Teen Charged With Shooting Classmate In Face, Taking Snapchat Selfie With Corpse

Maxwell Morton allegedly sent a horrifying Snapchat image that got him arrested. Astonishingly, Morton sent a selfie of himself with 16-year-old classmate Ryan Mangan after shooting him in the head. According to police, the text over the image read: “Told you I cleaned up the shells” and “Ryan was not the last one.”

The recipient saved the message, and sent it to police.

Mangan’s mother reportedly found her son in that same chair in the same pose at 6 p.m. that evening. She immediately called police. One of the detectives reportedly found a 9mm shell casing at the crime scene, but there was no sign of the gun. Police also found an image on Mangan’s phone of the victim holding a handgun, possibly the very one used to kill him.

Police obtained a search warrant and went over Morton’s home. During the search, a 9mm handgun was found underneath steps to the basement. That was the nail in the coffin for Morton’s freedom. With his parents present, police read Morton his rights. At that point, the teenager confessed to shooting Mangan. The motive remains unknown at this time, although the district attorney has reportedly stated that they do not believe the shooting was random.

Morton has been charged with criminal homicide, first-degree murder, and illegal possession of a 9mm handgun. He has been charged as an adult. Morton was denied bail, and remains in the county jail. His preliminary hearing is currently scheduled for February 19.

KDKA brings us this report:

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