Son Stabs Mother And Cuts Off Own Penis While Under Influence Of Drug “Meow Meow”


Charlie Mann was allegedly under the influence of mephedrone, also known as “meow meow,” when he stabbed his mother 11 times and cut off his own willie with a pair of scissors.

The attack happened in December 2013 and ended with a naked Mann—“delusional” and unaware of his self-inflicted injuries—being escorted from his family home.

On Monday, the suspect appeared in court and admitted to taking the drug, attacking his mother and wanting to be punished for his deeds.

According to prosecutor Amy Packham, the drug caused Mann to experience mania, delusions and, ultimately, psychosis. Because he took meow meow voluntarily, he can’t use the insanity defense.

Immediately following the attack, Mann was in the hospital for eight months getting psychiatric help and medical treatment for his injuries, including the reattachment of his penis.

Mann has been behind bars, awaiting trial, since August.

The young man was given a 16-month prison sentence, which was reduced to eight months. However, considering time already served, he will only serve four more weeks.

Upon release, Mann is required to attend drug and alcohol treatment, as well.

Mann’s mother, Emma, on the other hand, has continued to stand by her son, despite his actions.

Though she suffered multiple stab wounds and a punctured lung, she described Charlie as a “bright boy” who experienced mental problems when his parents split up when he was 11.

Does the sentence fit the crime? And should the suspect’s mother stand by him after the attack? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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Photo: Sussex Police



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