Terribly Misguided Man Attempts To Propose To Ex-Girlfriend By Kidnapping Her At Gunpoint

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A Texas man got it all horribly wrong in a bid to convince his ex-girlfriend that he was marriage material when he held her at gunpoint, blindfolded her, handcuffed her, then drove her across state lines with the intent of taking her to a bed and breakfast in rural Kansas.

Joseph DeRusse, 24, of Austin, Texas was apprehended near Newton, Kansas after the woman’s father was able to trace her movements through GPS on her phone and alert authorities.

In one of the most ill-conceived plans imaginable DeRusse thought that by forcibly abducting his ex-girlfriend and driving her to the bed and breakfast over 700 miles away he would be able to convince her to marry him. As part of their investigation police report that they found an engagement ring.

DeRusse faces life in prison, in sickness and in health…

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  • Silvia

    Such a romantic man will find company in jail for sure

  • GoodxGirlxGonexBad

    Why would he kiddnap her, couldn’t he just propose

    • Lesa L. Tatum

      She was his ex-girlfriend. She obviously broke up with him.

  • Now who wouldn’t submit to a BOZO like that,
    Soon as I get those bonds off…. I’d beat him with a bat.

  • grace

    Stupid is stupid does. Big regrets for sure!

  • jezoebel

    Another resident of Planet Stupid.