Son Stabs Mother And Cuts Off Own Penis While Under Influence Of Drug “Meow Meow”


Charlie Mann was allegedly under the influence of mephedrone, also known as “meow meow,” when he stabbed his mother 11 times and cut off his own willie with a pair of scissors.

The attack happened in December 2013 and ended with a naked Mannβ€”“delusional” and unaware of his self-inflicted injuriesβ€”being escorted from his family home.

On Monday, the suspect appeared in court and admitted to taking the drug, attacking his mother and wanting to be punished for his deeds.

According to prosecutor Amy Packham, the drug caused Mann to experience mania, delusions and, ultimately, psychosis. Because he took meow meow voluntarily, he can’t use the insanity defense.

Immediately following the attack, Mann was in the hospital for eight months getting psychiatric help and medical treatment for his injuries, including the reattachment of his penis.

Mann has been behind bars, awaiting trial, since August.

The young man was given a 16-month prison sentence, which was reduced to eight months. However, considering time already served, he will only serve four more weeks.

Upon release, Mann is required to attend drug and alcohol treatment, as well.

Mann’s mother, Emma, on the other hand, has continued to stand by her son, despite his actions.

Though she suffered multiple stab wounds and a punctured lung, she described Charlie as a “bright boy” who experienced mental problems when his parents split up when he was 11.

Does the sentence fit the crime? And should the suspect’s mother stand by him after the attack? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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Photo: Sussex Police

  • ricky

    I dunno. I agree he needs help. But the sentence was too short. I would of given him 10 years hard labour. And any money he earns half of it goes to his mom for pain and suffering.

    • Doaj

      Money earned in prison is literally pennies an hour. It doesn’t help anyone to institutionalize him for a decade. Instead he’s getting help for his mental issues, going to drug rehabilitation, and is going to probably become a contributing member of society, which seems a lot better for everyone. Now our tax dollars won’t go toward supporting him for a decade at thousands of dollars a year!

  • Andrew Chunis

    You really needs help.

  • Lizabeth Egan

    He was under the influence of drugs when he did his crime. He didn’t do that in a state of awareness. As for his mother, she is aware of that fact that it was the drugs. If he owns his actions, then the sentence is fine. His mother loves him and knows the real him. She forgives him. Who am I or anyone else to judge.

    • Doaj

      Thank you!

  • Nicki M.

    It’s no one’s place to say whether or not a mother should stand by her child….this is a ridiculous question!!!

    • Calm down…They were just probing for opinions!

  • josette63

    if my son stabbed me and had such mental problems and with the addition of a drug which ultimately made him violent, i don’t think i would allow myself to live with him ever again. i would stand by him but not reside with him. i say he had mental problems because no matter the drug, no matter the alcohol….imo, you do not become violent without serious mental problems.

    • Doaj

      The article specifically says he had mental problems and has been getting help for them.

  • Sunshine

    Although he didn’t kill his mother, he should have served more time in prison. His mother can forgive him and support him, Yet, what he did was a crime and no drug is a excuse for such behaviour, so he can’t get away with that so easily.

    • Doaj

      Not exactly. Yes, he committed a crime, but when the victim doesn’t press charges and testifies in his defense, that’s going to go a long way in effecting the judge’s decision. He’s also served considerable time in mental rehabilitation and will have to go to drug and alcohol classes, which are considerably more helpful to him than sitting around in a prison. Everybody makes mistakes, and that’s what this sounds like. Otherwise his mother wouldn’t have stood by him through this.

      • ginny

        I completely agree. And also, I’m guessing a lot of you don’t know too much about drugs if you’re sahing that drugs couldn’t make you do such things. Go look up the crazy things people have done while on PCP. A lot of them literally went into a state of psychosis and did crazy things like that. Cut off their own genitals, cut out their eyeballs. Just so much crazy stuff and they also get like super human strength and manage to fight off like 10 cops while being tased. It’s extrmely intense and whether or not you have mental issues doesn’t make that much of a difference. I’m sure having them might make the psychosis worse but just having them doesn’t mean you are going to have a bad trip while high. The fact that she said he was having mental issues after his parents split up makes it sound more like he got depressed and that caused him to maybe use drugs. She doesn’t make it seem like he went schizo or anything.

        • Doaj

          You’d guess wrong. Mephodrone is comparable to amphetamines and cocaine in effect. It is not a hallucinogenic or psychotropic drug- PCP is an entirely different ballpark. I’m very familiar with the things people do while on drugs. He didn’t take bath salts; there is a precedent for Miaow Miaow. The American people may be unfamiliar with it, but its effects are very well documented.

          The effects divorce can have an a child range dramatically, however. When my parents got divorced, my youngest brother seemed unfazed, while my sister fell into severe drug addiction. There are all sorts of different people, but there are very few kinds of Mephadrone. I think it’s most likely that he didn’t know how much he should have been taking- overdosing on any drug will have adverse effects, and that, in my opinion, is where the mental disorders clashed with the effects.

    • aishreddy

      Do you know he needs treatment, he is a patient and with full of mental problems, if you have been in such condition what the guy had been, then you can understand, being fine sitting under the roof happily and posting comments based on your assumption is to be noted as fallacy. If any one in your household gets hold of maniac depression or schizophrenia, or ocd, then you will understand how inconsistency it will be to deal with. With changing the chemistry in your brain , you will change everything, your morality, by changing your neuro chemistry you can be a beast , all socio paths, psychopaths are not likely they wanted themselves to be, their poor conditioning and environment made them that way, and you idiots think they are going to change by holding them in prison? What a pity? They need good treatment, counselling, , do not ever judge any person just like that simply. We will be debarred and we should accept our ignorance. Behavior is the consequence of your brain chemistry . chemicals can change anything. google about depression and study the cases to know them.

  • Grace Martinez

    Drugs involved?! He diffinately needs more time behind bars…get all the drugs out of his system…when he do get out, he needs to get involved in drug rehab or see a psychiatrist about his mentality problems! I would NOT let him live in my house again but, as a Mother…I will always Love my child no matter the circumstances and I’d support him to get help 100%.I would never turn down my children if they needed help I’d still be there 100% ’cause one day as they grow up and realize Life…They will forgive for what they’ve done wrong…if not, I’d still Love my Children ’til my Death…They’re my Whole heart!!!

    • ginny

      I’m not sure if you read the entire article but he was in a mental ward for 8 months before he went to jail. So he had plenty of time to get the drugs out of his system. And it also states that one of his conditions of release is that he has to attend treatment for drugs and alcohol as well as it says he is getting help for his mental issues.

  • Bif Mc Ripster

    This dude cut his own dick off… is that not the ultimate punishment? he has to live with himself everyday he is going to have a horrible life…. even if the re attach it you thing he is going to have any feeling??? He would prolly prefer the death penalty who cares if he got 4-8 months

  • Catowba White

    The Mother Has A Right To Stand By Her Child! , But It’s Up To The Law To Protect The Mother From Future harm Since Getting Early Release

  • victoria

    Whether the mom stands by her son,that her business, but as far as them releasing him.They should put him somewhere,where he won’t cause any harm to himself or anyone else.He almost killed his mom,had he done that,would he still be released? I believe what you are doing is wrong!!!!!.

    • C P

      You got to be kidding me here! If one of my children ever did that to me, I am sorry but even though I gave birth to the child, there is NO reason a child should ever do such a thing. Drugs, drinking, whatever, it is wrong and they know this. What is wrong with this world? Why do judges, police, “experts” let things go like this? There is no rhyme or reason for this, if it happened to “them” I feel things would be so different. You can always love your children BUT there is a limit here and when they get older, they know better, plain and simple. I am so disgusted with how people have turned out in this world. Forever is a long time in Hell!

      • ginny

        The mother didn’t press charges and testified in his favor so that’s why it happened like this. And he was on serious drugs that really mess with you that caused him to do what he did. It’s not like he has a history of violence or anything.

  • Kathy Fischer

    As long as he atoned for his wrong-doing by removing his penis, I would forgive him if he was my son. He was a good boy and punished himself.

    • aishreddy

      He should have sliced your vagina and breasts it would been a nice justice for a mother like you ?

  • Tracy Sockwell

    Meow meow is a hell of a drug

    • Damon Anthony Darrough

      I see what ya did there. πŸ˜‰ Funny stuff!

    • Guest


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  • Kathy Fischer

    Is bow wow a better drug than meow meow?

  • Lady Cyn Aptic

    If the mother forgives him, and she’s the victim, yeah sure… it would be different if he had a regular pattern of non drug induced violence (or drug use for that matter).

  • ll

    He damn near killed her…attempted murder. The article said “specifically” that he was hospitalized after the attack for both his physical and mental issues. The drug effects the brains so who is to say the mental issues were not caused from his drug use. This is a dangerous drug and family and friends need to be aware of the dangers of being around people on some of these drugs.

  • Kiesha Pinky Makins

    Damnnnn an wth is this meow meow drug???

  • LC

    All he got was 16 months?

  • Natural

    Mental Illness is no joke and he most likely would have never hurt his mother like that. Only his mother knows her son and I wish them both continued help, therapy and medication.

  • Karl N Karissa Crofts


  • nolla

    They shouldn’t attach his peanis, that should be his punishment but again young and stupid and hope he gets the help he needs and have a better future.

  • addie min

    i was wondering if he was going to sit for the rest of his life… i don’t approve of drugs, but the way they are pushed and the attitude of many thinking they are nothing is shocking. i think the 16 months is a bit too much and i usually go for long sentences. i think lesson learned and he should continue mental and drug counseling.

  • Waaaaaaa

  • Glenda Rachelle Cole Stewart

    Shouldn’t have reattached his penis. That would give him a good punishment AND keep the dumb shit from procreating naturally. Stab your mom? Your punishment is no sex ever.