Vicious Nanny Caught On Hidden Camera Beating Hungry Toddler, Eating His Food


Cameras inside of homes can be extremely helpful especially if you have someone watching your kids or taking care of your pets. One family in Argentina decided to install a camera and what they found involving their family was not only disturbing, it was criminal.

The NY Daily News posted video of a woman identified as the nanny allegedly hitting the family’s hungry 2-year-old repeatedly and then taking his food. After this, she sits down at the table with her cut off shirt and eats what is supposed to go to the child.

The NY Daily News has identified the woman as 25-year-old Vicious Eve Mantaras. Yes, the name is quite fitting.

When you watch the video below, you can see her β€œcowering” over the toddler in his high chair and abusing him.

The mother of the child, 33-year-old Cristina Ceril, says she became suspicious of activity inside the home after she found her young son with bruises. Neighbors also reportedly to Ceril the 2-year-old and 10-year-old could be heard screaming and crying when Mantaras was over. Ceril not only set up the camera but she linked it to her smart phone so she could tune in from anywhere, the NY Daily News said.

Once Ceril had the footage, she turned it over to police. Now, Mantaras is facing criminal assault and child abuse charges.

Ceril told the NY Daily News, “We always thought she was a bit lazy around the house, but we never imagined for a second that she was violent, too. It now makes my blood run cold to think what she might have been doing.”

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Photos: YouTube

  • Karl N Karissa Crofts

    So this should be illegal to post things like this and spread it for anyone to see. This is an extreme criminal act, and we’re sharing it like it’s “cool?” Wow…..

    • Koki

      It’s odd that you’re more worried about the sharing of the video.

      • Karl N Karissa Crofts

        I think it is a terrible thing to share, just like animal abuse, child abuse.. anything. It some states it is illegal to video these things…. Just fyi

        • Candace

          Wow! You are more worried about the injustice of the video taping than the baby…that says A LOT about you. I hope you’re not a babysitter with something to hide….. Hmmmm?

          • Karl N Karissa Crofts

            Grow up judgmental bitch. You’re a terrible person to assume that of someone you don’t even know. Have a great day, nice one! πŸ˜‰

          • InvictaAnimus

            Pot meets kettle….

          • Antoinette Reyes

            So you are saying preferring to read about abuse then wanting to watch it means something is wrong with you. That’s pretty ironic. Advocating for abuse videos speaks more about your character then someone who thinks its cruel that people are watching this kid’s trauma over and over. The video should have been kept private with a text and headline saying it all. Its like saying instead of hearing about a rape, you prefer a video illustrating it. The video should be taken down.

        • Charlie Gordon

          If you have probable cause. It is not Illegal. And in the case of child abuse, it is not cool to share it, and no one seems to think it’s cool to share child abuse or animal abuse, their just trying to let people know what is going on in their homes while their at work, school, ect.

        • Renee H Giorno

          I’m going to make this very simple for those who don’t want to see these types of videos. Brace yourself everyone….ready??? DON”T PRESS PLAY!!!

          • Karl N Karissa Crofts

            Agree, didn’t watch it fyi. Just because I commented on this discussion, doesn’t mean I watched. Reading the title was enough for me

          • lalarey68

            There is something seriously wrong with you!

        • Brenda Jordan

          A mother has the right to video her child in her home. I hate seeing child abuse also. . . but it can raise awareness and possibly save the lives of children. WAY TO GO Mom. . . for looking out for your child!

    • Michelle Elizabeth

      I think the purpose of showing, and sharing this video is to spread awareness. .especially if one has kids and are considering a babysitter.

      • robin

        Yes you are right

    • Kaitlyn Higgins

      Karl… what if some one hit the crap out of you.. i think the world should be able to see nasty people in the act. Who knows, it might of saved this precious baby.

    • leismom829

      I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re someone just like that lady.. Abusing children. Why else would yu be upset about this being shared for awareness?

      • Karl N Karissa Crofts

        You wouldn’t be surprised??? Wow…. you’re a terrible person for making assumptions like that. Judgmental bitch.

        • leismom829

          Who are YOU calling judgmental? And I’m pretty sure its not illegal to put cameras in you own home..

          • Karl N Karissa Crofts

            You made an assumption about me from the get go…. that was a terrible thing to say or make up about anyone. So yes, that is judgmental… in case you needed an example. And as terrible as the assumption was, makes you a bitch. So yes. Judgmental bitch. Have a nice day πŸ™‚

          • leismom829

            And the fact that you’re more concerned about sharing awareness than the actual well being of the child makes YOU a bitch. Good day to you

          • Karl N Karissa Crofts

            Haha, fine with me πŸ™‚

          • Kelli Juntunen

            I see what your saying these people are taking it way out of proportion.

          • Karl N Karissa Crofts

            Agreed. You make one simple statement….. and people twist it so they can argue. Haha… it’s actually very entertaining!

        • Marcie Amaro-Hernandez

          Don’t let others bother you with their comments. I see where your coming from. We don’t need to post all the details all the time but still get the point across. The fact that she beat him was enough said.

        • InvictaAnimus

          Nothing like sharing a social media account to prove how strong your relationship is. You must have his balls in a jar. Poor Karl with evil Karissa.

          • Karl N Karissa Crofts

            Haha, lots of people share an account, it’s awesome how many people judge others based off a couple things they can see on the surface. Have a great day! At least I can smile, you should… may make you a happier person πŸ™‚

          • Renee H Giorno

            Wow!!! Some people are too much! A applaud you by standing up for what you believe in and not watching. I have the same applause for those who welcome the awareness and do watch. However, personally attacking you is absolutely disgusting. This is not a forum for bullying!!!

          • Renee H Giorno

            I think the bullies are no better than the babysitter!!!

        • Desere

          You realize calling someone a bitch is judgemental… seem very hypocritical.

          • Karl N Karissa Crofts

            I call it as I see it. To make an assumption of someone so terrible, is judgmental. And being that bitchy, I called out on it. I was a bitch back, deserved it

      • Antoinette Reyes

        She simply is saying sharing on social media is bad. Text is sufficient plus the headline says it all. Filming the offense helped her get evidence but sharing and watching the video is terrible. If the little kid was old enough I’m sure he wouldn’t want people watching him get abused over and over. People can read.

    • Gia Mejia

      I think it’s good to share, it spreads awareness. People need to know that there are horrible people out there like this and if they have a suspicion that their child is being treated like this, it’s okay to act on it. I’m for sure gonna have a nanny cam in anyone who watches my baby. I need to know they’re being treated right.

      • Karl N Karissa Crofts

        To a point I see the “awareness” factor of it…. but at the same time… we all know it happens… why have to watch it to realize it is out there? Nanny cams are great, yes… but would you really post it for the whole world to see your child getting hurt? Or animal?

        • Desere

          Well why did you watch it and now you’re commenting on it! WOW

          • Karl N Karissa Crofts

            I didn’t watch it fyi

      • Lindsey Travis

        What she’s saying is, why do you have to put the video? Isn’t the article enough??

    • Somewoman

      Wow… that is all that comes to mind??

    • Carmelita Freegabe Cavasos

      Your ignorance sickens me. This video is being shared to show parents they can’t trust their children with any one! It should not be illegal at all. If I caught a nanny hitting my children I’d beat her ass then share it so everyone will know what she did and why she got beat up!

      • Karl N Karissa Crofts

        Haha… okay, sure, share a video of your child getting beat…. that is pretty sick

      • Lindsey Travis

        That’s ridiculous. Why would you want to share a video of your own child being beat up.

    • Antoinette Reyes

      I agree the text is sufficient. I think the video is inappropriate too

    • martibowker

      wth?…no, not like it’s “cool”…sharing to alert other parents that this abuse does happen and to be aware of any suspicious activities where it concern your child. that pos won’t be in jail forever and will probably continue working as a “nanny” under another name…at least now people can google her picture and pass it on.

  • Danica

    No why wonderful why she looks like sexy in her own twisted brain! She’s been eating the 2 year olds food! sssmmmhhhh stupid lazy nanny Eve Mantaras.

  • Kerry Myers


  • Desere

    I’d kill a bitch

  • Carmelita Freegabe Cavasos

    I’d send her to jail with an unrecognizable face! That’ll teach her not to hit someone’s children..

  • Lae’La Buser

    I think its horrible to see stuff like this online. It makes us, (ok me!) uncomfortable to see images and videos like this. I get that its for awareness. Still feels wrong to witness stuff like this. Hopefully justice is served. Children should never be subjected to this. I feel guilty just for saying no to much to my grandson, but have only smacked at him when he was reaching for the oven door after repetedily being told no. I wanted to cry!

    • Antoinette Reyes

      I agree. I think the text was sufficient. I can’t even imagine playing the video

    • laila abderrahman

      look this is no time to get skirmish wtf do ya think that kid is seein eh ?/ so what bury your stupid head in the sand n wish upon a f-cken star?? get a reality check!! that’s why these things happen cause of IDIOTS LIKE U!!!

    • melissa

      This stuff makes me uncomfortable too. Any time children or animals are caught on tape being abused, my heart breaks a little more. I apreciate that the video didnt play automatically. That gives those who can’t bear to watch, like you and me, a choice. That being said, I think that the awareness that some of these stories bring about is a definite plus. Children are out there being abused by caregivers everyday. “Nanny cams” are one way that parents can safeguard their children and this story shines a light on that. These cameras are saving lives. Who knows what might have happened to this little guy in this story if the nanny hadn’t been caught, on film, doing what she was doing. Next time she may have really seriously injured or even killed him. If I had a hired caregiver in my home caring for my child i would have cameras set up. Little ones can’t always speak for themselves. A responsible parent will always put the safety and protection of the child above all else. Hopefully something good comes of this horrible situation and more families will employ the use of cameras as added protection of their children.

  • Nikki Medlin

    that is some really messed up s*** I would never touch my child that way I mean giving them a weapon and teaching them wrong is fine but beating them like that and then eating food in front of them is really messed up I would beat the living s*** out of that lady and probably slice her stomach open since she wants to show it so much I would really f*** that bitch up

  • Karen Kay Babineaux

    I wouldn’t have called the police on her just yet after I had worked her over for a hour, then they’d get a call!

  • Antoinette Reyes

    That’s crazy. If she had a ten yr old you think she would have said something. Can’t believe there are such terrible people out there

  • Antoinette Reyes

    You’d think the mother’s ten year old would have mentioned it. This is terrible I can’t believe there are such horrible people out there. The video shouldn’t be on here but the text paints a pretty good picture.

  • laila abderrahman

    she would never make it to a judge if that were my kid, infact she would just disapear n show up decades later as decomp requiring a DNA test to identify her n i would never be linked to it i assure ya cause it would be me claimin my baby sitter didn’t show one day n i would report her missin to cover my ass n raise my kid n protect him.. yeah that’s how we handle this in Canada.. πŸ˜‰

  • jojomac67

    I absolutely cant watch things like this anymore , ive seen enough of them and they make you feel really bad for the child involved , i understand they film it to get evidence but why post it . we know it goes on .

  • Mik Sacul

    I wonder if this woman is an illegal. You would think a good parent would check references when it comes to someone caring for their child.