We’re Not Quite Sure What Message This Suspect Is Trying To Send With His “Clockwork Orange” Forehead Tattoo

monday morning mugshot, lane county, edwin ross, a clockwork orange
Edwin Ross booking image from June 2014, Lane County Sheriff's Office.

Edwin Ross booking image from June 2014, Lane County Sheriff’s Office.

Edwin Ross, 33, of Eugene, Oregon was arrested on February 2nd for trespassing.

Sometime between June of last year when he was arrested on 9 charges ranging from assault to reckless burning (you read right, and see him, right, from back then) and February 1st of this year Ross went and got his forehead tattooed.

He got the words “Clockwork Orange” inked in what we’re guessing is a tribute to the classic and controversial Stanley Kubrick film A Clockwork Orange, inspired by the 1962 Anthony Burgess novella of the same name.

While Crime Feed has not seen the movie in a few years, what does stick out is the disturbing scenes of wanton violence, and that bit with Malcolm McDowell’s eyes being clamped open.

Ross had first served time, 9 years, in Lane County Oregon for having blasted a 19-year-old friend in the head with a shotgun in 2003. So perhaps his forehead tattoo has something to do with that?

Stanley Kubrick himself described A Clockwork Orange as “…A social satire dealing with the question of whether behavioural psychology and psychological conditioning are dangerous new weapons for a totalitarian government to use to impose vast controls on its citizens and turn them into little more than robots.

Given his past history, we’ll take the robot rather than the recidivist.

Oh, and by the way, Edwin, it’s “A Clockwork Orange” not just “Clockwork Orange.”

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  • shubellah

    crimes these days are r showcase stunts…i believe in the near time there would be reality tv shows and awards to the best criminal state of the year,…(and the award of the best murdering and violence crime scenes goes tooooo………)

  • WTH this guys a piece of work…
    he should get an award .

  • Rose Bonviel

    Hes a psychopath he’s a piece of shit an abusive pathetic excuse for a human being but fair warning he is a meth head and really is insane and dangerous