Woman Sets Herself On Fire At War Memorial, Claims She Is “Burning For Jesus”


Police say Sabrina Brock was under the influence of drugs when she set her hair on first at a Tennessee war memorial and jumped into a tree.

The 21-year-old Kentucky native allegedly shoved her jacket into the eternal flame landmark outside the Hawkins County courthouse. The coat caught fire and some of the embers even singed some of Brock’s own hair.

After climbing up a nearby tree, Brock screamed she was “burning for Jesus,” needed a new prescription of OxyContin and wanted to go home.

Rogersville Police Officer Chris Price witnessed the odd incident and said the young woman wasn’t in her right state of mind. Earlier that same day, Brock had also stolen framed pictures, a small medallion and an antique book from a nearby masonic lodge.

Brock allegedly admitted to being addicted to drugs and needing to get treatment at the hospital.

Though originally from Letcher County, Kentucky, Brock had been living with her brother in Rogersville.

The stolen items were later returned to the masonic lodge, who declined to press charges.

As for her other offenses, Brock was charged with misdemeanor vandalism and is expected in court on Wednesday.

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Photo: Hawkins County Jail

  • Shannon

    SO? Did anyone get her any help for her addiction?

    • Dawn Garcia Coria

      She going to get the help she need in jail, by staying clean.

    • Ermah Gerd

      Which one – Jesus or the drugs?

  • Sandi Kratzert

    It is easier to get drugs in jail than on the street,

  • Zaid Harithah

    study islam hope you find the meaning of life

    • Michael


  • Ryan Kline

    I think the headline is a bit misleading. Maybe” Women lights jacket on fire, singed some hair”
    Addiction sucks!

  • Pam Katcher

    She doesn’t look like she burned her hair…singed maybe. What a ploy to get drugs.

  • wow