Deja Vu: Wife Murders Second Husband In Exact Same Way, Same Place She Offed First


Colleen Harris must’ve experienced a major case of deja vu this week when she went on trial for the murder of her second husband in the same courtroom where she went on trial for killing her first husband.

To add to the similarities, the 72-year-old allegedly killed her second husband, 72-year-old Robert Harris, with a shotgun, which is the same method she used on her first ball-and-chain, James Batten.

In 1986, she was acquitted of Batten’s murder after saying she was acting in self-defense after spending years as a battered housewife.

Though Harris’ lawyers are trying to keep details from first trial out of the second, it’s impossible not to notice the parallels between the two alleged crimes.

For example, each victim was killed in the bedroom after Harris fired a shotgun at them multiple times.

Colleen and Robert, who went by Bob, dated on and off for years. In fact, after they divorced in 2004, they remarried a year later.

The couple eventually separated again but remained close.

However, in 2013, Colleen allegedly overheard Bob talking to his new girlfriend and later went into the bedroom and shot him in his sleep with a 12-gauge shotgun.

Her first call after the incident was her attorney David Weiner, who represented her in the first trial.

Colleen has been held without bail since her arrest and a judge ruled that prosecutors may discuss the first case in her upcoming trial.

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Photo: CBS Sacramento

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    Good she got what she deserved.

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