Four Creepy Updates About The Robert Durst Case That Will Make You Glad He’s Behind Bars

robert durst Linda Walker Zevallos

A wealth of twisted and incriminating Robert Durst information has surfaced since his most recent arrest. Durst’s own brother, Douglas, admitted this week that he was “very grateful” to see Robert apprehended.

Below, we breakdown the four Durst headlines from the past week that are giving us chills:

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1. A Former Girlfriend Shares Bizarre Details About Her Relationship With Durst

Linda Walker Zevallos claims to have dated Robert Durst while living in Dallas in the spring of 2000. Zevallos said Durst lied about his name, family and job. Perhaps the most chilling piece of information is Linda’s description of his apartment, which contained a small room with “a concrete floor and a saw.” Durst told the building management that he need the custom room because “he used a lot of chemicals.”

2. Douglas Durst Is “Very Grateful” For His Brother’s Arrest

You know it looks bad when your brother tells the New York Times that he feels a “tremendous sense of relief” to see you behind bars. Douglas Durst, Robert’s younger brother, told reporters that given Robert’s apparent obsession with his niece and reported stalker tendencies, the family is glad to see Robert in police custody. Douglas also believes that Robert has been plotting to kill him for years.


AP Photo/Gerald Herbert

3. Latex Mask, Maps And Cash Found In Durst’s Hotel Room After Arrest

I am not sure I need to write anything beyond latex mask to make the point that this Durst headline is freaky? When FBI agents arrested Durst in New Orleans, he had a loaded .38-caliber revolver, five ounces of marijuana, his passport, birth certificate, a neck-to-head latex mask with grey hair attached to it, and more than $40,000 cash. I guess he learned the hard way that shaving off your eyebrows is not a reliable disguise.

4. Durst Linked To 1971 Disappearance Of Vermont College Student

Police are calling Robert Durst the “most interesting” link in the 1971 disappearance of Middlebury College student Lynne Schulze. Investigators learned that Durst lived in the same town as Lynne. Durst also owned the health-food store, All Good Things, that Schulze frequented and she was last seen across the street from said store.

Terrified yet?

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