “the vehicle was not running and temperatures were below freezing.”

While the baby’s extremities were cold, the child’s core temperature was normal.

Regardless, the baby was sent to a local hospital for further evaluation and the police contacted child welfare services, who launched their own investigation.

Hoffmann and Riggsbee were both charged with risk of injury to a minor and leaving a child unsupervised.

They are each being held in lieu of $25,000 bond and will appear in court on Thursday.

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Photo: Southington Police Department

  • greg

    if the baby was a newborn there was NO reason she couldn’t have brought it in with them, that’s foolish

    • Angelique Crigler

      That’s not true, it is completely illegal for a minor to be in ANY adult store at any time, regardless of whether they are accompanied by an adult. This law has been in effect for a very long time.

      • greg

        Than I stand corrected, however I seriously doubt a newborn will be effected by what he/she “sees”

        • Brooke

          Then how or where or who will make the distinction between what age is or isn’t acceptable? How do you know that It isn’t in some way affecting them?. Who will be left to enforce that law? Are sex store employees going to card a 3 month old to ensure they really are 3 months old? It is much easier and clean cut to ban all underage children from all adult stores completely. Clearly this law is in place for a reason for irresponsible assholes like this who try to take their 2 week old out of the house in 29 degree weather just to go to a sex store. And then leave the baby outside in the freezing cold when he was denyed entry. Why does she need to be in a sex store 2 weeks after birth? And if she wants to be why can’t she make a responsible decision as to the safety of her child? I try not to judge but it is hard not to with people like this…she was charged with prostitution and is out galavanting with her newborn and a nearly 60 year old man. Clearly she was bound to be arrested for something like this. Sad for her it only took 2 weeks after giving birth. Good for the baby in that he now has a chance at a real mother who has his well being in mind.

    • josette63

      the type of store she was shopping in does not allow minors inside. as the article stated, she first attempted to bring the baby with her in the store.

      • Jennifer Montes

        That still doesn’t make it alright to leave the child in a freezing car!She should’ve either gone home with the baby&gone back to the store when she could get a babysitter or just sent the guy in to get the “items”.Sex toys aren’t a necessity!!Besides,everyone knows you can’t bring a minor in those stores&she should’ve planned ahead for that!

        • Zane

          You’re thinking like a normal, mentally stable human being. It doesn’t sound like this lady plans ahead like that. If she couldn’t think to use birth control

          • Elisa

            I also think meth was involved

          • Theresa Culbertson

            She would be one of the women that come back to the dr for their 6 week post-child gynecology visit, just to find out she’s pregnant again!

    • Brashard Bursey

      I concur with you, Greg.

      • greg

        Thank you, it would seem to just be common sense

  • Silvia

    What about the abstinence period after child birth?? What that hell is wrong with that woman!

    • josette63

      she needs to be spayed.

    • greg

      Good point, BUTT, maybe she wanted to use an alternate entrance?

  • mrs. m

    They sell pleasure toys in Walgreens, if she desperately needed a toy, why couldn’t she go there? Or better yet, stay home and bond with your baby instead of gallivanting around town browsing sex shops!

    After years of trying to have a child with my loving husband, two failed iuis, one ivf that ended up being an ectopic pregnancy and no fallopian tubes NOTHING pisses me off more than reading stories like this one of careless mothers. I hope she’s learned her lesson, children are a gift. If you didn’t want one to cramp your life, there are other options available.

    • Brashard Bursey

      Besides abortion, why couldn’t she give her child up for adoption by way of wavering her right as a mother?

    • Jennifer Montes

      I am so sorry for all you’ve gone through trying to conceive!Praying for comfort and guidance.

  • rach

    Sex toy more important than your own child. Ignorant

  • Dollipuke


    • Valerie

      No freaking doubt!

    • Sarah Liddane Laurant

      Very valid question.

    • Brashard Bursey


    • Angie

      Who? A disgusting, POS, worthless, poor excuse of a human being.

    • ashley


  • jon jay

    they should have gone to the drive thru sex toy store.

  • josette63

    she had the baby 2 weeks ago and was interested in sex already? spay her.

  • RNC

    Sex toys isn’t what she really needed. However, Sex Education was more necessary. And now a Tubal Ligation. Dumb girls. Notice I didn’t say Woman. A real woman will NEVER leave a child in a dangerous situation.

  • Melody Lee O’Brien

    So she left a two week old infant alone in a freezing car to buy sex toys with a male “friend” (not the daddy I assume)… What to go!!! Haha mother of the year she is not!… She needs her tubes tied and this baby taken away!

  • Carla Bates

    What a fuckin pig they need to sew that nasty bitch up!! You know she has to be a hooker or why the hell would she even be thinkin about a sex toy?? What a pig! Him too

    • greg

      WHAT!!!! Only hookers use sex toys, hell gotta go tell my wife I married a HO

  • Carin Reddig

    SKANK!!! Hhhhhmmmmmm, would not be surprised to learn she was also a meth head. These employees did the right thing. Good for them.

  • Christina Elizabeth Morris

    She must not have gotten the memo that exists and delivers, as well.

  • Brashard Bursey

    Exactly what the hell kind of mother who leaves her own infant child in the car, in the cold weather, while she and her so-called “friend” shop for sex toys, let alone a dildo? Who does that crap?

  • Pansy CaramelGoddess Rogers

    The people in the world all confused, wth!

  • Jara Matthews

    Is it really THAT big a deal? I mean theyd be what 10 minutes? 15 max.
    If the car was hot inside from the heater n all of them, it wouldnt get that cold that fast

    • Traci Eubank


    • Brooke

      She was already in there for over 30 minutes before the police got there!!!! And would have been longer if police didn’t come and arrest her! The video states she continued to shop EVEN AFTER knowing police were on the way to take the baby and arrest her!!!! Know the facts !

  • Nelson Kenechukwu Nwankwo

    Most Times i ask my self How Important is sex to us. I found this Article online check it out >;

  • Elisa

    I smell meth

  • Kiesha Pinky Makins

    Wtf really smdh

  • Sue Smith

    We don’t know the sex toys r for her or even that sex toys are what she was looking for. I’m sure they sell other stuff like videos. Anyway she had no business leaving her baby in the car period!! Hot or cold young or older. When they turned her away she should have went home or maybe taken the baby to a relative or friend. Hopefully she learned a lesson about leaving a baby unattended. We can hope anyway. I hate hearing stories about neglected babies and little kids.

    • Brooke

      She was looking for shoes it says in that video that was posted in the article. Ugh leaving your baby in the ice cold bc you want to look for a pair of hooker heels 🙁

  • Beth

    This woman only cares about herself, she should not get her baby back, I hope she stays in jail a long time!

  • Real RF

    What about the man nearly twice her age that was with her both times she walked into the store with a newborn? How come you just blame the new mother in your headline and article? No woman wants sex toys two weeks after birth she was being pressured. Disgusting reporting. This poor woman needs help to escape an abusive relationship or prostitution.

    • Brooke

      Interesting angle

  • Vanessa

    Really wtf! This is maddening bitch should get popped on her face

  • Delson

    I hope this baby get adopted to a good family.

  • cari

    Absolutely unbelievable this makes me sick..

  • Bojorco

    26 and with a 54 year old boyfriend, who by the look of his picture ain’t no Clooney-esque, gracefully aging matinee idol. What we have here is a woman with astonishingly low self-esteem.

    • Brooke


  • Jillene Alicea

    Some women don’t deserve to be mothers.really…I am a mother of 4 children and 5 grandchildren also I was raised by a single adopted dad and had the best life I believe adoptive parents make better parents in some cases because they cherish the chance of having a child or children to love to where some birth parents take it for granted they can have children.also I am a Christian mother and I believe that God gives us children but they are still His and we should treat them as thus.and in many cases God feels that parents who long for a child of their own are the parents He has chosen to adopt and love and cherish a child that only they will love as their own.i thank God for the adoptive parent that loved an raised me and I thank God for all of you who desire to adopt your awesome…love you all….

  • Brashard Bursey

    If this lady didn’t want a child, she should’ve used a condom.