Wife Allegedly Decapitates Husband For Forcing Her To Engage In Sex Acts From German Porn


A Turkish woman named Gönül S. is currently in police custody after admitting to killing her husband, Osman T., following a hellish year of domestic abuse.

The couple met last September. Osman promised Gönül a “civil marriage” if the pair was happy living together after a few months.

“I accepted and moved in with Osman following a religious marriage ceremony. After 20 days, he began resorting to violence. He has been trying to have sex every day and I was finding an excuse to avoid it. He has been watching German porn channels, wanting me to do the acts he saw there,” Gönül S. told the prosecutor in her testimony.

Gönül had reported the abuse to local authorities, but that just sparked more violence at the hand of her 67-year-old Osman.

During a particularly heated argument, her 12-year-old son—who was from previous marriage—struck her husband with “a blunt object” likely to be an antennae.

“He was still conscious. My son was scared and ran away to another room. I grabbed the kitchen knife when Osman clutched my throat again. I managed to push him to the floor face down and cut him in the back of the neck. I heard him grunting,” said Gönül S.

That’s when Gönül decapitated Osman.

She then surrendered herself to police.

Gönül remains in jail while awaiting trial.

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