8 Signs That You Should “Fear Thy Neighbor”

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  • Dianna Wells

    I have a comment about the Lee Macon story, I think he is the one at fault.

    • Janice

      So do I! He set the scene and was waiting for the right time. He’s a mind reader who escalated the situations. His mind reading caused all that. He should’ve gone to jail. He taunted after shooting, that’s cruel. Self defense, no. Entrapment, yes. He needs training in aggression and anger management! Wrong ruling on that one. Strength and integrity, please.

      • Janice

        The episode w Lee Macon is on again today! Every single time I see this episode it leaves the same salty taste in my mouth!
        I can’t believe his shady, sneaking behind ain’t in jail! He frustrates me w his ability to read his neighbors mind. Every time I see how he baited that man onto his property it breaks my heart. The evil portrayed by Lee is appalling! She seemed very friendly, he could’ve avoided her but he continued to insinuate himself into her life. Based on the story he tells of being old school, embarrassed about a pretty woman talking to him, his thoughts on what she was thinking or doing makes him appear egotistical, think way too highly of himself, very mean spirited & totally insane! It’s amazing that 12 jurors acquitted this hateful man! The problem here is that she was too nice. She should’ve put him in his place when he stepped to her with all his madness & mind reading! The fact that he knows what she thinks about him putting up a barrier tells us, he thinks too highly of himself. He’ll run up to the wrong one that will knock him off that thrown he’s placed himself on. Based on his own words, he needs a lesson in anger management & manners cause he seems to have it twisted, like a woman sees him as a major catch! Karma!

        • Janice

          His comment about them being broke a $$ es because they work on their cars shows just how ignorant Lee Macon is. Thank GOD I know no-one like him!

          • joey

            Take it to a mechanic

          • Katrina

            My father enjoyed changing his own oil… he shouldn’t have died over it

        • Katrina

          This was my father… he was not a huge man as portrayed nor was he a threat. He never had a weapon. He was wearing sneakers and basketball shorts. Lee Macon is a manipulative murderer who threatened to kill him repeatedly

    • whatyouwant

      The Lee Macon story was the first one of the season, right? The one with the overly friendly female neighbor? This is where I developed my opinion that one should at least explore the surroundings and perhaps ask around about the people living right next door before buying a certain house. Lee seemed to be rather timid and reclusive. If you have that sort of personality, find a place with a little more privacy.

      • Janice


  • Justbett

    I agree Lee Macon is the one at fault. Its a shame he’s not in jail.

  • chikambura59

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  • Mike Heatherly

    The people who used the homeowner’s association that just moved into the neiborhood and started taking over…people like that should open their eyes and realize that you can’t just mess with people like that just because you don’t agree with what they do on their property

  • whatyouwant

    I don’t live in a neighborhood. I live in the country. I don’t really plan on ever living in a neighborhood, but if I did, I would make damn sure it was some place I could stand to stay for a good long while. That means no snap decisions, where you love the place one day and hate it the next. This is not to say that someone difficult couldn’t move in next to you, but at least do a little investigation.

    Oh, and I won’t be living anywhere where the houses are so close together that the neighbors can see inside your windows and you can hear their noise and they can hear yours. Asking for trouble in that case.

    • johnnyboyjohn

      It doesn’t matter where you live. I live on 63 acres and I have the worst neighbor possible. He’s completely nuts, throws things in our driveway, shoots his gun all night long, sneaks around with a flashlight in the middle of the night… there are evil people in every area of this country.

      • Harriet

        We lived in a rural county in MD and it was terrifying to hear multiple “neighbors” who liked to shoot guns and rifles at night making me fearful to walk my dogs or the ones who didn’t want to pay for garbage pickup and just threw bags of garbage on the side of their house until it literally hit the gutters with rodents running rampant. How about the ones whose properties looked like they needed that hoarders show to come by. All sorts of typical “white trash” country bottom feeders but even with all that craziness we never heard of these kinds of altercations. Must be terrifying. Really scares me when I think of buying a home again just in case you end stuck with neighbors that have feral habits. Ugh.

  • Ihaveaquestion

    8 signs that you should kill your neighbor

  • Felicia

    Too bad the D.A.’s Office tried to overcharge him, he should’ve served some jail/prison time. I don’t agree with 1st Degree Pre-Meditated Murder either, but 2nd Degree or Manslaughter would work. I was feeling sorry for Mr. Macon until he took it upon himself to say something about the man working on the car. You don’t have to be broke to work on your own car, and saying that instead of walking into his house shows that he was just being a jerk! Why does Mr. Macon’s lawyer have to extend his condolences about what happened instead of him? Wow, not a nice man…

    • Katrina

      He has never shown any remorse. Today is 9 years he took our father from us…

  • Patricia Dunn

    I’m not sure if the general public understands just how common delusional paranoia is among the elderly, how rapidly a personality can deteriorate and how well they can hide it.
    I’m referring to back-to-back episodes of Fear Thy Neighbor – Lake of Madness and There Bleeds the Neighborhood, both which involved elderly perpertrators.
    My mother passed from pancreatic cancer in 1999. Over the year that preceded her death (and well before her diagnosis) she began to have delusional beliefs that family members, neighbors and friends were “talking about her in negative ways.” For ninety-nine percent of her life she was a quick-witted, gracious and loving woman. The delusions of persecution came on slowly but then rapidly accelerated. There was no “talking her out” of her bizarre beliefs as she believed them as completely as she believed her own name.
    Sadly, in the last year of her life she alienated most of the people who cared about her with vicious and irrational accusations.
    Out of desperation, I called her doctor and explained what was going on with her. When he brought the subject up with her, she convinced him that everything she had confabulated was true!
    I can see that this was probably the case with both Mr. Crawford’s family and Mr. Hasman’s attorney. It was only because I lived with her, that I was able to see how deeply she believed that people she formerly loved were rejecting and conspiring against her – I knew for absolute certain that this was not the case.
    She would also get angry at various neighbors for walking their dogs past our house. Why? Because she believed that they were purposely choosing this route in order to make our dog bark! No amount of reasoning with this previously very reasonable woman would convince her that this wasn’t true. Luckily, my mother wasn’t physically violent or inclined that way at all. This is where I think men and women differ greatly for the most part.
    I write this in the hope that anyone who is hearing these kinds of complaints from a family member, not to be too quick to believe that these things are really happening. They might just be suffering from delusions of persecution and they might just be convinced that the only way to end the persecution is through violence.

  • joey

    Lies lawns & murder the girls where in the wrong & the dad is a a/hole trying to scam the old man which he shouldn’t have paid at all in the 1st place

    • InfernoFire

      I agree because the girls were strictly told not to open the door. And they opened the door. At that age, they should have known not to go opening doors when told not to.

  • Katrina

    Lee Macon killed our father 9 years ago today. There is nothing that can erase that pain. Missed birthdays, graduations, birth of a grandson he will never hold. He didn’t just take a life, he destroyed a family. The worst part is that he has no remorse. He’s an disgusting human being who executed a plan he’d bragged about. I hope that his sleep is tormented by the memories of his act

  • Melissa Galang

    On “Night of the Machete”, its totally Larry’s fault for being immature – it was the impetus for the trouble coupled with the military dude’s PTSD.

  • Unixgirl2014

    Are there any new episodes or seasons of this show coming out? I enjoyed watching them.

  • Alex William

    This is the dumbest list I’ve ever read. What can be more truthful than pathetic reality shows that glamorize and sensationalize crime and murderers, than those on cable television. Even Discovery documentaries are far to the left of the political spectrum. Proof that the internet wants to control everyone’s emotions, ethics, and morals, like a army of zombies.