Woman Selling Baby Clothes On Craigslist Allegedly Lured Pregnant Mother, Cut Unborn Child From Her Womb


Update: The victim’s chilling 911 call has been released. Warning the contents are graphic.

Update: The suspect has been identified as 34-year-old Dynel Lane. She is facing multiple felony charges, including first-degree murder, first-degree assault and child abuse knowingly/reckless resulting in death.

A pregnant woman in Colorado was brutally attacked after answering a craigslist ad for baby clothes. The attacker lured the victim to her home, where she stabbed the woman in stomach before cutting out the unborn child.

Police responded to a stabbing call Wednesday afternoon to find the 26-year-old victim alone and crying out for help. The victim, who was 7-months pregnant at the time of the attack, was transported to the hospital for treatment and is expected to survive.

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Adding the bizarre story, the 34-year-old suspect went to the hospital with the dead baby, claiming she had had a miscarriage. Early reports are suggesting the the suspect is mentally ill.

The suspect’s husband drove her to the hospital, but is not considered a person of interest at this time. Police are not confirming if the suspect was pregnant prior to the attack.

Police are not releasing the name of the suspect, but confirmed that the women did not know each other prior to the attack.

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This isn’t the first time a horrendous crime like this has taken place. In 2010 Korena Roberts lured a pregnant Heather Snively to her house through a Craigslist ad for baby clothes and cut her baby boy right out of her. Watch the clip below from Deadly Women to learn more.

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