Frozen Pizza Thieves Caught After Trying To Sell 80 Pies To Undercover Cops


We’re not saying Gambell, Alaska, doesn’t see a lot of criminal activity, but when 80 pizzas were stolen from a local store, law enforcement launched a full-scale investigation.

The burglary happened Sunday morning when troopers were notified five cases of frozen pizzas were swiped from the Gambell Native Store warehouse. The stolen items were valued at more than $1,100.

That breaks down to about $13.75 per pie.

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Police had very few leads until two men—29-year-old John Koozaata and 21-year-old Lewis Oozeva—tried to sell the stolen pizzas to an undercover officer.

Both pizza pushers were arrested and taken into custody at the Anvil Mountain Correctional Center. Each face charges of second-degree burglary and second-degree theft.

As of now, 75 out of the 80 frozen entrees have been recovered. We can only assume the other five were eaten.

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Photo: Hendrike via Wikimedia Commons



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