Jodi Arias Narrowly Avoids Death Penalty Thanks To One Lone Juror


Once again, the jury has deadlocked while trying to determine whether or not convicted murderer Jodi Arias would be sentenced to death for the 2008 murder of Travis Alexander. This jury reportedly deliberated for 26 hours over five days, ending up with a vote of 11-1 to sentence Arias to death.

A good portion of the 14 jurors (12 jurors and 2 alternates) spoke to reporters after the mistrial was declared. They said they tried to convince the lone holdout to change her mind, but some believed that the woman was biased and not inclined to sentence Arias to death. Other jurors even reportedly tried to get the holdout juror kicked off of the panel.

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In a penalty retrial that saw jurors having to digest images of the brutal death of Travis Alexander. They reportedly had difficulty sleeping at nights because of what they were seeing and hearing. While they were faced with the brutality of what happened to Alexander, the defense also told them of an alleged psychological disorder that caused Arias to try to mold herself into the perfect woman for any man she dated. They also held out verbal and physical abuse that Arias had dealt with her entire life. The defense argued that when Alexander voiced a desire to date someone else, Arias snapped. They argued that she deserved a second chance.

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When jurors convened for the first time, they said the initial vote was evenly split. Eventually, negotiation and persuasion brought that vote to 11-1, where it remained.

This second deadlocked jury means that on April 13, the judge will sentence her to either life in prison without the possibility of parole, or life with the possibility of release in 25 years.

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Photo: AP /The Arizona Republic, Tom Tingle, Pool

  • Tammy Oneill

    Are you kidding me? She deserves to die!!!

  • Amanda Warner

    Sorry but I don’t think she should die ,A constant reminder of what she done is better. They didn’t sentence Casey Anthony to die ,Hell she wasn’t even convicted for killing her sweet baby ,so why should she get killed for killing a grown man

    • Guest

      I totally agree with you Amanda Warner yoi nailed it!!

    • Darleene calderon

      I totally agree with you Amanda Warner you nailed it!^

    • Miller Family

      Give me a break, Free to walk the streets . Believe me they can careless about what they did. They realize that there are people who will just do what they hold out did. I lost my fiance to an asshole. And as he gets FREE shit, I no longer have the love of my life. But, he is someones bitch on the inside what he was hoping for. They do not care, smiling, give me five mins with pricks like this. At least they receive notice I am coming.

    • Karl N Karissa Crofts

      JESUS CHRIST! Are you kidding me??? There was no evidence in the Casey Anthony case… not enough to convict! PLUS! A person is a person, child, adult, whatever. No one deserves more over someone else. Arias brutally killed, and admitted, took photographs, everything of the murder of Travis, and they couldn’t even figure out how Casey’s Anthony’s baby died! SO YES death penalty for Arias!

  • Mandy Baker

    What’s wrong with people? Doesn’t anybody care anymore? The B*** should die and rot in hell!

    • Jessica Walters

      what makes you think you can judge someone and say where they should spend there after life. get off your pedal stool cause you may be there your self if you don’t know Christ.

  • Chrissy

    This is unbelieveable….this chick deserves the death penalty…smh…

    • Kerry-Ann Bailey Bailey

      Yeah. She deserves it but the fact that she wants it because it’s easier for her to just get freedom through death means she shouldn’t get it.

      • S. Hager

        Three meals a day, a bed, free schooling, work out facilities and medical care at the expense of tax payers. For the rest of her life. yeah…I think she deserves a bullet to the head.

      • ssoldie

        self preservation, the strongest emotion, big act of B.S. about wanting the death penalty

  • jay Buogie

    Feminism is evil as racism. They’re women who simply hate men. And, the legal defense knew if they use certain language that it would infuriate some woman on the jury sending this into a mistrial. So, there’s a window of opportunity for freedom. Just like you have whites who hate blacks to a point that they would rather see them die in any kind of way, for no reason; you have women who feel the same evil about men for no reason. It’s really sad, she killed him like his life meant nothing. White America!!!!! I guess she will be the female “Charles Manson” get more books and movie deals, and get married in prison. And, they might even release her, this is sick white America for you.

    • Terri L Fleming

      Obviously, you believe that only white women kill their boyfriends or husbands. You sound a little racist there, why are you playing the racist card it has nothing to do with whether she is white, purple, pink, white, black, polkadot or what ever the fact remains that you don’t know the whole story about manson. He never got married and the movie deals, he didn’t get any of the money for those, it is going to pay for his fee for staying in prison. America did not decide, it depends on the laws in the state the trial is in. Read, do research, get your story straight before you put it on here.

    • Jessica Walters

      Your Statement is crazy. you say only White people can be racist. well let me clue you in every race can be racist. That includes White, Blacks, Hispanics, Asian, and by the way you have black people that hate whites to a point that they would rather see them die in any kind of way, for no reason; get over your bs. look at a census every once in awhile you will see there are more minority people in American then they are whites now.

  • Angelichka Saltykov

    She is rotting in hell prison just let go now and it’s very sad to hear people say she should die she should die not good what if that was your relative I believe in forgiving people yes she did a horrible thing but still people do crazy things in the heat of the moment we know she’ll stay in jail forever I hate hearing people getting executed it’s sad and so are murders.the wrong she did doesn’t make it right but decided her death dosent makes me sad what’s going on in this world today.

    • Jenna Leigh

      What if it was YOUR relative who got murdered?

      • Kiboko

        If it was my relative, I would want their murderer to suffer the tedium of being locked up for decades. I would want them to pay for the REST of their life not WITH their life. I wouldn’t want them to think, “Oh, it’s all over for me now, so I might as well die’. That would be too good for them. I would want them to know what it felt like to know there was no escape. Then they might come close to how the person I loved felt when they killed them. The death penalty doesn’t allow for that kind of introspection. Some of them are just as arrogant when they are killed by the state as they were when they lived. That is unacceptable.

        I would also rather all murderers spent the rest of their life in prison than have the wrong person executed. If you do make a mistake and send the wrong person to prison, they can be released. You can’t bring them back if they were sentenced to death and their sentence has already been carried out.

        Timothy Evans is one of the reasons capital punishment was outlawed in the UK. He was executed for the murder of his wife and baby daughter because he found them killed, then fled the scene. He was basically so consumed with grief he wanted to run away from the truth. He ran until he couldn’t run any more, then broke down. But it was presumed that guilt could be the only reason he ran.

        He also had a learning disability and didn’t want to mount a defence anyway because he wanted to join them. But that’s not justice. He needed help, not hanging for a crime he didn’t commit. His family were murdered by their landlord, serial killer John Christie, which wasn’t discovered until 6 years after Evans was executed. After what happened to this poor man who had already been through so much, I could never condone capital punishment. Not even if the victim was someone I loved.

    • Me. I Am Jay

      You see what others fail to see, mercy. We all need it but aren’t many are willing to give it. God give it to us everyday!

      • Terri L Fleming

        Manson should have been put to death for what he did but he is still alive with being able to have sharp tools to make things from leather, he has had interviews with the news crews, he has had cell phones in his cell, he doesn’t have to stay in a cell he doesn’t want. So, if he wasn’t put to death then why should Jodi Arias?

    • Jessica Walters

      I am with you on this I believe murder is murder weather a person commits the act or its state sanction. and before all u dumb fucks say what if it was you family member that it was done too would you still believe same way and the answer is yes. and it has happen and I ask the jury to spare that person life. and I still write letters to the governor to ask that this person be granted clemency.

  • Miller Family

    The hold out should pay this bitches way through jail.

    • Learning64

      No need to use gender-specific insults. Also, there is a dash between “hold” and “out”, and an apostrophe before the “s” in “bitc$$”.

  • Kelly Devlin

    I’m not a supporter of the death penalty. There is a reason no other western civilization does it. Also, a long drawn out life behind bars to me has always seemed worse than a quick death

    • Me. I Am Jay


    • Mary Strobridge

      It’s not always a quick death.It could be years………………………..

    • ssoldie

      O give me a break, had she gotten a death sentence she would be in like solitary confinement, in her cell for all but one hour a day and nothing to do with other inmates,she would be completely alone except for the guards, and her appeals would go on for 16 to 18 years. She is now in general lockup and suffering NOT.

      • Kiboko

        So the problem is the laws regarding sentencing. You shouldn’t opt for the death penalty purely because the other option appears to be a walk in the park. There should be an option in between, where life in prison not only means life, it means not being in the equivalent of a 5 star hotel. She needs a long, long time to realise that ending Travis’ life now means that all the dreams for her own life are now dead. She doesn’t want to face that, which is why she’s saying she wants the death penalty. A fitting punishment would be to ask her in her 70s (after decades in prison) whether or not it was worth it.

        • ssoldie

          I disagree she deserved and should have gotten the death penalty, and 11 other believed also. She is a sociopath and will never be sorry.

  • Dana Venticinque

    At first I was undecided but then I thought what if the roles were reversed and a man had done what she had and was on trial. He’d get the death penalty no doubt. According to the laws of our justice system.. justice was not served.

  • paula

    The witch has borderline personality disorder! That is enough reason to sentence her to death.

    • Kristy Grim

      Although I agree she should be sentenced to death I don’t believe someone should simply because of a mental disorder.

    • Terri L Fleming

      actually, if she was abused, that might have been the reason why she is borderline personality disorder(I am that too) she should get the help for her problems and then go in front of the judge.

    • Amanda Clizbe

      I have BPD and could never hurt someone unless they were hurting my kids or me. Having BPD has nothing to do with it!!

    • Jessica Walters

      I guess with your statement lets kill all the people with mental disorders.

  • Me. I Am Jay

    We all deserve redemption, and that one lone juror saw that!

    • Karl N Karissa Crofts

      I agree with people deserving redemption….. if they are sorry for what they did! IF they can be changed. Arias is too far gone, too far crazy in the head to change.

      • Me. I Am Jay

        You put a huge empahasis on the word [IF]. We’re all capable to have our lives and hearts changed.

        Put yourself in her shoes, say you committed this heinous crime, would you want your life spared, or given the death penalty?

        • Karl N Karissa Crofts

          Death, anyone this messed up, causing this much harm, yes… death is the only way.. Most people on death row even agree they are too dangerous to be spared. I do not believe a chemical imbalance so severe can be changed. I’m sorry. I understand where you are coming from… but again, it depends on the person. Arias is too far gone.

          • Me. I Am Jay

            And I too understand where you are coming from. We can agree to disagree. I still have hope for all people.

          • Karl N Karissa Crofts

            Amen 🙂

          • Kiboko

            How do you know she’s too far gone? This is an honest question. You’ve stated this several times now, which makes me wonder if you know something I don’t. This is entirely possible as I live in a different country. Or it could just be your own opinion, which is also entirely possible. If you could indicate which one is correct, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

        • Terri L Fleming

          i would want to be spared and I would ask for help, just thinking about going to prison scares me. obviously it doesn’t bother her.

          • Me. I Am Jay

            It does bother her that she’s going to prison for a lengthy time or receive possibility of parole. I wouldn’t imagine her thoughts on the two otherwise.

            Either way her fate is sealed, and the world will know on April 13th, what the judge will decide. In my opinion given the nature of the crime, my prediction she will get life in prison without parole.

          • Mary Strobridge

            If, it bothers her SHE sure does NOT show it.She will fit right in.You watch.

        • Wendy

          Would you think this way if it were your son or brother or other family member. The family deserves justice. Murder is the ultimate crime and anyone who commits it (save self-defense) should spend life in prison.

        • Mary Strobridge

          If, she had a change of heart before she committed the gruesome crime, the outcome would have been different.For, her and everyone else so she sealed her own fate.

          • Jessica Walters

            Man law is not gods law and all ya either get that confuse or combine them together in witch case neither should be done.

        • cara nome


          • Jessica Walters

            you people that profess jesus is your savior need to pick up the bible and read it and not go by what someone has told you what it says because in jesus eyes no one sin is grater then the next and all can be saved. I am willing to bet there will be people you think u will see in heaven and will be burning in hell and some people you think that that has no chance in hell of being in heaven will be there like some of the most infamous serial killers of our time. so when god ask you why he should let you in heaven I wonder what a lot of you so called Christians response will be.

          • Bo

            That’s exactly what the Bible says, and that’s exactly why Jesus died for our sins, all sins. If Jodi accepts Christ as her personal Lord and Savior, she will be saved and go to heaven when she dies. As a Christian, I was appalled at what this woman did, I watched the entire trial on T.V. and it made me sick. My sympathy for this young man and his family was overwhelming. That doesn’t change God’s plans for her, she got out of the death penalty but she has to decide if she is willing to take the blame and ask forgiveness from God, from that poor family, from her own family and all who she hurt. That decision is hers and hers alone, not ours or from a jury. It’s out of our hands folks. I’m glad I’ll be in heaven and I’m sure I will be shocked at who I see and don’t see when I get there.

        • Kiboko

          I’d want the death penalty because I couldn’t live with myself after committing such a heinous act. But that’s the whole point. You don’t let a murderer decide their own sentence. What I would want and what I would deserve are two different things. I would deserve being forced to live with myself after what I did. So I don’t think your argument holds up, unfortunately.

      • Terri L Fleming

        That is exactly why I believe she needs help with her mental problems, she may go to prison and kill someone else or herself then how would that help her?

        • Me. I Am Jay

          We all can agree upon she took a wrong turn for the worst and caused a bunch of people tremendous pain!

          What we shouldn’t do is be judgmental because we truly don’t know her and what ultimately led to her doing this crime.

          What brings people to commit such a gruesome crime? Some may call it evil (sins of the heart) others may call it a (mental disorder) but we mustn’t misjudge what we do not know.

          And her killing herself or being a threat to others, I find that unlikely to be, if she was going to commit suicide she would have done it before she got charge for the murder.

        • Karl N Karissa Crofts

          So…. are you one that believes any killer should get help?? Do you realized the amount of killers that “get help” then they get let out and kill again? No…. help is not the option. You cannot change someone who has a chemical imbalance…. but to each their own…. not fighting with you. We all have our own opinion.

          • Jessica Walters

            do u know how many killers get let out and kill again? well put it like this to your dumbass cause u talk out of your ass. and not with facts a person that has killed the chances of them killing again once they get outta prison is less then 5 percent. now on the other side of that you dumb bitch a person that commits any other crime chances of them reoffend is between 85 and 90 percent with in 3 years.
            so the chances of a person that will kill somebody again after getting release from prison is real low. you have prob came in contact with a convicted killer in your life time and don’t even know it cause they are a lot different today then when they where when they committed the act. so please give us all a break from your comments that are not factual base.

          • Karl N Karissa Crofts

            Haha, you’re really funny, hahahaha… I actually do have knowledge, and your statements are opinion based… sorry 🙂 That is just the fact. I speak with knowledge of the laws, not sympathy based opinion bullshit like you. Have a nice day! Smile more, it probably would make you a happier person, because happy people don’t treat others like you just did me 🙂

          • Jessica Walters

            everything I said is fact why don’t you look at the research that’s been done it has nothing to do with laws when a person gets out weather they will kill again. everything you say is opinion based. I have done the research u are just talking from the side of your neck.

          • Karl N Karissa Crofts

            Actually nope, haha, you’re a joke to me… good bye 🙂

          • Claire Apostoli

            The person you were arguing with is either a three-year-old or underwent a lobotomy.

          • Learning64

            Why don’t you cite some of this research for us?

          • Learning64

            Why do you need to insult someone to debate with them?

          • Learning64

            It depends on the chemical imbalance. There are a wide array of mental illnesses, and we just don’t know why some drugs work and others do not. Incarceration to ensure public safety is reasonable. But that does not mean that he or she cannot benefit from treatment.

      • ssoldie

        True repentance and sorrow of sins, plead for forgiveness, then comes the mercy of God, I don’t believe she has any sorrow, she lied and distorted the truth and was most brutal. There is much evil in this world, and it is done by people.

    • ssoldie

      Bull, the juror’s are always asked Do you hold any personal, moral, religious, or other
      beliefs about the death penalty such that you could
      never consider imposing it under any circumstances? that person lied. I have been on jury duty.
      Regarding the death penalty, which of the following ten statements most accurately represents your beliefs: (Please read all ten statements, take some time to reflect, and then circle the appropriate statement(s)): a. I am personally, morally, or religiously opposed to the death penalty, and will never vote to impose it under any circumstances. b. I am strongly opposed to the death penalty, and I will have a difficult time voting to impose it. c. I am philosophically, morally, or religiously opposed to the death penalty. Nonetheless I believe that I can vote to impose the death penalty if it is called for by the facts and the law in the case. d. I am generally opposed to the death penalty. Nonetheless I believe I can vote to impose the death penalty if it is called for by the facts and the law in the case. e. In a case in which the defendant is convicted and in which the death penalty is requested, I can vote to impose the death penalty or a sentence other than death, whichever is appropriate based on the facts and the law in the case. f. I am generally in favor of the death penalty. Nonetheless I believe I can vote to impose a sentence other than death if it is called for by the facts and the law in the case. g. I am philosophically, morally, or religiously in favor of the death penalty. Nonetheless I believe that I can vote to impose a sentence other than death if it is called for by the facts and the law in the case. h. I am strongly in favor of the death penalty, and I will have a difficult time voting against it. i. In a case in which the defendant is convicted and in which the death penalty is requested, I will always vote to impose the death penalty. j. None of the above. 43. Please describe your feelings about the death penalty in your own words. How strong are they and how long have you had them? So Bull.

      • Kiboko

        There’s no way I’d have ended up on that jury then. As I come from a country with no death penalty, this is interesting. Morbid and creepy, but interesting.

      • ssoldie

        You are right as all were asked that question when I did my jury duty.

  • Karl N Karissa Crofts

    According to Trial Diaries and other sources, the lone juror put her emotions on the front line, because she was abused……… and thought Arias was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So in my opinion, she needs to be held accountable for letting her emotions get involved!!!!! That is something you swear under oath not to do!!!!!!!!! BITCH DESERVES DEATH! Now I can only hope Arias is beat to death in prison and someone kills her the same way she killed Travis!

    • Derek Lee

      You get emotionally wrapped up in to every one of these cases, don’t you

    • Learning64

      Can you tell me what part of the oath states you cannot have your emotions involved? Also, wishing death on the juror? Wow, you are a piece of work.

  • Kim Kingston

    So because of a hold our, there’s a possibility she could be released to do it again. Hmm, sounds like the hold I out should spend a day with her to truly understand, she deserves to die

  • annebeth66

    Never underestimate the power of “one.”

  • Darcel Bitsui

    So six million dollars later her initial predictions about her sentencing was spot on. Our tax dollars in Arizona went to this billshit. Idk what they do with her. she will walk out in 18 yrs with that seven yrs time served. Its just how az judicial system is set up. Az put on a show. Greedy Az.

  • Imani G. Jackson

    I don’t really believe in the death penalty. I’ve been watching this case for a few years now and out of all the crimes I’ve ever read about, this one will definitely scar me for life. Arias should be on death row. She is a danger to the earth.

    • Mary Strobridge

      I agree and that hold out should be sitting with her.Arias is not repentful,it shows in her actions and words.

  • Twiztid Rose

    When and where will we be able to watch the trial?? Anyone know??

  • peter ramirez

    idont know about all of you but i would love to wake up in bed with casey anthony and jodi arias they both are sexy crazy woman just my type.

  • Michelle Aldis

    I don’t agree that a man would have gotten the death penalty if the situation were reversed. In fact, women are murdered all of the time by their abusers and they get off with a slap on the wrist because the male cops, judge, DA and jurors sympathize with wanting to “teach a woman a lesson” and that he didn’t intend to kill her. Jodi Arias fits the profile of an abused woman and Travis fits the profile of someone who preyed on weak victims. Jodi needs help for her mental problems, no one is denying that. But the Mesa PD had no right to alter evidence to make Travis look like a saint or to demonize and frame a victim even if that victim ultimately committed a vile crime herself

    • Jessica Walters

      Why is it that women can think they can always blame a man when they commits crimes. Women use this excuse everytime they say they are free thinkers and can make there own decisions but when they commit a crime now all of a sudden the man made me do it.

  • Daniel Bond

    She should’ve gotten the death penalty.

  • Adrian M. Kleinbergen

    Bloodthirsty republicans.

  • SteveJWelling

    &^^&^Going Back crimefeed There’s infoo

  • Abe Gonzalez

    I’ll tell you what we our family had something happen to us kind of them same way 4 of our family members where killed by a shoot gun shoot to the fave by my lil cuz best friend in the 1986 and all they have him was life with the possibility of poral so what I did o end up getting in trouble so I could get some prison time eventually I did I went to prison did my time. But my plan was to go there and hopefully land with him and kill him but of all the time I ended up doing I didn’t end up with him it was all just a big waist of time and fuck up my life

  • Destiny Hero

    This is madness

  • John Rodriguez

    Who cares if she gets out, in 7 or 18 years, thousands die every day, where’s your bleeding heart’s for them, stop demonizing shit people, as far as opinion goes, if you people seen the trial, she is mentally disturbed, and she needs help, whether it be in prison, or an mental facility, get over your taste for blood people, there was enough blood spilled already…

  • hvisualc

    She didn’t SNAP. She plotted and planned the murder. She got exactly what she wanted…she made sure Travis Alexander would never be happy with another woman, she made herself famous and she’ll get to look at herself in the mirror everyday for the rest of her life. Because when it’s all said and done, she is a narcissist and she only has feelings for herself. I don’t think there is a cure for that.

  • rhonda

    good let her suffer for a long time for what she did

  • Robert James Faulk

    I think the bitch should have been put in a padded cell for the rest of her sorry ass for what she did and put the family thought.the bitch would not have any right to write a book on what she did if I was the judge in the case I would do her like they did back in the old west days hang her ass like they did then

  • Kiboko

    That last photo of Travis, when he became aware that she was was going to kill him, the moment that terrible feeling took him over, will haunt me forever.

  • Martha Bartha

    So Sexy!